The animation series are most popular among the children which were originated in Japan. In Japan there are 40 new animes comes on television every week. These series have interesting story lines and wonderful characters that attracts not even kids but also adult. Attack on Titan is the top selling anime series of 2014 with the sale of 8,342,268 copies. Many awards were given for the anime series to encourage their work like Tokyo Anime Award, Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year, American Anime Awards, etc.

In childhood days and even after grown up we have certain anime series as our all time favorite. We love to watch those series without missing a single scene and some characters of that series will be our beloved one. In this article we made a list of top 16 anime series of all time based on IMDb ratings.

List of top 16 anime series of all time

1 # Death Note

anime series1

The Death Note is a popular anime series in which Yagami Light is the main character who is a high school boy in Japan and he finds the death note which was dropped by a death god. Then light decides to eliminate the criminals from the society by killing them. At that time a new character is entering into the story named “L” who is a crime solver. After that the series goes with the battle of wits between light and L. From the first episode till last we can enjoy the series with lots of twist and unexpected events. It is the best anime series with totally 37 episodes. The Death Note was banned in china as kids used to buy the Death notebooks and write the name of people they hate and wanted to die.

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2 # Baccano

anime series2

There is a group of alchemists in the year 1711 tries out a demon, which gives one of the alchemists a recipe for immortality. In that group an alchemist named Quates killing one after other in the group as he wants to recreate the elixir. The rest of alchemists quickly scatter across the globe. The story is then told from three different years in three different perspectives. You need to watch it from first episode otherwise you will get confused.

3 # Avatar: The Last Airbender

anime series3

There were four nations named Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Air Nomads. There was a group of people with powers called as benders in each nation. The young ruler of Fire Nation began a war of world which became the reason for the emergence of Avatar. He is a young boy who can control all the four elements, with the help of his friends named Katara, a young water bender and her brother Sokka, Avatar fights against the ruler of Fire Nation. The story line goes on how a young boy undertakes the dangerous mystery to fulfill his destiny as Avatar.

4 # Rick and Morty

anime series4

The Rick and Morty is the high rated and best anime series, which was a story about the grandfather and his grandson. Rick is the scientifically gifted old man who is living with his daughter’s family. He has a grandson named Morty who always spends his time with Rick. Rick used to take Morty for adventures to different universes.

5 # Attack on Titan

anime series5

This popular anime series is based on the fight between the humans and the titans. Eren Yeager is the main character of this series who watches his mother was killed by one of the titan. In order to destroy those titans Eren, his sister Mikasa and his friend Armin joins in the military. After five years they were trained as military officers and in the battle Eren was eaten by a titan. Later that titan transforms as Eren and tries to help humans against the titans. This adventures anime series is all time favorite among both adult and the children.

6 # Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

anime series6

Full metal Alchemist is a story about two brothers who are trying to find the philosophers stone. This stone is having the special powers which can restore the broken bodies. Their mother is suffering from an incurable disease and to save her they both make use of the alchemy. They fail in that process and the younger brother heavily get injured than his older brother. They start their searching for that stone to restore their broken bodies.

7 # Dragon Ball Z

anime series7

This series is the continuation of the dragon ball original but it focuses on the Z warriors and the fight with their foes. Goku was dropped in the earth as a baby who belongs to other planet. After many years Goku’s brother named Raditz comes to earth to find out the reason for not destroying the earth which Goku was supposed to do. At that time Gohan, son of Goku killed Raditz, further the story goes on how Goku and other Z warriors accomplish their mission.

8 # Mezon Ikkoku

anime series8

This best anime series of all time has 96 episodes and each episode is 25 minutes long  which was the best romantic anime series of 1980’s. This is the love story of a college student named Godai, who tries to win the love for his apartment building manager Otonashi. She lost her first husband and thus hiding her interest for Godai. The story line follows whether he won his love even after battling.

9 # Monster

anime series9

This popular anime series is all about Dr.Kenzo Tenma who is a young and talented neurosurgeon, lives in Germany. He is engaged to the daughter of the hospital director and after that his bright future changed. A little boy is admitted with a serious head injury, while he is giving treatment to that boy his senior orders him to give treatment for mayor who was brought much later. He decides all life is equal and save boy’s life. Unfortunately this leads to mayor’s death and his downward spiral begins. One day night his superiors along with the hospital director found dead after Tenma is removed from work. He goes into hiding and decided to search that boy to prove his innocence. He started his journey to various countries to find that boy and the story goes on like this.

10 # Mushi shi

anime series10

The Mushi is neither plants nor animals and they are like micro organisms. Only some of the human beings are aware of their existence and appearance. A person named Ginko travels around the world to investigate and find more details about the Mushi. During his travel he helps to some people who face problems with supernatural occurrences which may be related to the Mushi. This is the all time anime series and also the favorite one for kids.

11 # Spirited Away

anime series11

Chihiro and her parents moving to a small town in Japan, on the way to their new home her father made a wrong turn. The road ends in front of a tunnel and Chihiro finds a park on the other side. Her parents see a restaurant with good smelling of food but no staffs. There she meets a boy named Haku and he tells her that they are in danger. While entering into restaurant she finds her parents have turned into pig. Also the theme park turned into a town where she found spirits and evil gods. Chihiro has to save her parents and return to their world.

12 # Grave of the Fireflies

anime series12

This story is about the brother and sister who had struggled for life during World War II. Setsuko and Seita are brother and sister living in the Japan wartime. Their mother was killed in an air raid and they stayed in their relative’s home temporarily. They left the city after having a quarrel with their aunty and they depend on each other. The story goes on like this which can be the all time anime series.

13 # The Legend of Korra

anime series13

This series follows the adventures of Avatar – a passionate teenage girl named Korra fights to keep Republic City safe from the evil forces. The Republic city is a place where benders and non-benders live. With the guidance of the previous Avatar’s son Tenzin, she fights against the evils to protect the city. Like Avatar – The last Airbender it also attracted many kids and adults which made it as a best action anime series.

14 # Bleach

anime series14

Ichigo is a high school kid who is not like an ordinary child as he can be able to see the ghost. His life completely changed when he and his two sisters are attacked by an evil called Hollow. In that time they met the Death God named Rukia who has the responsibility to send the good spirit to the Soul Society. During the fight with Hollow, Rukia is injured and transferred all his power to Ichigo. He has to maintain the balance between world of living and death. The story line made this series as all time best adventurers movie.

15 # Berserk

anime series15

This series is created by Kentaro Miura in the year 1997 and the characters are designed with many attractive features. Gatsu was brought up by mercenary group named “The Band of Hawks”, there he killed his guardian in self defence and ran away. After winning the war against the neighboring Chuda, they became the king’s personal guard and there after fighting for King of Midland. Once they reach the top, things gone worse. This series deals with the kingdom and their soldiers.

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16 # Batman: The Animated Series

anime series16

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This can be the anime series of all time for the people who love adventure and action. The story is based on the unusual experience of the dark knight of Gotham city and the role of Batman in saving the people from evils. The most admiring character in this series is the joker who always give trouble to batman. You will be interested in knowing how Batman saves the city with the help of Robin and Batgirl throughout the episode.

We hope you enjoyed this article and please let us know your favorite anime series. Also share your feedback in the following comments section.