A garbage disposal is helpful in kitchen to deal with the detrimental food waste and reduces the spread of food scraps in the landfills. There are many types of garbage disposals like batch feed, continuous feed, septic tank, dishwasher garbage disposal, etc and it is difficult to choose the best one between them. Moreover before buying the disposal you have to consider many factors such as size, power, grinder, feed, price, functions, features and more. If you are puzzled in finding the finest disposal among the different brands available in the market then you are at right place. Here we have listed the top 6 best garbage disposals 2015 in the following section along with its review.

List of 6 best garbage disposals 2015

1 # Waste king L8000 garbage disposal

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The waste king L8000 is one of the best garbage disposals in the market today which is equipped with high speed 2800 rpm horsepower motor. You can add waste to this continuous garbage disposal when the unit is running. It is featured with stainless steel swivel impellers in order to reduce the jamming while running continuously. The fast and easy mount system enables you to have no hassle installation that can be great for septic tanks also. You can easily remove the splash guard for cleaning and the stainless steel grinding components will reduce the noise that comes while grinding which is not achieved by most of the other brands available in the market.

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2 # InSinkErator compact garbage disposer

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The InSinkErator compact disposer is perfect for the household that delivers effective performance in a compact size. This advanced food waste disposer makes use of cutting edge grind technology to finely grind the waste in your kitchen. This can be the great choice for people who have restricted cabinet space in their kitchen as it fits in limited space. The food waste can be transported to the landfills to produce renewable energy. You can be able to grind any type of waste like chicken, bones and other hard food items. You will not find any noise when the disposer is running as it is packed with anti vibration tailpipe and anti-vibration sink mount to avoid the sound transmission. This best garbage disposer has the multi-grind technology that will help you to grind the food waste without any jams and clogs.

3 # Waste king L2600 garbage disposal

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This is another garbage disposal from waste king that enables you to grind any type of food waste without jamming. The L2600 disposer is vortex permanent magnet motor for efficient performance and is featured with space saving compact design that fits anywhere in your kitchen so that you can also carry it to anywhere you want even for picnic or any parties. In this continuous feed disposer you can add waste while running without any issues and will not get struck in between. In order to make simple operations you can make use of the front mounted reset button in this household gadget. The grinding chamber is made of glass filled nylon so that there is no chance of corrosion which is highly noticed in the garbage disposal reviews.

4 # KitchenAid garbage disposal

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The KitchenAid food waste disposer can be the powerful solution to everyday disposing challenges. It has the capacity to grind 40 ounces of food waste and is equipped with the efficient grinding motor which will perform faster than the other brands available in the market. This continuous feed disposer works quietly and will not let you face any kind of difficulties in installation as well as in functioning. The grinding can be done faster with the multi-grind technology and the stainless steel shredder ring as well as grinding ring promotes the life expectancy of this disposal. The automatic reversing option helps to avoid the overloading which made it as the best garbage disposal for the price.

5 # InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential

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The Pro Essential can be the great choice when replacing an existing unit as it is the best solution for wide variety of kitchen. This powerful multi-grind food waste disposer can grind chicken bones, coffee grounds and many other solid items easily. And moreover the waste will be directly liquefied to the septic tank or sewage system. This amazing household gadget is proficient with wastewater treatment plants which help to convert the food waste in to biosolids to use as a fertilizer. It is also capable of capturing the methane gas and reprocesses it as energy source. The sound seal makes it quieter than other standard disposers which are mostly revealed in the garbage disposal reviews. This is one of the great food waste disposers than other brands available in the market.

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6 # General electric GFC320V food waste disposer

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This General electric disposer is equipped with powerful horsepower permanent magnet motor that helps to grind the waste faster. It will reduce the food waste into small particles that is safe for any sized septic tank. The advanced insulation package ensures the super quiet operation and helps to maintain your busy kitchen clean. The manual reset overload protector enables you to fix the grinding limit and also to protect the damages that occur due to overload. This can be the finest choice to replace your faulty disposer which works better for the affordable price. The compatible design will not hold much space so that you can keep it under the sink.

We hope you find the above list useful in choosing the right garbage disposal to meet your needs. Let us know your feedback in the following comments section and also share this article with your friends.