health benefits of ragi

Ragi is popularly known as Finger Millet or Nachani in South India which is cultivated in Asian and African countries. In India, Karnataka is the leading producer of this cereal where people used to consume it daily. It is one among the few cereals which can be used without polishing and is healthier than other millets. It holds plenty of health benefits and loaded with proteins, minerals, iron, and calcium. It also contains less amount of unsaturated fat which helps to deal with diseases like Anemia, Diabetes, Brittle Bones, etc. Here we have discussed about various overwhelming health benefits of ragi in the following section.

List of 14 overwhelming health benefits of ragi

1 # Rich in Fibre

Ragi is rich in fibre when compared to other grains like wheat, white rice, etc. If you take this as breakfast or lunch then you will not feel hungry for longer period of time. It contains methionine and amino acids that will help you to reduce your cholesterol level in your body which avoids the formation of fat in liver.

2 # Helps to reduce weight

health benefits of ragi2

Ragi is the perfect food for people who wants to reduce their weight because it is filled with nutrition and high in fibre which helps to prevent from consuming excess calories. You can add this cereal to your diet regularly for quick weight loss and also to stay healthy. The dietary fibre in ragi will take time for digestion so that you will feel fuller for longer period which enables you to avoid excess food.

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3 # High calcium content

This cereal contains high amount of calcium which can be the key factor for bone development. People who have lack of calcium in their body can take ragi as primary ingredient in their food rather than taking calcium pills. It also helps to prevent osteoporosis and great choice for growing children.

4 # Act as a relaxant

Ragi ball has sufficient amount of antioxidants and amino acids that helps to relax your body naturally. It acts as a relaxant in preventing stress related disorders like depression, headache, anxiety and hypertension. This can be a great choice for the people who are suffering from sleeping disorders.

5 # Helps in controlling diabetes

If you consume ragi regularly then you can control diabetes as it has polyphenols and dietary fibers. It delivers nutritional benefits when compared to other grains like wheat, rice, etc. It also helps to reduce the sugar levels in blood as it slows down the digestion process. You can control the blood sugar by consuming ragi regularly.

6 # Reduce Cholesterol

It works wonder in reducing the cholesterol level in your body. It minimizes the plaque formation and helps in preventing the blockage of blood vessels which leads to avoid heart diseases and stroke. You can cut down the glut fat in the liver part so that you need not to worry about the cholesterol if you consume ragi.

7 # Strengthen Bones

Ragi is the main source for calcium than other grains. It contains vitamin D and calcium which helps to increase the bone strength. Replace your fast food with ragi to lead a healthy life and try to add it in your food daily which delivers awesome health benefits to your family.

8 # Prevent from Anemia

health benefits of ragi3

It contains iron which can be one of the best ragi health benefits that helps in increasing the blood formation for the people who are suffering from low hemoglobin and anemia. Prepare some dishes from ragi like ragi malt or using ragi flour to improve iron in your body rather than taking iron tablets.

9 # Increase Lactation

Ragi helps to improve hemoglobin level of your body so that it can be the great choice for new mothers. They can add ragi in their diet to increase the milk production to feed their babies and it will enrich the milk with vital amino acids, calcium and iron.

10 # Prevents skin aging

You can derive various health benefits from ragi and it helps to control many diseases so that you can maintain your skin as young. It also helps to avoid premature aging and wrinkles in your face so that you can maintain your skin as young always.

11 # Helps for digestion

The insoluble fibers in ragi help to retain water so that it eases the removal of waste from your body. It also makes the movement of food flow easily through the intestine which will make you to stay fit and healthy without any digestive disorders.

12 # Source of amino acids

Amino acid is essential for our body and ragi contains higher amount of amino acids like valine, methionoine, etc. It improves your overall health and helps in formation of blood. Amino acids will repair the tissues of your body which is important for you to stay healthy.

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13 # Great substitute for milk

health benefits of ragi4

Ragi can be the great food for the people who are allergenic to milk. They can consume ragi daily instead of milk by preparing in liquid consistency. This also helps you to stay away from some common health issues that you are facing by consuming milk.

14 # Other than all these benefits it is good remedy for various health issues like premature ageing, malnutrition, heart weakness, lack of milk production and more. Consuming green ragi will help the people who are suffering from liver disease to overcome it. You can add this cereal in your daily diet to stay fit and healthy regardless of age.

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