The convertible car seat can be the great choice for parents to safe their child while travelling and can be easily detachable for carrying. If you are looking for the best seat for your child then it is difficult to choose. Because many brands are offering convertible seats which can fulfill the basic requirements but there are only few that can satisfy beyond the fundamental factors like comfort, price, installation, adjustment, tether, safety and more. The design and weight limits may differ from one brand to another. Thus to help you here we have listed the 7 best convertible car seats after considering all the above features.

List of 7 best convertible car seat  

7# Recaro young expert convertible car seat  

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The Recaro young expert is the best convertible car seat from the company named Recaro which is a leading automobile and racecar seat manufacturer around the world. It has assembling unit in United States that produce luxury and safety convertible seat for your child. They have designed the product to comfort babies while travelling and also to protect their vulnerable places such as neck, head, torso, pelvis and face. This brand has introduced their first car seat for child in the year 1998 which is offering high quality seats to their customer after that.

It can be used as both front and rear facing seat that can hold weight nearly 40 pounds in rear facing whereas 65 pounds in front facing. It is equipped with latch and safety stripe system that is designed to alert parents in case of twisting or any hazard.  It is made of mesh fabric which gives comfort for your child and this convertible seat from Recaro has met all the safety standards of federal motor vehicle.

6 # Diono Radian RXT convertible seat

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The Diono is one of the safest convertible seats which can be used as both forward and rear facing seat. It has the capacity to carry up to 80 pounds which can give a comfortable travelling for your kid. It can be extended so that you can use it for many years even if your baby grows up. It has harness system for the additional safety that can facilitate the movement of child. It is made of memory foam and body support cushions that can make your kid to feel comfy. It is equipped with steel frame and booster seat which made it as the best convertible car seat in the market.

You can easily fold it to accompany while travelling and has carry straps so that you can carry it on your shoulder like a bag. The life expectancy of this seat can be 10 years which can perfectly fit in all cars. This can be the better choice to take your young one anywhere safely while travelling. It has undergone several crash test and accident conditions to meet the safety standards of the industry.

5 # Graco my ride convertible car seat   

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The Graco my ride seat is equipped with energy absorbing foam which can comfort your baby while travelling and is flexible to move against baby’s movement. You can easily clean it using mild soap and water whereas its cover can be washed in machine, so that you need not to spend much time in cleaning this seat. It is tested for its structural integrity under both temperatures to meet out all the needs of safety standards. You can adjust the seat and expand it when your child grown up as it has five point adjustable harnesses.

You can keep your growing child safe while travelling with this innovative convertible car seat. It can hold a minimum weight of 5 pounds and maximum of 65 pounds which can give better comfort and safety for the kids. It has cup holders so that you can keep the drinks within their reach. This brand has achieved many great reviews from customer and this can fit all your needs of a convertible car seat.

4 # Britax Marathon G4 child car seat

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The Britax is featured with HUGS that is harness guard system which can result in forward movement during any crash. It has side walls with energy absorbing foam that can make your kid feel comfortable while travelling and ensures safety against baby’s movement. It has the ability to protect the head and neck part of the kid as these are the vulnerable parts of them. Like other seats this also has five point harness, safety stripe system and more. It also has latch connectors for easy installation in your car and that can be released soon with button option.

The main reason why people prefer Britax is for safecell technology. This is the main factor to be considered when it comes for convertible seats because this technology will lowers the centre of gravity of the seat in a crash thus your child will not get injured. This can be the best child car seat for your child that is built with steel bars to avoid forward flexing.

3 # Safety 1st Alpha Elite convertible car seat

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The Alpha Elite is one of the brands of Dorel industries which were a Canadian company that produce home furnishings and recreational products. It was founded in the year 1962 as a result of merger that has 4700 employees and selling their products around 70 countries in the world. Safety 1st is one of the popular brands that produce best convertible car seat for their customer. Like other seat manufacturers it is also offering both forward and rear facing child car seat.

It is designed to hold a minimum weight of 5 pounds to maximum of 35 pounds in case of rear facing whereas for forward facing it can hold up to 50 pounds. You can easily adjust the harness height using harness system. It also has energy absorbing feature and equipped with high quality foam to provide additional safety to head. You can extend it according to the weight of baby which can be the attractive factor.

2 # Evenflo Tribute LX child car seat

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The Evenflo makes use of polyester material to manufacture this seat and undergone all safety standards of the industry. This convertible seat is tested for its structural integrity and crash test. Evenflo is one of the leading manufacturers of infant and toddler car seats. It also produces other baby care products and the company was founded in the year 1920. This seat brand has gained much positive car seat reviews from their customer.

It is designed to carry a minimum weight of 5 pounds and maximum of 40 pounds. It comes with adjustable head support that provides additional safety to your baby’s head. It is flexible according to the movements of your kid which can comfort them in any position. The removable head pillow can be taken off from the seat if your baby has grown up. On the whole it is one among the best child car seats for your kids.

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1 # Graco Nautilus convertible car seat

Graco Nautilus is the multi mode seat that has the capacity to hold weights from 20 to 100 pounds so that you can make use of it for your kid even after they grown up. It has extendable harness which facilitates the usage of seat according to baby’s weight. You can also easily wash it in machine as the foams are made of high quality material. For the durability of seat it is equipped with steel frame that can fit strongly in your car seat so that will not move forward at the time of crash.

It is one of the brands of an American company named Graco which was founded in the year 1942. This company is the leading manufacturer of baby products among them car seats are the most popular one. It is 20 inches in height which can be adjusted to three different positions to comfort your kid and tested for energy absorbing. It involves easy installation as it has open loop belt than can help you to fit perfectly with your car seat belt.

That’s all about the best convertible car seat and we hope you enjoyed this article. Please let us know your favorite seat in the list and also your feedback in the following comments section.