Dutch architect named Janjaap Ruijssenaars became the creator of the magnetic floating bed in the year 2006. The innovation features a unique design that makes it float in mid-air. The structure has the capacity to tolerate up to 2,000 pounds of weight. After 6 years of hard work by the designer and his team, they finally introduced this innovative magnetic floating bed during the Annual Millionaire Fair held at Belgium. As Janjaap Ruijssenaars said:

No matter where you live, all architecture is dictated by gravity. I wonder you could make an object, a building or a piece of furniture where this is not the case ­­­­­­­­­­­­- where another power actually dictates the image.

The designer has used ceramic magnets and refrigerator magnets to test his idea. After he recorded successful results with his initial test, his team finally began working on the world’s “first non-gravity based model.” The creator believed gravity was the essential factor that combines all design and architectural decisions on Earth. Based on this concept of the harmony behind the architecture of the world, Janjaap Ruijssenaars pioneered the bed industry.

About Architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars

The Dutch architect Janjaap was born in 1973 in the Netherlands. He completed his schooling in Barcelona, Netherlands, and Colorado. He is also a public speaker and urban planner. Janjaap gave his life more meaning by working as a teacher. The architect also became the founder of Universe Architecture.

Among his notable achievements, we can include the European Urban Public prize. On top of that, for his proposed design of an elementary school, he received the Bauwelt prize. Among his inventions, the designs of the innovative magnetic floating bed are the epitome of his lifetime career.

How Does a Magnetic Floating Bed Work?

The designer confessed that he got his inspiration from the monolith that appeared in the Stanley Kubrick film “2001 A Space Odyssey.” This clash between real life and fiction led to the Dutch architect’s success within the Best Inventions gala of 2006.

The curious asset is made of permanent magnetic material. This is where the floating bed extracts its impressive powers. It does not need any form of energy or electricity to remain suspended in mid-air.

The industrial strength magnet is placed in opposition. Positive ends of one row are placed against the negative ends of another row which enable the bed to rise above the ground. To secure the bed without falling on to the ground, the designers attached 4 thin cables. Each of them is strategically placed at one corner of the bed. These cables secure the bed to become motionless. This is how the product can retain its vertical and horizontal position at all times.

All these techniques made it possible for the Janjaap to build an innovative magnetic floating bed. The fluidity of the design makes it adaptable to both indoors and outdoors environments. This can be the inspiration for other designers to continue this grand momentum in the architecture area. It can be interpreted as an invitation to more impressive designs that seem to defy the natural laws.

Variations of the Product

The innovative product is already on the market and comes both in full sized and half sized models. Both these variants enjoyed a presentation of their own during the 2006 fair. The materials used in this bed help it to float in the air without any support or need of energy.

The half sized bed has the floating height of 16 inches and has the capacity to lift up to 2,000 pounds. The same product can accommodate other necessities within modern houses as a sofa, Japanese-style dining table or a shelf that displays valuable objects.

On the other hand, the full sized floating bed comes in a certain formula with a height of 3 inches while the capacity sustains a load of up to 177 pounds. The materials that are present in such an exclusive piece of furniture revolve around quality black steel. This bed will make you feel like you are floating in the air. As a result, it is the only type of bed that can deliver a different experience while sleeping.

How Much You Need to Invest to Make the Innovative Magnetic Floating Bed Your Own

While talking about the floating bed, you will have this question in your mind how much a magnetic floating bed cost. The basic price will have to reflect all the revolutionary techniques and designs as well as quality materials. Afterwards, the necessary budget will differ from one model to the other.

In the end, the actual model of a floating bed can cost around 1.6 million dollars. The price has to reflect Janjaap’s innovative design and architecture. The product itself is nothing like you will ever see on the market. Therefore, this uniqueness will make its presence felt directly in the price of the product.

Final Word

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