Hidden water pools have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. They are practical, especially if you have limited space in your home or your backyard. Moreover, this kind of pool has plenty of advantages compared to traditional in-ground swimming pools. Imagine you could have a patio and a swimming pool, all in one place.

a woman sitting in a swimming pool

Besides the space benefit, hidden water pools also have other strengths. One of them is the possibility to keep a moderate water temperature without using a heater. Below, we have listed some of the most amazing pool you should consider.

What Are Hidden Water Pools?

Hidden water pools are those swimming pools that can be transformed or converted into something else. For example, you could have a floor or a lawn that can become a pool with just a simple button click. Although these pools function just like any other traditional pool, they can be moved several inches below the ground, and they can even be covered up.

To control the up and down movement, you will be required to use a certain mechanism that is similar to a hydraulic lift. More and more companies are starting to design and manufacture hidden swimming pools. Another great thing about them is the fact that they can be customized to fit a client’s space and preferences perfectly.

The cost of this kind of pool can vary depending on many factors such as its design, size, and features. We have to admit that hidden pools are quite expensive. They have higher prices compared to the cost of a traditional basin. On the other hand, you will save some money in the long run, due to its low-maintenance characteristic. The average price of a hidden water pool can range between 25,000 and 60,000 dollars.

The Most Innovative Hidden Water Pools to Consider

1. Small Backyard Barbecue/Patio/Hidden Swimming Pool

a round hidden swimming pool that can be transformed into a patio

This adjustable hidden water pool can be transformed in a patio in just a matter of seconds. It is a great option for people who have a small backyard. You don’t have to have a lot of space to enjoy this kind of swimming pool. When the pool is closed, the water flows back into the mechanism’s reserves.

Therefore, you will be able to use the covered space to play with your kids or enjoy a barbecue dinner with your friends. There is no need to change or clean the water too often. The pool’s pump acts as a filter to recycle and clean the water supply.

2. Water Pool/Water Fountain/Patio

three images of the same yard with a hidden water pool in the middle

This is a fantastic hidden water pool that can be transformed into a patio in an instant. Also, you can modify its depth. Therefore, it can quickly become a water fountain. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space, and it has unique features and design.

Because it is smaller than other pools, it doesn’t involve high financial efforts. If you want to have a fancy interior design, you can place this pool/fountain inside your home. This way, your guests will be impressed with your lovely indoor fountain.

3. Indoor Hallway/Garage/Swimming Pool

an indoor hidden swimming pool next to some stairs

If you’re looking for an innovative hidden water pool idea to inspire you, this is the right choice to consider. At first sight, it appears to be a simple floor until you press the control panel’s button. Then, it suddenly becomes a nice rectangular swimming pool. This particular pool was built near the stairs. Moreover, it was embellished with underwater lights to create a more relaxing vibe and atmosphere during your swimming routine.

4. Luxury Indoor Water Pool

indoor luxurious and elegant hidden swimming pool that can be transformed into a floorhidden water pools4.1

This one can be a bit expensive compared to other hidden water pools. First of all, it is significantly bigger than the other pools described above. Secondly, it is equipped with plenty of modern and cutting-edge features and facilities. It has plenty of benefits. Still, it can be tricky to install it if you don’t have a lot of space in your home. This pool works perfectly for those of you who have big houses. It can even be placed in open spaces such as in a hotel.

5. Yard Underground Swimming Pool

outdoor backyard swimming pool that can be covered to create a patio

This one lets you choose whether you want to swim or simply relax on the lawn in your backyard. You can sit on the grass, or you can open the top cover, and enjoy a nice refreshing swim during hot summer months. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and the cost of keeping it clean are also affordable. You can place it in your backyard and use to have fun with your entire family or friends.

6. Indoor Classic Elegant Water Pool

a luxurious indoor space with a covered swimming pool area

an uncovered swimming pool area inside a luxurious building

Another great example of a hidden swimming pool is this one, which is a more elegant and luxurious one. However, luxury comes with a price, and it is not a low one. Because of the fact that this pool is larger than others, it will involve higher maintenance costs. Based on your requirements, you can ask the manufacturer to customize some of the basin’s characteristics such as size, shape, facilities, and more.

7. Indoor Rectangular Water Pool

the stages in which an indoor swimming pool can be converted and adjusted

Don’t be fooled by the marble floor. Underneath it is a beautiful yet simple water pool. This indoor hidden pool has excellent interior and exterior designs. When the pool is covered, you can enjoy walking on a fancy marble floor. According to pool manufacturers, an indoor pool almost always occupies more space than an outdoor one.

Therefore, make sure you have enough space in your home before purchasing this type of product. Like the other pools described so far, this one can also be customized and converted with just a button click. The water drains automatically whenever you close the pool. So, you won’t be required to change the water too often.

8. Multilayered Outdoor Swimming Pool

a front yard swimming pool that can be transformed into a fountain and a patio

a man sitting in an outdoor pool, at a pool bar, covered by an umbrella

When you first see this product, you might think it is just another traditional swimming pool. Well, it is not a classic pool. In fact, it can be easily converted into a front yard patio, a small fountain, or a deep water pool. With the press of a button, the water will slowly start to rise. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to enjoy a nice swim.

When the pool is automatically closed, the water will be pushed towards the drains, strategically placed on the pool’s edges. When you don’t really feel like swimming, you can cover it, and use it as a playground for your kids.

9. Adjustable Indoor Swimming Pool

large indoor hidden swimming pool

This one comes with an adjustable depth option. This way, you will not have to worry every time your children are playing in the pool. So, you can decide on which depth makes you feel most comfortable when swimming. Another great thing about this particular pool is the fact that it is an environment-friendly one. It other words, it doesn’t need any cleaning chemical products for its maintenance process.

10. Outdoor Recreational Area/ Hidden Water Pool

outdoor covered swimming pool area

a low-depth outdoor water pool

a deep outdoor water pool that can be transformed into a patio

You will surely get inspired by this hidden water pool. At first, when the pool is completely covered, it looks like a simple yard or patio. Once you press the control panel button, everything changes. Although it is a large outdoor pool, it doesn’t require high maintenance costs.

This is mostly because the pool remains covered throughout the day, except for the moments in which you actually use it. When covered, this pool can be used as a safe playground for your kids.

We hope this article about the most interesting hidden water pools was fun and useful for you. Don’t hesitate to share with us your favorite one from the above list. Just tells us your thoughts, in the comment section below.

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