Swimming is one of the most popular games in US and there are totally 10.6 million swimming pools in the country among them 50.6 percent are inground swimming pools. An in-ground pool can be the backyard dream of every homeowner but it is not an easy one to build. Because, you have to consider about many factors before constructing an in-ground pool like area, cost, type of pool, depth, materials, shape, fencing, slides, lightning and more. Moreover the installation of pool involves various distinct stages. If you are planning to build an in-ground swimming pool then you are at right place. In this article we have discussed about the inground swimming pool which will help you in knowing various facts about the types, cost and construction of the pool.

Types of Inground swimming pools

Commonly Inground pools are classified as three types namely Gunite or Concrete pools, Fiberglass pools and Vinyl pools. You can make use of the unique design of your own and your creativity while constructing an inground swimming pool. You have to choose the type of pool based on your requirement and size of the backyard.

Vinyl pools

types of inground swimming pools2

This type of pools will not involve much labor cost like concrete pool which can be the less expensive one in inground pool options. Many pre-designed shapes of this pool are available with customized built-in features. You can also get the Vinyl liners in different patterns and colors along with the pre-designed pool. It is constructed within 3 weeks using simple methods and fabricated materials. This type of pool can be constructed in the medium sized backyard and you can add any number of extras to make your pool more attractive.

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Gunite or Concrete pools

concrete swimming pool3

This type of pools offer design flexibility than other two types of swimming pool. You can build in any form and shape that fit your requirements. It takes around 12 weeks to construct this concrete pool and you can express your innovative thoughts in it. This can be the ideal one for the backyard with limited space. You can take this in any form like geometric, out-of-ground, free-form, L-shape and more. The surface of the pool is made with a cement based coating and it is usually created in six inches tall.

Fiberglass pools

fibreglass pool4

This type of pools is suitable for the homeowner who does not like to spend much in maintenance and expect longevity of the pool. You can install it very soon because pre-finished pool is available at various sizes as per the requirement. It will take almost one to three weeks to make this one. You can get it in various shapes, designs and styles that will fit your needs. The major advantage you get from this type of pool is surface which is better than other inground swimming pools. It has sub category in it like basic installation, assisted installation, turn-key installation and self-installation.

Inground swimming pool cost

While planning to construct a swimming pool the first thing we think about is cost or price that involved in construction and maintenance. Basically based on it the decision for size and extras of the pool is decided. In the following section we have discussed about this inground swimming pool price. To make an average pool you have to spend around 25,000 to 50,000 dollars which does not include any spa or other extras. Of course it is not much expensive than hidden water pools.

In order to construct a concrete pool you can expect nearly 50,000 to 100,000 dollars which is costlier than fiberglass pools. This involves much labor expense to apply the concrete and other works. It will take more than one month to build so you have to invest in all the materials as well as labor. Based on the additional materials you make use of will maximize the cost. Moreover you have to resurface it in every 10 or 15 years which involves huge expense.

When it comes to Vinyl pool the cost will not be involved much like concrete pool. It became popular among people in United States and other regions which are because of the least initial cost. For DIY, Vinyl kits are available at cheaper price in the market. To create a Vinyl pool you have to spend around 25,000 to 35,000 dollars whereas for turn-key Vinyl liner you can expect it for the price of $35000 to $55000.

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For fiberglass pools the cost will not involve much as concrete swimming pool. Basically the price depends on the nature and type of fiberglass you choose for your pool. The self installation of fiberglass pool is the least priced when compared to other fiberglass pools. If you want to go for assisted installation then it includes plumbing, filter system, pump and labor which cost more than self installation. But you can handle the patio work of pool by yourself in this type that will help you to minimize your maintenance cost. To get all the materials and to build the assisted installation will involve $4k to $13k additionally.

All the above cost is for basic construction that covers average size and depth of pool. But if you raise the pool along with the extra materials like spa, diving boards, fencing, slides and lightening in large sized pool will involve huge expenses.

We hope you find this article useful to know some information related to inground swimming pool. It is always recommended to built fiberglass pool as it has the higher life expectancy and low maintenance cost. Please let us know your feedback about this article in the comments section below.