gel nail polish at home

Everyone love to use gel nail polish as it looks perfect and neat than the regular one. It usually don’t chip for more than one week from your hand so that you can think about the removing process after a week. When nail grows it seems to change the nail polish thus you have to remove it. Mostly you have to depend on your parlor for removing the gel polish using manicure but it is not always possible to visit your parlor and wasting money for removing the nail polish.

So that we wanted to find some easy ways to remove gel nail polish at home like how they are doing in the parlor. Finally we found a method which involves only few steps and works well without damaging the nails. Here you go with the removing process in the following section.

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What you need?

There are only fewer things you need which are easily available in the market.

  • Nail file
  • Aluminum foil
  • Cotton
  • 100% acetone polish remover
  • Wood or metal orange stick
  • Nail buffer
  • Hand moisturizer

How to use?

Do not peel or bite your nails to remove the gel polish. There are only fewer steps and time involved in this process.First make sure that there is no furniture or any luxury item in the place where you are doing the removing procedure because 100% acetone may cause damage to the furniture. You can use a towel that does not absorb the acetone.

Step 1: Use the nail file to scratch the surface of the nail which will help you to remove the gel polish easily. By scratching the surface you can remove the shining material from the polish and it will make ease the further steps.

Step 2: Then wet the cotton in acetone polish remover and keep on the nail. Take the aluminum foil and cut into little pieces which can cover the top of your finger. Wrap the cotton with the foil tightly and press little on the top of your nail so that the acetone will apply evenly in the nail. Do the same for all the remaining fingers.

Step 3: Let the fingers to soak in the liquid for 10 to 15 minutes. How long you are soaking the result will be better. After that remove the foil without unwrap it. Slightly press the coverage on the top and pull it. The gel polish comes out smoothly. If not so let soak for little more time so that the gel comes out completely.

Step 4: To take out the extra polish from the nail just scrap using the orange stick. It also takes off the harder one. By simply pushing the stick you can take off the polish easily.

Step 5: There will be a little bit of spotty layer still remains in the nail which does not come up with the acetone coat. First wash the hands thoroughly and then use the nail buffer to smooth it all off. Those spots will not remain in the nail. Make sure to wash the hands with soap or any liquid after using the buffer to clean the dust.

Step 6: After all these process get completed try out some moisturizer on the hand as the fingers would be so dry by using the acetone. Now your fingers look smooth and shiny and you can apply your new nail color of your choice. Before doing it for all the fingers just try it with one finger to check whether you are getting any allergies due to the use of acetone. This works really great and enables you to design your nails as you wanted without worrying about the removing process.

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Some important tips:

o   Apply the gel nail polish with single coat. If you make thicker with double coat it will be harder to remove from the nail.

o   One cotton will be more enough for the whole 10 fingers. Divide the cotton into little piece and do not take whole cotton for a single finger.

o   While using the acetone, make sure it does not spill anywhere in the surface as it cause damage. Try to put any towel under your hand.

o   If you are facing any trouble while removing you can apply heat during your soak off. And if you have any allergy with the acetone you can melt the sugar, soak the fingers for 10 minutes and wash to remove the gel polish instead of using the polish remover.

o   You can apply this removal system to take off your glitter nail polish also. You can also use cuticle oil as moisturizer.

o   After soaking if you feel hard in removing gel nail polish from the nail then soak little more so that it comes out smoothly. The longer you soak the smoother gel removes.

We hope this will be the best method to remove gel nail polish at home without spending much time and money in the parlor. Please leave your feedback after using this method in the following comments section which will be useful for other users also.