The Hookah pen is just like E-Cigarettes with the difference that it is a better version than this. As most of us are aware of the side effects that arise out of smoking, Hookah pen offers a healthier alternative which makes it so appealing. It is the electronic flavored vaporizer that does not produce smoke but gives the feeling of cigarette. Therefore, the best Hookah pen brands make sure they keep their clients safe while indulging them in a familiar sensation that stands at the edge of legality.

You may have doubts whether it is safe or not. For sure, the product contains some chemicals.On the other hand, when compared to the cigarette, there is no tobacco in it. Therefore, there will not be many harmful effects. The Hookah pens are available with and without nicotine as per customers’ wish. On top of that, you can get a variety of flavors in it.

The pen is made up of mainly three parts namely Cartridge that holds the flavored liquid, refillable battery, and LED light. Here we framed a list of best Hookah pen brands to help you pick your best fit.

List of 6 Best Hookah Pen Brands

1# Square XL – Disposable Vape Pen

square xl disposable vape pen

The Square XL disposable pen can throw you in the middle of great sensations right from the first puff. The design of the pen attracts you, and it is available in various colors. It offers a wide range of flavors without nicotine for their customer. Each flavor is awesome and will not hurt your throat. You can get an insane amount of 1,000 puffs from the Hookah which a normal cigarette does not give. As a result, this is one of the best Hookah pen brands on the market.

Thanks to the LED light, you can feel like using the original cigarette without getting much health issues. For only $9.99, this can be one of the best hookah pen brands that offers products for low budgets.

2# Starbuzz E-Hose

The Starbuzz Hookah pen is one of the leading companies that produce Hookah pens. They started the business with the idea of making the e-hookah which can deliver the smoking effect of real hookah. They have made great efforts in bringing out the real smoking feel. The biggest challenge they have faced is the outlook of the product and the vapor.

You can receive a maximum number of puffs with this E-house. The vapor produces enormous amount of smoking effect. You can use two different flavors of vapor in a single cartridge. The design of the Hookah is different from the other brands which made it as effective Hookah pen brand. Many flavors and colors are available in the market, and the Starbuzz is really the king of the Hookahs. You can make it your own for $139.99.

3# Fantasia E-Hookah

fantasia second edition diamond e hookan pens

The Fantasia is one of the best Hookah pen brands for its variety of flavors which is unique in the Hookah world. The famous production of this brand is the Fantasia Diamond E Hookahs. This line received great appraisal in the market and was a huge hit. The main feature of this Hookah is the size that is handy and which requires zero setup, no coals. You can get up to 800 puffs which are not offered by the other one.

You can change the battery of the Hookah and use it for longer period of time. It is quite suitable for the person who wants to use more amounts of puffs per day and who likes smoking. The flavors offered by this brand attract most of the Hookah users. This makes the company to be a leading brand in the market. You can have one Fantasia pen for $12.99.

4# Tsunami E-Hookah

tsunami ehookah disposable pen

This is one of the best Hookah pen brands in the market. You can get various flavors like mint, cherry, citrus, strawberry, and more. It does not contain nicotine and offers the possibility to choose from different quantities of tobacco.

The Tsunami e-Hookah is safe to use and offered at an affordable price of $6.99 so that you need not to spend much. You can get these disposable pens online also. The product offers you 800 puffs, a large enough number for an extended period of use. This will not produce much smoke so that you can use it comfortably.

5# Imperial Hookah

Imperial Hookah

The Imperial Hoohah pen is a one of a kind brand that is available in peach mango flavor. It does not include tar, carbon dioxide, nicotine or tobacco, and causes no flames. It will automatically shut off in 5 seconds after the power button is on.

You will not feel like your skin is irritated or burned. You won’t need not to worry either about ruining your clothes which often happens when you use the real cigarette. There will not be any smell of ash while using it. It is disposable in nature and you can buy it for cheaper cost of $8.99. This is one among the best Hookah pen brands available in the market.

6# StillCool Mini Portable Tobacco Smoking Hookah Pipe

StillCool Mini Portable Tobaco Smoking Hookah Pipe

You can get the full-fledged Hookah experience in the shape of a classic pipe as well! StillCool incorporated the nostalgic smoking ways into today’s smoking trends. The result is an extravagant StillCool mini portable Hookah pipe. For a price of $6.98, you can become member of the Hookah community plus enjoy a unique design in the market. This special model makes it a collectible piece for your smoking passion.

Final Word

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and found new details about this cigarette alternative. Please let us know your feedback about all of these best hookah pen brands in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends!