Flowers are the most glorious and beautiful things that we got from Mother Nature. There are nearly 250000 varieties of flowers around the world among them some may bloom during specific seasons, and some may bloom after decades. Titan Arum is the largest flower in the world which is 10 feet in height and is also known as Corpse flower because of its horrible rotten smell. In olden days some of the prettiest flowers were used to send coded messages as there were special meanings for each one.

People use these flowers to express their feelings, to present for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. and are the symbolic representation of love. In this article, we have listed 16 prettiest flowers in the world you should know about.

*The following list of the prettiest flowers in the world was created without considering any criteria.

1: Middlemist Red

a beautiful pink flower

It is the most beautiful and rarest flower in the world which looks like a rose flower in pink color. This amazing plant was first brought by a nurseryman named John Middlemiss to the UK from China in the year 1804. You can see this rare flower in only two places around the world: in United Kingdom’s greenhouse garden and New Zealand garden.

A long time research was taken by Botanists to identify this species of flower. For all these reasons, we have included it in our list of the prettiest flowers on Earth.

2: Rose

beautiful flowers2

Roses are the prettiest flowers that belong to the family of Rosaceae. There are more than 2500 varieties of roses in the world and about 95 genera. You can find this flower all over the planet. It grows in all areas and almost any environment. Roses come in different colors, and each color has its specific meaning. For instance, a yellow rose is the symbol of friendship while a red rose is the symbol of love. You can also find many poems and inspirational quotes related to roses.

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3: Calla Lily

beautiful flowers3

Calla Lily is listed on the third place in our list of the prettiest flowers in the world as it is the symbol of beauty and magnificence. South Africa is this flower’s native country. There is a wide range of colors when it comes to Calla Lily; you can find pink, yellow, purple, green and other Calla Lily flowers. This beautiful and elegant flower is comprehensively used in bouquets, flower arrangements and for decoration purposes.

4: Bird of Paradise

beautiful flowers4

This flower is called the Bird of Paradise due to its shape and it is also popularly known as crane flower. This one belongs to the family of Strelitiaceae which has a unique shape, vibrant colors, and no scent whatsoever. Without a doubt, this is one of the prettiest flowers in the world you should consider using in your floral arrangements.

5: Water Lily

beautiful flowers5

Water lilies are considered sacred by the followers of Hinduism and Buddhism. This gorgeous flower comes in different colors, but unfortunately, it lasts only three days. It has its unique fragrance and belongs to regions like Europe, Northwest Africa, and Western Asia. Basically, these flowers can be found in three varieties: water lily, Lotus or Nelumbo, and yellow water lily or Nuphar Lutea.

6: Cherry Blossom

beautiful flowers6

It is beautiful to see the cherry blossom trees in full bloom during the spring in Japan. In fact, this country is popular for its tourists’ spike during cherry blossom season. You can find this flower in both pink and white colors. Some even say that cherry blossom delicate flowers are a symbol of Japan although they are not the country’s official flower.

The blooming of cherry blossom is celebrated during a festival that is organized every year in the US and Japan. It is one of the prettiest flowers to look at even when its petals fall on the ground, creating a natural floral cover.

7: Tulip

The tulip is a well-known gorgeous flower, especially throughout Europe. Everyone associates it with Holland. In fact, this country is popular for its huge tulip fields. It is the third most popular flower in the world. It was first cultivated in Turkey and brought to Europe in 16

It was first cultivated in Turkey and brought to Europe in the 16th century. There are more than 4000 varieties of tulips cultivated nowadays and you can find more than 100 species of tulips worldwide. It is considered a token of love, passion, romance, etc.

8: Plumeria

beautiful flowers8

This beautiful flower can be mostly found in tropical regions and it belongs to the family of toxic plants. It is popularly known as the wild flower as it is originated from countries like Brazil, Caribbean, and Central America.

This amazing flower is light and comes in white color with yellow and pink touches. It amazes you with its sweet and delicate fragrance. Due to all these arguments, we decided to include Plumeria in our list of the prettiest flowers on the planet.

9: Dahlia

beautiful flowers9

Dahlia is a popular flower all over the world which can be mostly found in countries like Mexico, Central America, and Colombia. There are nearly 30 species of dahlia found. This flower comes in different colors like red, orange, white, purple, etc. Here’s an interesting fact: back in the year 1963, it was acknowledged as the national flower of Mexico. This flower is characterized as being a perennial plant, tuberous and bushy.

10: Lily of the Valley

beautiful flowers10

This flower blooms in spring. Don’t be fooled by its tiny size. Lily of the Valley flowers have inspired many legends throughout the years. It is an expensive and popular flower that works perfectly for a wedding. It is a perennial plant that has long leaves and bell shaped flowers.

It is used as a vital element in medicine but can cause death if the intake is made in large quantities. Being so delicate and mysterious were two powerful arguments that made us include it in our list of the prettiest flowers on Earth.

11: Chocolate Cosmos

beautiful flowers11

The Chocolate Cosmos comes from Mexico, and it is a beautiful rare flower that is part of the middlemist plant group.  Its petals are either brown or red. Its name doesn’t come from the flower’s color but from its fragrance that resembles the smell of chocolate.

The Chocolate Cosmos blooms at the end of summer but only in the evenings.  It is an endangered type of plant because of the uncontrolled and irresponsible vegetation reproductions. For this reason, those few areas in which this flower grows are protected by law.

12: Jade Vine

beautiful flowers12

The Jade Vine plant also goes by the name of the emerald creeper. You can mostly find it in the Philippines. As you can see from the photo, this is definitely one of the prettiest flowers in the world. It has delicate characteristics that made it unique from other species.

The outlook is just like feathers and it has claw shaped petals. This flower can grow up to 3 meters in height. One single Jade Vine can have up to 50 different flowers. People use it to create beautiful decorations and use it for special occasions.

13: Bleeding Heart

beautiful flowers13

This awesome flower belongs to the family of Papaveraceae and is mostly found in the countries like Japan, China, Korea and Siberia. It is a heart-shaped flower that comes in both white and pink colors. These perennial plants look pretty in your garden but are poisonous and can create irritation as well as other issues. It has to be planted in a shaded place because in the sun’s direct light it tends to fade.

14: Kadupul Flower

beautiful flowers14

Kadupul flower is one of the prettiest flowers in the world due to its special characteristics. First, it is a rare plant, so it is hard to find. This species of flowers bloom only at midnight and before dawn, they perish. This is why so many people will not get the chance to see this beautiful flower. It can be found mostly in Sri Lanka’s forests. It has a pleasant perfume and is expensive because of its short life span.

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15: Passion Flower

beautiful flowers15

The passion flowers can be mostly found in the rain forest, and there are 500 species of this flower that you will find all around the world. Each and every color of a rainbow can be found on this flower’s petals. Passion flower can grow up to 8 inches.

Mainly these flowers were first created in South America. This flower’s petals can even grow up to ten cm in length. The most common colors of Passion flower are white and purple-blue. Not only does this plant look pretty but it also has medicinal properties.

16: Hydrangea

beautiful flowers16

This beautiful flower originated from eastern and southern Asia. The plant will grow up to 98 feet by climbing up trees, and there are two types of hydrangea flower arrangements: large round flower heads called mophead and lace cap flowers. This can be commonly found in white, red, pink, blue, dark purple or light purple. This amazing flower grows at the end of the stem. Hydrangeas bloom from early spring to late autumn.

Let’s Recap

The above list presents some of the prettiest flowers in the world. Now that you know a little more about each one of them, you can decide flower or flower combination attracts you the most. Take advantage of their beauty and colors and use them in your floral arrangements for your special occasions.

Image source: Pixabay