impress a girl on facebook chat

Facebook is one among the popular and widely used social networking sites that will help you to know more about your friends. Some use it to stay in contact with their friends and family members but some use it to search new friends. Mostly guys find it difficult to impress a girl on facebook chat because it’s not about the conversation he make with her but also includes every detail of his profile.

Are you looking for some best tips to impress her on facebook? In this article you can learn some tips about impressing a girl on facebook chat.

How to impress a girl on facebook chat

1 # Impress with your profile

If you want to impress a girl first you should make your profile interesting by deleting unwanted posts and share exciting facts. Often update your profile and also profile picture which was taken at work place or school or with family members. Do not keep the picture that is edited in Photoshop and more over try to include your pet in profile picture to let her know you are a caring person.

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2 # Try to know about her

Try to visit her profile often and know what kind of person she is. You will not get much detail but you can know about her studies, family and little facts. Track her status, likes and dislikes and you can join the community in which she is in. you can find her close friend and make them as your friend also because they could help you in knowing more about her.

3 # Be active when she is active on facebook

Try to be in online when she is active in Facebook and make some comments or like her post which will let you know your presence. If your comment is worth surely she will make an attempt to know about you and notice your profile which can be the best way to impress a girl on facebook chat. If she is impressed by your profile there are possibilities that she will add you as friend.

4 # Chat with her regularly

impress a girl on facebook chat3

If she added you in her friends list then you make your first move and start chatting. Make usual conversation and reply to her comments which will make her happy. With the details you gained through her profile you can talk freely without any hesitation. Do not irritate her with your conversation and do not begin your discussion that she is not interested in.

5 # Express your care and interest

Once if you started your regular conversation then make her know you are interested to talk with her. Women always want men to be caring and interested on her. If you express your care and interest during conversation then it will be a positive technique to approach her. You can ask her how she is feeling and make her realize she is important to you.

6 # Compliments 

Women always like to be complemented thus this could be an effective technique to impress a girl. While chatting with her in facebook try to give complement like praising about her profile picture or status or comment the photos, videos that she added to make her happy. By doing all these things she will know that you are paying attention on her and to realize her that you took time to know about her. Make sure that the things you are saying should not make her feel like you are lying to her.

6 # Often surprise her

You cannot present flowers or chocolates for her but you can send e-cards and messages to show her how much you like her and how much you are interested in her. You can also give her surprise by organizing all her friends to wish for her important days and don’t forget to be the first person to wish.

7 # Offer a video chat

If you’re not able to express your thoughts in message then you can start a video call with her. It is the time to take your chat to next level. You have to be careful at this stage and make sure she should not think you are showing interest on her physical beauty which can be one of the attractive ways to impress a girl.

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8 # Find what she is thinking about you

Now it’s time for you to know whether she likes you or not. Try to know and hear from her that she is interested on you and want to spend time with you. During this conversation you can also find if she unlike any of your activities and change it for her, this will surely impress her.

9 # Ask for a day out

impress a girl on facebook chat4

If you know she is fascinated in spending time with you then as her to come out with you for a date. Plan for dinner or lunch at romantic place or even take her to the place which she desired to go. Know what she likes and gift it to make her surprise, even you can express your love by giving her ring and flowers.

It will be easier for you to impress a girl on facebook chat if you get her attention. Importantly don’t lie to her once she started believing you. I hope these tips will be useful for you to impress your girlfriend. Please leave your feedback about this article in the following comments section.