Do you enjoy working out and pushing your body to the next level?


A Spartan Race might be just for you.


Have you ever watched one of those obstacle shows like Ninja Warrior and thought to yourself, “Wow, this looks like so much fun but it’s a little out of my league?”


If so, you should consider training for Spartan Races.


They offer different skill levels, endurance options, and varying obstacles to meet you where you’re at (and push you a little further, too).


What is the Spartan Race?


You can find these races in 30 countries around the world – including the United States. Those who participate in the races will tell you they aren’t just about athletics – they’re a way of life.


The Spartan mindset is based around a few ideological principles.


  • A strong body requires a strong mind.
  • Pressure is required for growth.
  • Obstacles improve resiliency.
  • Participating holds you accountable and reinforces responsibility.


The point of the race is to create a healthy synthesis between the body and mind.


Varying Types of Races


If you think you’ve got what it takes to participate in one of these exciting races, you have six very different options to choose from.


Each race is specially designed to push you past your limits. If you skip an obstacle, be ready to complete 30 burpees.


The first four races progress from “Sprint” which is the easiest (well, as easy as it can be) to “Ultra” which is, as the name implies, ultra-difficult.


In addition to the tiered races, The Spartans brand offers two other races: endurance and a special design for kids.


Here’s a little breakdown of what you’ll get yourself into with a Spartan Race.




  • Ideal for newbies (or returning low-pressure racers)
  • 3-5 miles
  • 20-23 Spartan Race obstacles
  • Fastest finish time on average: 40 minutes




  • Combination of athleticism and endurance
  • 8-10 miles
  • 24-29 obstacles
  • Fastest finish time on average: 80 minutes




  • Put your mental and physical endurance to the test.
  • 12-14 miles
  • 30-35 obstacles
  • Fastest finish time on average: 3 hours (wow!)




  • Skill level: crazy
  • 30 miles
  • Over 60 Spartan Race obstacles
  • No fastest average finish time. You’ll be lucky if you finish at all.


Not quite your speed?


Sorry, but they don’t let adults participate in the kids’ races. Still, here’s an idea of what the kiddie versions look like.




  • Either half mile, one mile, or two miles depending on age level.
  • Ages range from 4 to 13


If you thrive in unusual environments the endurance races might be more your thing – these are way more than just running.


The Spartans brand offers a few different options for different endurance skillsets. Each event is designed with its own distance and course activities.


The Hurricane Heat is a challenging team activity – this race also offers a 12-hour option. Yes, a 12-hour race!


The Spartan Agoge is a high-intensity race based on the Spartans’ principles from the 7th century BC to create the strongest warriors possible. These special events take place in historic locations so you don’t just get a fun activity, you also get to participate in a cultural event.


How to Train


So, now you’re ready to participate in a Spartan Race, aren’t you?


Although they’re extremely challenging, these races are also very rewarding and even fun. (If pushing yourself past your mental and physical limit is your thing.)


Even if you work out on a daily basis, it’s important to understand the Spartan training for these particular events.


The Spartan website offers special training videos and programs to get you into fighting shape and beyond. You can also check out their locator and see if there are any Spartan classes in your area. Spartan training is based on the same principles as the races: mind and body synergy.


Spartan realizes that although you may train on your own, you probably don’t have access to the obstacles they include in the races. That’s why they offer a unique obstacle training guide to help you prepare.


Sorry, but you now have no excuses.


Spartan Race Obstacles


Yes, but what about the obstacles? What are they? They sound like fun, right?


They do look pretty fun – if you’re up to it.


Here are some of the Spartan Race obstacles you might find in your next event.


  1. Hercules hoist
  2. Barbed wire
  3. Monkey bars
  4. Spear throw
  5. Inverted walls
  6. Seven-foot wall
  7. Rope climb
  8. Frame cargo net
  9. Atlas carry
  10. Ape hanger
  11. Tyrolean traverse
  12. Sled drag


Are There Any Spartan Races Near Me?


Wow, so you’ve read all of this and you’re still wondering “are there any Spartan races near me?”


It depends where you live.


Spartan Races pop-up all around the world so chances are, there is one in your area.