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Ants spend their time in searching food and they enter into our house for the same reason. They leave trail with a chemical scent while searching for food. This scent trail helps them to return back to their nest and also helps other ants to find food at the end of this scent.

We used to spend much money and time in buying baits from the market to control ants. But there is some homemade bait which is inexpensive and can be managed safely. In this article we have listed some of the homemade ant killers and various steps involved in preparing those baits to get rid of ants.

List of best homemade ant killers

1 # Natural homemade ant killer

This involves only few simple steps in preparing homemade ant killer. The ingredients you need are dish soap, water and 8 oz spray bottle. You have to add 1 oz of dish soap in 7 oz of water to prepare the solution. Then pour the liquid in 8 oz spray bottle and shake it to mix well. It is not poisonous to other ones than ants so that you need not to worry about your pets. Spray the solution in all places where you see ants. You can use it on both inside and outside of your house. You can also use it on your walls and windows which will not damage the wood.

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2 # Ant killer using household ingredients

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In this method you can use various ingredients available in the house to prepare ant killer. You can easily get rid of ants without spending much money and time. All that you have to do is take one cup of lemon juice and four cup of warm water. Instead of lemon you can use any fruit that has citrus, but lemon is the best choice. Then spread the mixture on surface using a cloth which will keep ants away from your home by lemon scent.

Vinegar is also an effective way to kill ants. Take vinegar and water in equal ratio and mix them well. Spray that liquid on the trails of ants. You can also use pepper powder and baby powder. Ants hate the fragrance from baby powder. So just spread the powder in every place where you see ants.

3 # Homemade DIY ant killer

This is one of the best home remedies to kill ants that works effectively and kills entire colony. To prepare this DIY ant killer you should have one cup of sugar, half cup of water and one tablespoon of borax. Mix all these three ingredients and make a solution.

It is dangerous for kids and pets as it contains borax. Try to keep this solution away from them. Place the solution where you previously saw ants. They will be invited by the sugar and all the ants will die after eating that solution. You can also put little bit of plain sugar to attract the ants.

4 # Homemade ant killer baits

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You can get rid of ants with the help of these baits by using few ingredients which are easily available and not much expensive. You can mix two tablespoons of boric acid and jam to make a paste. You can also use jelly instead of jam to make this paste. Keep the paste in a plate or a piece of paper. You can increase the amount of boric acid if you didn’t find them dead.

You can also make paste by using boric acid, peanut butter or Bacon Grease. Place the paste in a plate or a piece of paper and wait until it eats. Do not worry if they didn’t die at that moment because it will take little time. It will take back that paste to the ant hill which will kill the entire colony including queen. Thus it is the best home remedies to kill ants and to stay away from them permanently.

5 # Homemade sugar bait to kill ants

It is easy to prepare sugar baits which need only four basic ingredients such as 2 tablespoons of boric acid, 2 tbs of honey, 1 tbs of yeast, 1 tbs of sugar. Mix all these ingredients well and place it near ant mound or surface in bottle caps. It is best to keep near mound because the solution will help you to get rid of ant hills by killing the entire colony and also hatching young ones as it is poisonous for them.

Like sugar bait you can also prepare borax bite to get rid of ants. Mix borax, jelly or jam or honey to make a paste. Then keep it in all the places where you saw ant which act as a natural ant killer and helps to avoid ants in home. Likewise, there are many natural repellents like black pepper, bay leaves, cloves, red chili powder, red pepper flakes, salt, cinnamon, oils like peppermint, lavender, etc helps you to block ants from entering.

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6 # Using stain remover

You may think how stain remover helps in killing ants. This can be the amazing and quickest way to get rid of the ants as the stain remover contains borax acid which is poison for the ants. Take any commercial spray that you are using to remove stains from your laundry room. Just spray the liquid directly on ants or their trails then you can see the result immediately. It does not have toxic thus will not create any impact on your kids and pets. This can  be a great method to stay away from ants without using any pesticides or harmful chemicals as it create bad effect on your family members.

We hope you enjoyed this article and use all these homemade ant killers to get rid of ants inside and outside of your house. If you have any idea or tips to prepare ant killer then let us know by sharing it in the comments section below.