If it is a rainy day then we have to change our actual plan and it’s hard to stay inside without getting bore as well as difficult to entertain kids. It is not that your whole day is spoiled because of rain. There are many things to do on a rainy day which brings out lots of fun. Among them here we have listed 35 things in the following section to help you enjoy those days.

List of 35 things to do on a rainy day

  1. If you want to spend those rainy days with your kids then play treasure hunt. It’s an amazing game that gives you lots of fun. Hide anything and make a map stating the route to find the treasure. It will be so excited to find that hidden thing.
  2.  You can watch movies of your favorite personality which everyone like to do in a rainy day. You can watch them in online also through movie streaming sites.
  3. If you are crazy about photograph then rainy days are perfect to capture lovely images with your professional camera.
  4. Just go for a walk in rain and it’s always fun to get wet in rain. If you don’t like to get wet then take an umbrella with you.things to do on a rainy day
  5. Ask the kids to make outfits from newspaper which brings out their innovative ideas and talent. Give them bunch of newspaper, scissor and tape to make outfit. Finally arrange for a ramp walk of your kids wearing the outfit made by them. It is one of the best things to do on a rainy day with kids.
  6. Choose your favorite beat song and place the torches on back side of screens to give it a disco effect. Then play the music to have your own indoor disco party with friends and family members as dancing is really fun.
  7. You can make your own film by using video cam or smartphone as most of the phones comes with better video quality nowadays. Write your own story and make your family members to act. Watch that movie with popcorn when it is finished.
  8. Just take bubble bath with your own recipe. Add little amount of body soap or liquid soap and then add sugar or honey and one egg white. Make it as a mixture and pour it into bathing tub filled with water to enjoy your bubble bath.rainy day3
  9. Make use of various search engines available in the internet to gather useful information for your project work or something else. You can also learn some science experiment for free.
  10. A rainy day is the best opportunity to play your old board games, cards, etc. It’s joy to play those board games and compete with your friends which can be one of the best things to do on a rainy day.rainy day
  11. You can go for bowling with your girlfriend or friends that give you lots of fun. Challenge your friends to beat you in bowling.
  12. Kids love to paint so you can arrange for a painting competition for them or ask them to paint the plant pots in home.
  13. If you are a writer or interested in writing then you can have fun in rainy days by writing your own book. You can even make your own recipe book in case you are passionate about cooking.
  14. Fill water in balloons and throw it on your friends or family members. This is really fun to play by throwing water balloons.
  15. It’s always fun to spend time in theme parks. In rainy days you can enjoy those kinds of games in indoor theme park. You can have high-tech and classical games over there which differs from usual theme parks.
  16. You can cook some chocolate cookies or prepare your own hot chocolate and enjoy the climate along with them.
  17. This can be the best idea to relax you on rainy days with your family. Go for indoor campaign with kids. They love to make tents and have camp inside your house. You can also have fire camp to make it more fun.
  18. If you are looking for some precious time to spend with your family then cook a perfect meal that includes favorite dishes of your kids and husband.
  19. Staying alone in home and doesn’t know what to do then you can clean your room or home to spend your rainy days.
  20. You can dress up like a rock star and dance for your favorite song and enjoy the moment. You can also sing the song in your own voice to get more fun.
  21. You can have a wonderful time in rainy days by looking into old albums or photographs. You can once again enjoy those special moments by remembering it.
  22. If you didn’t get enough sleep due to work stress then you can make use of this time to enjoy your sleep. Most of the people prefer to do it on a rainy day than other things.
  23. Prepare your partner’s much loved food and arrange for candle light dinner by turning off all the lights. This can be the perfect surprise for your partner.
  24. You can read some story books, interesting magazines to spend your time peacefully.rainy day2
  25. You can chat with your friends through social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc. Also upload your picture, share something with your friends, like and comment for others posts and more to enjoy your time.
  26. Go for a long drive to mountain or coast by playing your favorite song in background and enjoy the trip. It will be amazing to drive in rain along with your partner or girlfriend.
  27. If you can get perfect view from your windows then you can enjoy watching rain falling on leaves and flowers and also birds along with a cup of coffee.
  28. Check out the top sites available in the market like craigslist to sell your products or to know about the various information related to the promotion of products.
  29. If you are interested in making some new things with the paper then you can learn origami during rainy days.
  30. You can record the sound of rain which will be interesting to hear once after you recorded.
  31. You can jump in the standing water in road or in garden which can be joy for kids than adult.
  32. You can have get-together with your friends or tea party with them.
  33. You can have a head massage to relax yourself and can be a better stress buster.
  34. Check out your favorite sports lively in internet through sports streaming sites available for free. You can even watch your favorite sports channel from those websites.
  35. If you are getting bored by sitting inside your home then take your camera and make a small movie of your own.

We hope the above list will be helpful for you to spend your rainy days without getting bored and share your ideas in the following comments section.