Do you love to turn up the volume when your favorite song comes on the radio? Only to be disappointed with your stock stereo’s wimpy output? Or maybe you just want to have the loudest and best stereo on your block. Well, there is hope for you! Here is how to get better sound in your car. We’ll tell you the fastest way to update your dashboard and what 5 best car speakers will turn your vehicle into an awesome club on wheels.

Installing Your New Speakers

The best way to increase the sound quality and output power of your car stereo is by simply changing the speakers. This can typically be done with a screwdriver, and a set of minimal tools. If you are not that technically savvy, you can bring it to your local audio customization shop. The guys there will install your best car speakers for a minimal fee.

There is no need to replace the car’s stock head. However, upgrading this piece as well will definitely improve the overall sound. Let’s take a look at some of the top car speakers on the market.

5 # Xpress 6.5″ 3-Way Universal Premium Car Speakers – 410 Watt Output

best car speakers

These XO Vision Universal Premium speakers will run you about $18 for a pair. Although affordable, these speakers give you a run for your money. With 410 watts of output, they will surely be kicking it up a notch from your factory installed speakers. Its ample frequency range also allows you to experience and hear all the drums and beats in your favorite songs. Overall, this one of the best car speakers you can get for your buck right now.

Main Features:

  • 6.5″ 3-way speakers.
  • Output Power: 410W.

4 # Kenwood – Road Series 6-1/2″ 2-Way Car Speakers with Paper Woofer Cones

high bass car speaker

If you’re on more of a budget, maybe the Kenwood Road Series is for you. You can buy a pair of these for around $31, and they handle up to 300W peak power. You also have ample frequency response at 35Hz – 22 kHz with this system.

The frequency response is basically whichever frequencies your speakers are capable of outputting. Whichever your choice, you will actually be capable of hearing them in the music. If you’re looking for the larger output of higher end speakers, you should probably invest in an amplifier as well. In other words, the Kenwood Road Series is a budget-friendly product that will get you the best car speakers.

Main Features

  • 300W Peak Power.
  • 30W RMS.

3 # Pyle Blue Wave 1200W High Powered Subwoofer

Pyle Blue Wave High-Powered Subwoofer - 12, 1200W MaxIf you’re looking to get some attention from more than the average car audiophile, this Pyle Blue Wave speaker is for you. With 1200 watts of power, you control enough power to blast away the toughest of competition!

If you want to install this one, you will have to put it in the trunk or under the seats, as they are 12″ in diameter. It is best to match a subwoofer with a good set of tweeters and midrange speakers. Otherwise, your sound may get too lopsided on the low-end. With a woofer like the Pyle, you can be sure that when your favorite Biggie Smalls song comes on, you’ll be ready to create a small earthquake. Give them a try and own the best car speakers on the block!

Main Features

  • 70 oz. magnet.
  • 1200-watt subwoofer.

2 # Boss CH6CK 6.5″ 350W Component + Boss CH6530 6.5″ 300W Car Speakers Package


best bass car speakers

If you’re an EDM fan and aficionado, look no further than this Boss Car Speakers set. With 350 watts of max power and only 6.5″ in diameter, you’re getting extreme power from only a small speaker body. The 1″ dome tweeter is also great for capturing those high frequency sounds typically found in popular EDM tracks.

You also have not two, but 4 speakers each with 3-way capability. Each speaker in this set is capable of delivering 350 watts of power and 175 watts of RMS. Such a setup basically turns your car into a rave party on wheels. This set is just great for creating an overall sonic experience in your car. With the best car speakers in your gear, you’ll be a step above your average custom speakers and miles ahead of any factory install.

Main Features

  • 2 Boss CH6CK 3-Way Speakers.
  • 2 Boss CH6530 3-Way Speakers.
  • Two Tweeters.

1 # Pioneer TS-A6995R Car Speaker 1 Pair Package


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Another great option would be the Pioneer TS-A series of speakers. You can pick up a pair of these for about $50, and it would be a significant improvement over your stock installation. With up to 600 watts of power handling overall and 200 watts RMS per pair, you have plenty of power at your disposal.

If you’re wondering what “RMS” means, it’s basically the average consistent power your speakers can handle from the amplifier. Another great win with the Pioneer TS-A series is that you can get anywhere from a 2-way configuration to 5-way one. This is basically how the sound is divided up in your system.

With a 2-way system, the treble gets one speaker while the bass gets another. With a 3-way setup, the mid gets its own speaker while the bass and treble get one, etc. You have many great options here, and at 200 watts RMS, there is no wonder that this Pioneer set makes it on our list of best car speakers.

Main Features

  • 600 watts power handling per pair.
  • 200 watts RMS per pair.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the configurations available if you’re looking to get better sound in your car. How much money you will spend will depend on the quality and power of sound you’re looking for. Moreover, keeping an eye on amplifier units is another method to significantly improve your sound and power.