After water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. Recent estimates show that around 80 percent of American homes have one or more boxes of tea. A whopping 158 million Americans drink at least one cup of tea every single day. That translates to an amazing 84 billion servings of tea per year, which further translates to roughly 3.8 billion gallons. One question that naturally arises in people’s minds when they hear these stats is: “what are the favorite tea brands among most tea lovers?”

a white small cup of tea on a tbale

In this article, we’ll go through the top ten tea brands in terms of sales. All of these tea brands have satisfied millions of customers around the world. So, if you’re just getting into tea drinking, you owe it to yourself to learn a bit more about the tea brands on this list.

The Best Tea Brands to Consider Drinking

1. Lipton

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Leave it to the British to have some of the most successful tea brands in the world! We begin our list with the United Kingdom’s number one tea manufacturer: Lipton. Founded in 1890, the legendary Lipton brand continues to dominate the global tea market. Besides the company’s signature black tea, Lipton now offers very popular bottled iced teas and even k-cups.

Believe it or not, Lipton has some of the hottest k-cup products on the market. Some of Lipton’s products even give Starbucks a good run for its money. Unilever and PepsiCo now own stakes in Lipton.

2. Tetley

a bag of tea in a transparent glass of water

The British tea company Tetley is second only to Unilever (aka Lipton) regarding tea manufacturing and sales. Founded back in 1837, Tetley sells well over 60 tea varieties to hundreds of countries. In addition to its original headquarters in the U.K., Tetley also has a factory in Canada.

Some popular new tea brands from Tetley include the company’s immunity boosting super teas and a delightful black-green tea combo. The Indian company Tata Global Beverages currently owns Tetley.

3. Twinings

several packages of Twinings tea

Twinings was founded way back in 1706 and is currently owned by Associated British Foods. There’s a ton of history behind the Twinings brand. Indeed, Twinings’ logo is the oldest of all tea brands. The company was named after Thomas Twining who opened London’s first official tearoom at No. 216 Strand, London.

Tea enthusiasts still visit this legendary tearoom that is still operational today. Besides the original pure black tea, Twinings now offers a wide variety of beverages including green tea, chai, oolong, and herbal teas.

4. Celestial Seasonings

a package of Celestial Seasoning tea

You’ve probably seen a few of Celestial Seasonings’ tea boxes in your supermarket during flu season. Headquartered in Colorado, Celestial Seasonings prides itself in its high-quality herbal blends designed to soothe sore throats and clear the sinuses. Celestial Seasonings is one of the few tea brands that makes $100,000,000 consistently each year. Besides herbal teas, Celestial Seasonings also offers green tea, black tea, and chai blends.

5. The Republic of Tea

Jasmine flowers in a small pot of tea

Two wine experts developed the Republic of Tea in 1992. Located in Novato, California, the Republic of Tea only uses organic products in its wide variety of tea blends. Customers absolutely love the various fruity herbal concoctions that come out of the Republic of Tea’s plant each year. A few popular blends include The People’s Green, Wild Berry Plum, and Açai Green Tea. The Republic of Tea’s blends all come in distinctive cylindrical containers.

6. Tazo

a Tazo tea package in a gift basket

Anyone who enjoys Starbucks coffee must know about the Tazo brand of tea already. Steven Smith founded the herbal tea company in Portland, Oregon, back in 1994. However, it wasn’t until 1999 that Tazo reached a truly global status. That’s the year Starbucks decided to purchase the company and started selling Tazo’s herbal teas in its stores.

Despite Tazo’s slightly higher price range, tea aficionados love this brand’s dedication to quality. Some of Tazo’s most famous tea brands include Zen Green Tea, Awake English Breakfast, and Refresh Mint.

7. Dilmah

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Dilmah is one of the most environmentally conscious tea companies in the world. This Sri Lankan company started the business in the 1970s and has quickly become an international success story. People just love the richness of Dilmah’s authentic Ceylon teas. All of Dilmah’s tea fields are 100 percent free from carbon emissions. Dilmah is perhaps best known for its pure white tea, but it also has a wide range of herbal, green, and black teas for sale.

8. Bigelow

a cup of tea made of paper and cardboard

Headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut, Bigelow is one of the most affordable of all the tea brands on this list. But don’t think this old tea company skimps on the quality of its products. Bigelow offers some of the highest quality American teas for the price.

A few popular Bigelow brands include green tea, Earl Gray, and Lemon Lift. Although this company is headquartered in Connecticut, Bigelow has its very own plantation in South Carolina. Bigelow brings in around $90 million each year.

9. Yorkshire Tea

a small red teapot branded with the Yorkshire tea logo

Yet another popular British brand of tea is called Yorkshire Tea. Located in Harrogate, Yorkshire Tea dates back to 1886. The company is well known for its rich black tea. A few other popular items offered by this company include special teas for hard water, the Yorkshire “Gold” blend, and the Yorkshire “Bedtime Brew.”

All of Yorkshire Tea’s tea leaves come from countries like Sri Lanka, Kenya, or India. Despite Yorkshire Tea’s huge popularity, it is still family owned and operated.

10. Harney & Sons

two small transparent cups of tea

Harney & Sons is one of the best-selling luxury tea brands around the world. This Connecticut-based tea manufacturer is well known for its ultra-chic tea boxes and dedication to detail. If you’ve ever stayed in a fancy hotel like the Four Seasons, then you’ve probably seen a box of Harney & Sons lying around. Harney & Sons is consistently awarded for its high-quality tea blends and gorgeous packaging.

A few different tea blends offered by this company include matcha, fruit teas, black tea, rooibos. If you’re in the market for a high-end tea, definitely give Harney & Sons a shot.

Summing It Up

No matter which tea brands you enjoy, it’s a good idea to add a cup of tea to your daily routine. Numerous studies show the amazing benefits of tea. Did you know that a cup of tea could significantly reduce your risk for stroke, provide robust immune system support, and help with bone strength?

It’s true! Any of the tea brands above will have at least one blend that you’ll absolutely fall in love with. So, go ahead! Boil up some water and take a long tea break. You deserve it.

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