how to make giant jenga

Everyone loves to spend their leisure time with family or friends and it will be more fun if you play some interesting outdoor games with them. The Giant Jenga is such a game that can be played in your backyard with your friends and family members at weekend which will give you much joy. It is not like other outdoor games where you need lots of space so you can play it in patio or anywhere you wish to. If you are eager to know more about this game then just have a look at the following section. In this article we discussed about the topic on how to make giant Jenga which will be helpful for you to do it with some easy steps on your own.

Steps involved in building giant jenga

You can build giant jenga easily with the few items available on hardware shops near your house and here is the list of required things to make this jenga.

Materials Required

  • 2 x 4 wooden boards
  • Band saw or circular saw
  • Electric hand sander
  • Carpenter’s rim or edger

These are the essential materials you need, let’s move on to the topic how to make giant jenga in the below section which involves only four easier steps. You can easily get the materials required to build jenga set from nearby hardware shops.

Step 1: Take the wooden boards and cut it into pieces in 12 inches. You should make at least 48 or 54 pieces. The size of the wood depends upon the type of jenga you are planning to play. Make use of the Carpenter’s rim or edger to level the surface of the wooden pieces that should be straight. Every piece has to be in sit level if it is not so then replace it with the another one. You have to ensure that all the part is perfect and easily get along with other part.

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Step 2: The ends of wooden pieces will be sharp and rough for handling so just smooth the corner of each pieces for facilitating safety handle. While playing the game the pieces should not grab each other when you pull it thus rub down the flat surfaces of all parts using the electric hand sander. If you want it to be colorful then you can also use some attractive colors on the edges of each piece. If the edges are not smoothed then it will injure your skin while playing.

Step 3: Now it is the time to set the jenga blocks for that you have to keep the wooden pieces like facing each other. Just take three pieces and place them as they are facing against the other one. Likewise place another three pieces above the previous one. The same procedure follows till the last piece of wood. Make sure that there are no deviations from the surface level.

Step 4: This is the final step to built giant jenga set which involve the replacement of damaged pieces of wood after arranging the jenga blocks. You can use the pressure treated shamble to reduce the infiltration.

That’s it your giant jenga set is ready which can be stored in the garage or shed to use it while playing. To make it more interesting you can write some funny tasks to do in each wooden piece that has to be done by the person who takes that specific one. You can even color the wooden piece and keep specific task for each color so that the person who pick the color has to do the task.  You can also make this and present for birthdays or take it to parties to have unlimited fun with your friends and family members.

You have learned how to make the giant jenga if you do not know how to play it then here are the instructions to play this game.

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Instructions to play giant jenga game

jenga blocks

First set the giant jenga like a building and divide as two teams among yourself. Each person will get the chance to play the game what you have to do is just wait for your turn. Within the group you can determine the order of person to be played by age or numbers or any order you like.

Each person from two teams has to pull one board from the jenga at a time with one hand which has to be taken from the bottom layers not from top two. After picked the board they have to keep it on the top in any direction.

The main thing you have to keep in mind is that your stack should not fall down if so then you will be eliminated from the game. So you have to steady the stack without falling. If there is any task written on the board then you have to do it before placing it on the top. Likewise all the member of the group has to arrange the wooden piece in order without falling down. This will give you much fun while playing with the family at weekend or during summer vacation. This can be the most liked outdoor game for your kids as well as for adults.

We hope this article on how to make giant jenga will help you to make your own jenga set. Please let us know your experience of the game and also share your thoughts in the comments section below which will be useful for other readers.