Sometimes, people with fair skin will get irritated or burnt by the UV rays from the sun. This process happens to the diminished melanin content in their body. In order to avoid those issues, you have to make use of the finest indoor tanning lotion that will protect your skin.

While choosing the best indoor tanning lotion, you have to consider numerous criteria. These can be ingredients, price, usage, etc. Moreover, you have to check whether it will suit your skin type or not. Thus to help you out in this article we have listed the top 7 best indoor tanning lotion 2018-2019 in the following section that will enable you to make your choice.

What Is the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion?

There are many new brands that appear in the market. Therefore, finding the best product for you is not a simple task. You need to carefully read the label to select a cream that suits your type of skin. You have to learn about various ingredients that you can find in a lotion. These can be hemp seed oil, body blush, anti-aging, shimmer, silicon, vitamin E, and more.

People who have sensitive skin need to choose body blush while those with signs of aging has to choose anti-aging. Therefore, given the variety of skin and body types, we selected the best indoor tanning lotions based on the online reviews.

Top 7 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion 2018-2019

1# Australian Gold Sinfully Black

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The Sinfully Black indoor tanning lotion smells great. It does not give you any orange color that usually appears with most of the other lotions. You can really obtain a pleasant brown hue if you use it on a frequent basis.

It is available in pocket size and comes with a low price tag so that you don’t want to spend much money for a lotion. It contains sunflower oil, kukui nut oil, and vitamins to make your skin softer. For the delicious fragrance, they use temptuous berry. This option can be your best indoor tanning lotion.

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2# Pink Diamond Tingle Hot Sizzle Indoor Tanning Lotion

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This is a salon tan lotion with added natural bronzing to get an immediate result. They make use of tingle power T2 formula to boost the tanning cell activity and increase blood flow. You will not face any side effects while using this lotion. As a result, it can be a great choice when you step out of the house.

This is a good indoor tanning lotion for the people who show signs of aging. That’s because it contains a triple action anti-aging blend. You will be able to see the difference in your body tan after a few days of usage. You can expect it a flawless golden tan.

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3# Watermelon Wow Dark Maximizer Tanning Lotion

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The best rated indoor tanning lotion from Watermelon Wow Dark has a color burst complex TM. This formula provides deep golden color for the skin. The watermelon extract in the lotion moisturizes the skin so that you can feel soft and smooth.

Vitamins like A, C, and E that this product contains make the skin glow. It works great on the skin, and you can get the good looking tan you are dreaming of. This is a paraben-free tanning lotion that delivers amazing performance when compared to other brands available in the market.

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4# Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

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This Millenium Tanning solution is the cheaper indoor tanning lotion than the salon choices. It has plenty of ingredients to make your skin tan and smooth. You can feel the difference when you use it even after the first time you apply it on your body.

This product can be suitable for beginners on a tight budget. You can use this lotion for bed tanning to get the best result. This cream uses auto-darkening tan technology which is absent from most of the other products.

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5# Designer Skin Glam Slam Bronzer Tanning Lotion

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This tanning lotion contains black walnut shell to provide immediate color to the skin. You can feel the difference in your skin in just a few hours after tanning. The premature aging can be averted with the regular use of Glam Slam tanning lotion.

The kiwi watermelon extract is present to offer a delicious for fragrance with a fruity smell. This is a great lotion for tanning if you are planning for sun bath or outdoor game.

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  • Price: $35.00

6# Black Cherry Crush Bronzer Tanning Lotion

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With the use of extended bronzer in this lotion, you can maintain the tan for longer period of time. It also darkens your skin tan to obtain a brown hue. You can get instant color while keeping your skin moisturized.

The natural blend of Aloe Vera and vitamin E provides glowing skin. This is a cheap yet quality indoor tanning lotion to use daily. You will not find any stain on your clothes after using it. Surely you will love the fragrance, and you will not feel any irritation or rashes on your body.

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7# Black & Tan Indoor Tanning Lotion

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The best indoor tanning lotion offers you good looking skin and darker tan. It has tantalizing silicone bronzer with warming energy beads and more bronzing effect for fast result. This tanning lotion also contains auto-darkening technology just like Millenium tanning lotion.

It is available in ounce bottle which will be helpful for you to use it as trial. This option enables you to make the decision whether to buy the full-fledged version or not. You can get the brown color tan you always wanted which is enough to make you satisfied.

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Final Word

These tanning lotions protect your skin, nourish, moisturize, and prevent from uneven tanning and burns. Women like to keep their skin glow as they are conscious of their beauty and health. Please let us know your feedback about this article in the following comments section. This way, you help other readers too.