When we talk about game it act as a stress buster and makes you feel relaxed and active. It is not that only kids have to play games. There is no age limit at all if once you started playing game it will not let you go with one level. If you completed one level you will be interested to go to next level and get highest score in that. You will not even know how long you are playing it. There are many new games coming out daily which are innovative and much better than the previous one.

Playing games in your pc is not a difficult task. What you need to have is the recording software that supports you to play. There are many best free game recording software available in the market that let you to get the game and enables you to make your desired editing. In this article we have listed some of the game recording software based on the pros and cons of each one.

List of 6 Best free game recording software

1 # Open Broadcaster Software

best free game recording software

This is the best and open source for video game recording. It allows you to record as well as to stream both 2D and 3D games. It has multiple stream outputs and scene previewing feature. It supports in windows and absolutely available for free. You can create your own plugin and have control over the streaming. It has GPU based game capture to ensure the highest performance. For recording go the settings and then broadcast settings-file output only and then give specific name and place to save the game.

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2 # Bandicam

video game recording software

The Bandicam screen recorder makes the recording process easy and simple. It is suitable for PC or a program that uses DirectX/OpenGL graphic technology. It delivers a better quality of video and the file size is smaller as it compresses the video so that you need not to worry about the memory. This best video game recording software facilitates you to upload the recorded video to YouTube without any conversion. You can make use of the Auto Complete Recording function to record at any time which can be 24 hours as the recording function will get complete automatically. It supports most of the windows app and online games.

3 # Ezvid

This software fulfills all your needs for creating and editing of gameplay screencasts. This is specially designed for PC with windows. This is easy to use and not involves complicated process. It is quick and you can upload the gameplay videos to YouTube straightly. You can edit the videos, add text and effects, apply some music using this Ezvid software. To accomplish all these activities you need to drag and drop the video into the timeline of Ezvid. This is the best videogame recording software for pc which is suitable for creating incredibly sharp and high resolution videos.

4 # Loilo

best game recording software

Loilo is the famous and free recording software for games. This supports to JPEG file format which makes balance between the file size and the image quality. You can get better and super resolution through this. It shows the least performance loss when compared to the other competitive software. In order to record, choose the game and select record option there is no shuffling options involved. It is easy to record and stream using this. You can record all your favorite games for free without any limitations. You can achieve the least performance loss in this software which could not be offered by most of the other ones available in the market.

5 # Fraps

Fraps is the worldwide using and one of the best free game recording software. It ensures for high quality game and extremely simple to use. It has the great interface so that it is easy to understand. You can make the recording possible by two ways such as screenshot and videos. Fraps offers many tools to accomplish this task. Recording of games from online is easier and fast when compared to the other software. You can edit and create sound with your own voice to make the uploading and the quality of streaming is also much appreciated. You can make unlimited screenshots with the press of a key and there is no need to paste the captured item into paint for new shot as it automatically saves them with title.

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6 # Cam studio

video recording software2

This is the best video game recording software when you go for 2D. This works great in all system without any error. You can record all kinds of audio and video files in order to make some changes as you want. You can get crystal clear result without enlarging the size of the file. It offers you to increase and reduce the quality of the recording based on your needs. With the help of custom cursors option you can be able to record the whole screen or just a section of it.

You can enjoy unlimited number of games in your pc using these best free game recording software. Please leave your feedback about this article in the comments section below and also share it with your friends.