Every one of us moves in our life by following the time in order to achieve what we want to. There is definitely a clock in front screen of our phone. The widgets are helpful in fixing the screen as how we like to. There are many clock widgets available to make your precious time valuable. In this article we have framed the list of top 5 best clock widgets for android which enable you to make your choice.

List of 5 best clock widgets for android

5 # Beautiful Clock Widget

android clock widget1

This Beautiful Clock Widget has 7 types of clock format among which you can choose your favorite one. Weather and battery options are provided by this app which enables you to know about the climate conditions of any place without visiting them. You can get this one for free from the Google Play Store. It allows you to change the date format, text color, hand color and background, etc. It offers 45 themes and auto update time, date and weather which require network access for the updating process.

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4 # Me Clock Widget

android clock widget2

The Me clock widget app is compatible with all android devices. It has both analog and digital widget. You can choose variety of clock skin which is available and the main note is you cannot create shortcut for this widget. You can resize, remove and change the widget. You can keep your desired display and date format. Your home screen will look in the way which you wish to. The installation of this app is easy and simple to use. The battery consumption is low in it. There is 24 hour support as well as date support. The main feature is lock screen widget which made this as the best android clock widget.

3 # Retro Clock Widget

android clock widget3

The Retro has changed date shortcut and it is advisable to add this app to the ignore list if you are using Task Manager because it time will stop updating in it. This is one of the top rated clock widget available for android and its simplicity made it famous. The widgets act as shortcuts for the alarm and other applications in the calendar. When you need to make customize changes like font, background, color, etc can do it using the retro Clock Settings Companion. You can install it to older as well as new versions of android by making a tap and hold on home screen.

2 # ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget

android clock widget4

The ClockQ comes in the list of android clock widget as second because of the variety of customization options and features available. You can choose any one of the font from the 26 options available in the widget. You can get custom colors, transparency options, layout editor, scale option, shadow effect and more on. It provides you the battery level information which will be helpful for you to recharge it before it get switched off. You can keep 12/24 hour option and lock screen support is there. You can add it to your phone by long tapping on the home screen. It is easy to use, simple and good looking which can be downloaded for free from the Google play store. All these features made this app as one of the best clock widgets for android.

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1 # DIGI Clock Widget

android clock widget5

The Digi clock is one of the top rated clock widget which consists of five highly customizable digital time and date widgets. You can get this for any version of android and it works without any issues. While setting up the gadget you can see the preview so that can make any changes in that. You can select your preferred color for the date and time which allows you to set the date output in your language. You can have shadow effects, outlines, date formats, selection of hours. Alarm option is available where you can feed up the appointments and set the time to be intimated. Picture can be used as widget background and the important thing you have to consider before using this application is you should not move it to the SD card as it will not work in it. Touch and hold on the home screen, menu will appear from that you can choose the Digi Clock Widget to install it.

We hope you find this useful in selecting the appropriate clock widget for your android and let us know your feedback in the following comments section. Also don’t forget to share it with your friends.