The call recorder is a useful application if you want to record the phone calls for business or personal use. Some of the android phones have build in recording option when you make or receive a call. If not there are many options available in the play store. All that you’ve to do is install the call recorder app in your android phone and it will automatically record the conversations and save them. If you want to record specific calls then you can make changes in your settings.

The important thing you need to consider is that you have to install one call recorder app in your phone to make it work properly. The performance of the app is highly dependent on the software version and the device you own. In this article we have collected a list of best call recorder for android which are described in the following section.

 List of 6 top call recording app for android

1 # Call Recorder ACR

best call recorder for android

This is the highest rated call recorder in the Google play store. It comes with plenty of features like auto deleting old recordings, auto or manual call recording, multi select, group recordings by date and more. You can make use of the mark recordings as important option in this best call recorder app so that it will not get auto deleted.

If you want to protect some specific files then you can set passwords for those files. It also supports cloud services which will let you to save your recorded calls to cloud storages like Google drive or Dropbox. You can choose from various recording formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, etc. On the whole it is one of the best call recorders for android.

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2 # Automatic Call Recorder

android call recording app

As the name implies this app automatically records the incoming as well as outgoing calls when the app is installed. If you want to ignore the call recording for a specific contact obviously you can do that by using the “specify” option in the settings. This android call recording app even allows you to select the format in which the recorded file has to be saved in your phone.

You can save your recorded calls in your Dropbox account if there is not enough memory in the handset. The main issue that users face is that it does not record the call fully if the Bluetooth is being used otherwise it is the best call recorder app for the android phones.

3 # Digital Call Recorder

call recording app for android

The digital recorder works perfectly on most of the android phones. It records the calls automatically and has many attractive features like background recording with notification, battery efficiency, activate recording from widget or on screen, delete and share multiple recordings, etc. It is available for 30 days trial version which will enable you to decide whether it is compatible with your device or not.

You can record on various formats like mp3, mp4, wav, 3gp, etc. you can also filter the incoming or outgoing calls with this best call recorder for android. The Bluetooth recording might not be available for some devices which have to be considered before installing the Digital Call Recorder application.

4 # Record My Call

call recorder

The Record My Call (RMC) is a flawless application for smartphone which you can get for free from the Google play store. It is simple without many bells and whistles. This android call recording app offers Dropbox Sync, manual record, filter contacts, advance rename, etc. for the users. To get the clear voice and quality recordings you need to make use of loud speaker during the conversation.

If you are using Galaxy phone then you have to change the audio source from the mic to phone line to ensure the better performance. All the conversations are recorded in the memory card.

5 # Galaxy Call Recorder

android call recorder

If you are using the Galaxy series then it will be a suitable application to save your voice conversations. Likewise other android voice recorder this free android call recording app also records two way conversations. This app uses microphone to capture the voice so that you need to turn on the loudspeaker while talking. Like other call recorder apps the Galaxy Call Recorder allows you to save the recorded files to SD card and send to cloud services. It comes with dual recording options i.e. automatic and manual modes. If you want to mark some important notes on any recorded files then you can do that with this best call recorder for android.

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6 # Smart Auto 

call recording app for android6

The smart auto call recorder is available for free in play store which will meet all the needs of a call recorder application. This great app starts automatically and records the conversation of both sides unlike others which only records the person you are speaking to. You can make changes in the settings to initiate the automatic record option that will enable you to record each and every outgoing as well as incoming call. It also let you to change the file format of the recorded file as you require so that you can save in the format that your android phone is compatible with. The only issue you face with this app can be the missing of voice while Bluetooth is working otherwise can be a perfect choice for recording calls.

There are many call recording apps available for android phones, among them we have selected some best call recorder for android based on its pros and cons. Let us know your favorite call recording app for android from the above list and also share your thoughts about this article in the following comments section.