If you want to make your kids stay in bed, then you can get the best alarm clocks for kids. These products are specially designed to induce a dose of sleepiness in your little ones during nighttime.

Most kids want to seize every moment of their new, exciting lives. As a result, they wake up early which means the end of the few hours of good sleep of their parents. However, these alarm clocks help you to stretch your toddlers’ sleep for hours. The little ones cannot read the clock yet.

On the other hand, they can understand the pictures of running bunny, sleeping bunny, sun, stars, which can be calming for their exuberant characters. Here we have listed the 6 best alarm clocks for kids. Hopefully, this selection will guide you in choosing the best fit for your family.

Top 6 Best Alarm Clocks for Kids

1# Kid’sleep Alarm Clock

kids alarm clock1

The Kid’sleep Alarm Clock is a great toddler device that makes your kid stay in bed till until the preset morning hour is there. It is a simple product that will make your life as a parent easier. Your little ones can easily understand the cute pictures with soothing led lights and enter a state of calmness in an instant.

This alarm clock has both bunny and lamb images. The animals in the picture sleep until the alarm is set. Afterwards, the bunny will start running eagerly to make the most of the new day. At the sight of the hyperactive bunny, they will follow suit as well for an easy morning for their parents.

The main attraction of this product is that it won’t generate any sounds, be it night or day. Therefore, if your kid continues his sleep after the alarm time, no music or bell will disturb their peaceful state.

The only issue which users may face is that it is not easy to set the time. It requires some guidance to make it work. Other than that, it can be considered the best toddler clock.

2# Mirari OK Alarm Clock

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The Mirari OK Alarm Clock is similar to Kid’sleep in functionality. The difference is that it comes along with night light timers. This feature changes the color according to the time of night and day. This will help your kid to stay in bed for longer time.

The product works well, and it is easy for parents to use it. However, its pictures are not going to change. Instead, the colorful light will go green when the alarm is on.

The main advantage of this clock is there is no need to change the morning alarm time often. That’s because it is has a multitude of settings for different naps. It is available in different colors, and the price is around $25.19. The clock also has a version for adult children. This will teach them the habit of waking up in time. It is one of the best alarm clocks for kids in the market.

3# My Tot Clock

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The My Tot Clock will help you to teach your kids when they have to go to bed and when they have to wake up. If the clock face turns blue, then it’s time for sleep. However, once it turns yellow, then it’s wakey-wakey time.

Kids of any age can understand the colorful instructions without any difficulties. It is available in stars and rainbow designs which children usually like for their whimsical look. It also plays wake music, ocean sound, lullabies, and bedtime story melodies that will make him to sleep or wake up in a jiffy.

Another useful feature of this alarm clock is that you can activate the green light to teach kids routines for different activities. These can be potty training or tidying their room.You have to follow the user guide to learn how to set this activity manager. On the whole, My Tot Clock is one of the best alarm clocks for kids.

4# Teach Me Time Alarm Clock

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The Teach Me Time Alarm Clock is a talking device. Its specialty is to teach your kids how to tell time. It is also a nightlight which changes the color from yellow to green when the alarm time is near.

It can be used as either alarm clock or a game which is fun to teach your kids concepts about time. The alarm clock comes in three different changing colors which are pink, yellow, and blue. It also has power adapter and battery backup so that you can expect durability.

Teach me Time Alarm Clock can display time as numeric or analog clock, and your kids won’t figure out how to change the settings of the clock. The frame is white so that the changing light appears brighter. For $46.97, you can have a device that teaches your kids to tell time and healthy sleeping habits as well.

5# Gro Clock Sleep Trainer

kids alarm clock5

The Gro Clock is costlier than other ones in the list. However, it is worth every dollar. This product has glowing light like any other usual toddler alarm clocks. The color changes to indicate the time.

Your kids will learn to tell the time by looking at the design on the display of the clock. They will get to understand when the bedtime comes by seeing that the clock is full of stars. When it is time for them to wake up, the clock will summon a happy sun to start the day full of energy and positivism.

Even if they wake up in the middle of the night, they will see the stars are still glowing. This way, they will get back to sleep without disturbing the rest of the house.

Parents consider this product as one of the best alarm clocks for kids as they get extra hours of sleep as well. It is also easy to set up just by taking a look at the user guide.

6# Lego Kid’s Batman Alarm Clock

kids alarm clock6

The Lego Kid’s Batman Alarm Clock comes with digital LCD display which enables the kids to learn time easily. It comes along with snoozing settings so that you can set the time when you want them to get off from the bed.

Batman is one of the favorite superheroes for all kids. As a result, they will be happy to get up in the morning and have a beloved fictional character as the first thing they see. For $29.97, parents can cheer up their little ones from the first hour of the day.

Final Word

That’s it about the best alarm clock for kids out there. We hope you find this article useful and you made up your mind about what product to introduce in your shopping list. Please let us know your thoughts in the following comments section. Also, share this article with your friends.