Most of the people prefer to use adjustable dumbbells rather than getting expensive gym equipment which works on specific parts of the body alone. These dumbbells can be a great option for your routine workout in home as it helps in reducing the excess fat in your body and enables you to achieve the perfect shape. Moreover they are affordable than other gym equipments and offers excellent health benefits. In fact it is difficult to pick the one among the hundreds of products to choose from. Thus we have framed the list of top 5 best adjustable dumbbells in the following section that will help you to achieve your fitness goal.

List of 5 best adjustable dumbbells 2015

1 # Bowflex 552 adjustable dumbbells

best adjustable dumbbells1

You can turn your home into gym by getting the Bowflex 552 dumbbells which will meet all your needs for fitness. In this equipment you can adjust the dumbbell from 5 pounds to 52 pounds. It will not occupy much space in your home that can be placed anywhere and easy to fit even in limited space. This can be one of the best adjustment dumbbells that will be flexible and strength training option for your daily workout. You can make a smooth lift off with the provided metal plates and it is suitable for both heavy as well as lighter exercises. You can do more than 30 exercises with this dumbbell and 80 variations in it. You no need to worry about the gym timings and other issues anymore.

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2 # CAP Barbell dumbbell set

best adjustable dumbbell2

If you are looking for equipment for bodybuilding then CAP Barbell can be the great choice as it is featured with rubber trim collars, comfort handle, durable iron plates, ergonomics grips and more in order to deliver better performance. You can make use of it to do your regular workouts in order to achieve the fitness goals. The iron plates are equipped with semi glass finish for the extended durability which made it as the best adjustable dumbbells for the price. You can keep this dumbbell anywhere in your home like kitchen or bedroom as it does not hold much space like other gym equipment. This dumbbell set has rack storage system, 2.5 pound plates, threaded collars, 5 pound handles, 5 pound plates, etc to meet all your needs for exercise. It allows you to work with interchangeable weights that are easy to use as well as stable for your training.

3 # Universal 445 adjustable dumbbell

adjustable dumbbell set3

The Universal adjustable dumbbell is offering 18 individual free weights in a single dumbbell set which is not found in other brands available in the market. You can be able to increase or adjust the weight from 4 pounds to nearly 45 pounds to carry out your daily workouts without any issues. You can get the best adjustable dumbbell for the price from this brands and it also saves the space in your home as it fits in stand. You can easily store the weights in stand which helps to avoid the clumsy. It is featured with rubber handles that enables you to carry out your exercises comfortably and without slip. You can get the workout guide along with the set that will be useful for you to learn different exercises to achieve your fitness needs.

4 # Bowflex 1090 dumbbell

adjustable dumbbell set4

You can get the ultimate strength building workout from Bowflex 1090 which helps to stay fit. The additional weight will create a challenging workout that will enable you to get stronger as well as to build body in a healthy way. It allows you to adjust the weight from 10 pounds to 90 pounds which is comparatively higher than other ones in the list and is mentioned by many people in adjustable dumbbell reviews. It will easily fit in any places so that you can even carry while travelling to carry out your exercise without missing it. This adjustable dumbbell is suitable for heavy leg lifts, basic toning, strength toning and other kinds of exercises which will facilitate you to do 30 exercises likewise. For the smooth and comfortable liftoff you can get mold surrounding metal plates. On the whole you can experience better performance with this dumbbell.

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5 # PowerBlock dumbbell set

best adjustable dumbbell5

The PowerBlock dumbbell set is more compatible than the traditional ones and it delivers excellent performance to meet your fitness goals. You can carry out your routine workout with this strength training equipment and allows you to add 3 pounds increments from 3 to 24 pounds as the highest weight. Just like the weight stack in the gym you can easily change the weights in this dumbbell as mentioned mostly in the adjustable dumbbells review. For the protection of wrist you can have the paddle handle that gives you more safety and comfort while doing workouts. If you want to build muscle or to avoid unwanted fat in your body then this can be the effective as well as great choice for the money you are paying. You can make different kinds of workout using this one to build your body and to meet your fitness goals.

We hope you enjoyed this article and let us know your preferred adjustable dumbbells from the list. Please also share your valuable thoughts in the following comments section.