There are varieties of application available for android in the play store especially for flashlights. Finding out the best application for your phone is not an easy task as you need to think off various features like LED light, automatic time exists, backlight, compatibility and more. If you are looking for the finest flashlight app for your android phone then you are at the right place. In this article we have listed the top 10 best flashlight apps for android in the following section.

List of top 10 Best Flashlight applications for android

1 # Tiny Flashlight + LED

flashlight app1

The round shaped power button inside the application is the LED light and you can activate the available features by tapping the round button on the right corner of the screen. You can change the color of light and the level of brightness as needed. You can change any text to Morse code by using the Text to Morse code feature and send via LED flash. There is no specific version needed for this app. It has Police Light feature and consume low battery. You can get this free android flashlight app from Google Play store.

2 # Brightest Flashlight

flashlight app2

This app provides you the maximum of screen brightness, keyboard backlight, soft keys backlight and notification LED. It has automatic timer exits application which closes the app in 2 minutes. It supports most of the leading android brands. You can experience a better lighting effect in this best flashlight app for android.

3 # Flashlight HD LED

flashlight app3

This is the best android flashlight app that provides you various options to make you comfortable. It looks simple and well designed. You can get the flashlight instantly by a single touch. Integrated flashlight is used in this app so it is possible to provide most powerful and brightest light for the users. For quick access you can add it to the widget and it is compatible with most of the phones where other application does not work. It gives indication about the level of battery.

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4 # Droid light LED Flashlight

flashlight app4

When you open this application you will see a bulb on the screen touch it once to on the LED flashlight and touch again to turn off it. You can get this one in Google Play store. The developer claims it works on Motorola but it works well in other devices also. This is easy to use, small in size, good looking and user interface. This app will not ask permission to update it frequently which can be a great choice for the people who are looking for an useful android application.

5 # Color Flashlight

flashlight app5

This amazing android flashlight app supports with any of the current versions. You can make use of the camera LED as torch. This offers you to change color of the light where you can bring up room settings like party or disco. With this one your phone turns into flashlight, disco light, candle light, police light and led banner. You can adjust the screen brightness by a single touch. You can turn your phone into a versatile flashlight with the help of variety of colorful lights offered by this app. By a tap on the menu button and choosing color, effect and brightness option you can make fun of flashlight effects.

6 # Super Bright LED Flashlight

flashlight app6

Super Bright is useful app that instantly changes the device into flashlight. The blinking mode is supported where you can seek help in case of emergency by using the light as code. You need to swipe the round button left or right to turn on or off the strobe light. This best flashlight app for android is comfortable to use. You can enjoy the stunning effects offered by this app which could not be achieved by most of the other flashlight apps in the market.

7 # Amazing Flashlight

flashlight app7

This cool and greatest app allows you to manage all the features in a single screen. You can add this to your widget by a single tap on the home screen. It has Emergency / Warning strobe lights which may enable you to contact police, ambulance, fire service, etc. It is stylish, well – designed and easy to use. The additional features may include battery level, brightest mode and light house mode which made this one as great free android flashlight app.

8 # Disco Light

flashlight app8

You are planning to arrange a big disco party for your friends at home. And you are in need of many dazzling light effects without spending much time and expense for arrangements. You can easily do all these things with the help of disco flashlight. Six kinds of lights are available where you can make your own coolest disco. This makes you as the centre of attraction among your group. The timing and brightness of the light is being adjustable based on the sound and position of the phone.

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9 # Free Color Flashlight

flashlight app9

This is one of the most installed and best flashlight apps for android phone in the market. You can get it for free from the Google play store. This provides you many handy features and which can be a great companion when you are in need of flashlight to communicate in code language at any emergency situation. The battery consumption and memory space is less when compared to other one. You can also get wide ranges of colors to choose from to have fun in the party.

10 # Tesla LED Flashlight

flashlight app10

This is compatible with all the modern devices and you can get it on home screen of your device use by adding it on the widget. This is extremely compatible all the version and has many attractive options such as light effects, brightness, color, sound, etc. This best android flashlight app is easy to use and enables you to communicate with the code language offered.

That’s all about the best flashlight app for android and we hope you enjoyed this article. Please share your feedback in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.