Ants are a useful part of nature. They help the planet by cleaning up fungus, getting rid of dangerous pests, aerating the soil, etc. However, they become a big problem for us sometimes especially when they build big mounds. If you want to clean that ant hill from your yard, then you have to identify the type which it belongs to. This will help you to find out if it’s a nesting habit and you can get better an idea of how to abolish them.

You can keep your garden clean of ant hills by using both natural and chemical ingredients. Out of these, natural ingredients are perfect solutions as they are safe and inexpensive. You can put an end to this problem with few products available in home centers. Let’s see some of the most effective and useful methods to get rid of ant hills naturally in the following section.

Effective Methods to Get Rid of Ants

1. Use Coffee Grounds

wet coffee grounds in white container

Coffee ground is the safest material to use and one of the natural ways to destroy ant hills. Spray these coffee grounds on the ant hill. This simple step should be enough to kill the hatched young ants and the whole colony.

It will take time yet it still remains a good method to clean the ants permanently. You can make use of this one in your yard during summer. You have to repeat the process over an extended period for effective results. Nonetheless, coffee grounds and can be used anywhere else in your home to avoid ant trails. In the end, this is a natural home remedy to get rid of ant hills without using any pesticide.

2. Pour Hot Water with Dish Soap

Just mix dish soap with boiling water and pour the mix on an ant hill. Better yet, find out where the ant hill’s main entrance is and pour your composition there.

The recommended dosage is three repetitions a day. Place boric acid around the hill after third and final time. Boric acid is dangerous to ants as it draws out water from ant’s body and dehydrates them to death. You will not find any single ant after you dropped the mixture in an ant hill.

3. Use White Vinegar

Vinegar really helps you to stay away from ants in your yard and in any other places where you see ants. Spray the white vinegar on holes and mounds which will kill ants in few seconds. You can do it for two or three times until the entire colony is destroyed. It is also safe to use in all the places of your home.

4. Combine Sugar and Borax

This is the least expensive method to control ants. At the same time, you need to handle this solution carefully. Borax is a dangerous substance. Mix sugar and borax in a jar lid and place it near the ant hill. The sugar will call ants out of their hideout, and they will bring it inside their ant hill.

At this point, borax will kill the entire colony of ants. You can pour borax directly into the ant mound to kill them. However, you have to be careful while pouring as it destroys grass also.

5. Use Plain Water

You know ants don’t like any area that is well watered. Keep your lawn full of water. This will help to stay away from ants at all times. You can pour water regularly on ant hill directly. This will kill the entire group of ants including queen so that it cannot create any new colony. This method surely works better than others without taking any health risks. This way, you can get rid of ant hills permanently.

6. Mixture of Karo Syrup and Borax

You can prepare a recipe using maximum amount of Karo Syrup and little amount of Borax. Mix this two ingredients and warm the result up to dissolve it. Make a crack in the ant hole and let this mixture to trickle in. After around one week, ants will carry it to the core of their nest. This way, the queen ant will die as well. Her death puts an end to any chances of ants surviving your solution.

7. Apply Crushed Mint Leaves

Mint leaves help to get rid of ant hills naturally. Ants don’t like the fragrance that comes from mint. Instead of crushed mint leaves, you can also use cloves. Put the mint leaves or cloves all around and inside the ant hill.

8. Use Bleach and Ammonia

This method will give immediate results. However, you have to operate the solution with care. Mix bleach and ammonia well in equal amounts and pour in on the ant hill. You can see how the whole ant colony dies within a few minutes. It is dangerous to ants and yourself as well. This mixture will burn your skin, so you have to wear gloves and mask while doing this. Don’t breathe the vapor as it is harmful to you as well.

9. Get Rid of Ant Hills in Yard Using Grits

Grits is an effective product to kill ants. Buy a can of grit and fill the hole of ant hill with the grits as much as it holds. Ant will eat the grits. Afterward, they will try to come out for water. But immediately grits expand in their stomach and explode. It really works well to destroy ant hills in your yard which is less expensive and also eco-friendly. This is not harmful to you also so you can do it without making any preparations like gloves, mask, etc.

10. Lemon Juice

see through glass of lemon juice with a half cut lemon in the background

The lemon juice can be the effective ingredient to get rid of ant hills in your backyard or garden or anywhere else in the home. The lemon juice contains citric acid. This substance works amazingly to kill entire ants in their nest. All you have to do is separate the juice from lemon and fill it in a spray bottle. Afterward, spray it on the hill directly or on the place where you saw ants. You have to do it at least twice a day to kill the entire ant colony quickly especially the queen who is the major reason for the formation of a new colony.

Final Word

You can make use of all the above methods to kill the entire ant colony naturally. There are many products available on the market that you can take advantage of to make your home safer. The important factor to get rid of ant hills in your yard and other places is to keep that areas clean. If you have any other effective methods, then share it with us in the comments section below.

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