We always drive through the roads that are safer but it is not same for all the people who are living in remote areas where they don’t get proper infrastructure. In fact those roads are treacherous and you have to test your courage to drive on that road. If you are interested to know more about those unsafe paths then take a look at the following section. In this article we have listed the top 10 dangerous roads in the world which involves much adventure for thrill-seekers.

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List of 10 most dangerous roads in the world

10 # Transfagarasan Road in Romania

most dangerous roads in the world1

This road has many hairpin bends up to 90 km which is built as a military path during 1970s while Nicolae Ceausescu was ruling the country. It is the second highest road in Romania which connects two tallest mountains of Southern Carpathians. It involves much turns, twists and tunnels when compared to other rods of that surrounding which made it as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Apart from all these risks you can be able to enjoy the best Sceneries while going on. This road was constructed between 1970 and 1974 to ensure quick military access across the mountain.

9 # Zoji Pass, India

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This road is considered as one of the important paths in the country as it provides the route to mountain locations and this remote area. If you want to pass this road then you have to be ready to face the bad climatic conditions, snowfall, violent and heavy winds, etc. Even though this road is very dangerous it connects Srinagar and west part of Himalayas. It is one of the riskiest passes in Himalayan mountain range which approximately have the distance of 5.6 miles.

8 # China’s Sichuan-Tibet Highway  

dangerous highways3

This road was constructed in the year 1950 which is situated between Tibet and Chengdu that covers the distance of 1,500 miles. Due to rock avalanches and landsides there were many accidents caused in this highway. You will have the challenging ride with snowy winter in this path which has many high mountains and popular rivers such as Lantsang River, Dadu River, etc.

7 # Karakoram Highway in Pakistan

deadly roads4

This highway connects the China and Pakistan across the tallest mountains in the world that covers the distance of 4800 meters. It is also called as “Friendship Highway” by Pakistani Government that has many avalanches, floods and landslides. It is considered as one of the most deadly roads in the world because it involves adventure and risks. It is referred as the eighth wonder of the world as it was constructed in high elevation and difficult conditions.

6 # Stelvio Pass, Italy

deadly roads5

This is the most dangerous highway in the world that was built during 1820 which was called as second highest paved pass in Alps with the height of 9045 ft. While passing through this way you will see the “Three Languages Peak” because this is where three languages Romansh, Italian and German meet. It has 48 sharp turns that made this road as hazardous to drive which connects the Valtellina with Meran and mid Venosta valley.

5 # Norway’s Trollstigen Road

dangerous highways6

It is the fifth in the list of most dangerous roads in the world as it has many steep inclines, sharp turns and is risky to drive. This is located in Rauma and one of the popular roads during tourist season where you can find more than 2500 vehicles pass through daily. As it is dangerous path government restricts the vehicles that are more than 39 feet long to travel through this road. Due to heavy snow fall it is closed during spring and winter season.

4 # Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

deadly roads7

This road is narrow and has many winding turns that made it as one of the most deadly roads in the world. It connects Suao-Hualien Highway and Taichung on the country’s eastern coast. Due to typhoons and earthquakes it is closed as driving is impossible during this condition. It is named as Taroko because in Truku language it means splendid and magnificent.

3 # Guoliang Tunnel Road, China 

dangerous highways8

This road was built to connect the village Guoliang which is located on the mountain top. Before the construction of this path the only way to reach this village was by walking as the way has many steep cliffs. It took around 5 years to complete this road which was built by villagers. This way is almost 13 feet wide and 16 feet tall which became popular attraction of tourist as it has the best scenery while travelling. It is dangerous to travel during rainy season because there are chances for accidents.

2 # Halsema Highway, Philippines

deadly roads9

This path is 150 miles long and is risky to travel for small vehicles in this narrow road. The falling rocks and landslides made this as the most dangerous highway in the world. In the rainy season it is impossible for the drivers to drive their vehicle due to lack of safety. It has many steep drops even are more than 1000 feet which made this way really dangerous to drive which is highest altitude highway in Philippines.

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1 # North Yungas Road, Bolivia 

dangerous highways10

This is one of the most deadly and worst roads in the world that is located in Bolivia. This 40 miles long road connects the Amazon rainforest area to northern Bolivia. It has many drop offs and there is no railings to prevent you from falling. This route has hazardous climatic conditions where rain, dust and fog will result in poor visibility.

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