While talking about the mediums of entertainment we always prefer television which became integral part of our life. There are many choices available in this segment to choose from ever before and you can redefine the word home theater with the help of large screen TVs available in the market. While buying those televisions you have to look into various factors other than price like widescreen or letterbox, right screen size, television depth and its type like LCD, HD, CRT, DLP and more. Thus to help you we have framed the list of best large screen TV 2018 in the following section after considering all the above features.

List of 5 best large screen TV 2018

5 # Panasonic E6 VIERA

best large screen tv1

The LED television named VIERA from Panasonic is packed with bundle of features that enables you to have amazing television experience. You can have complete access when you turn on the TV with the variety of additional content including photos, internet videos and more. It also allows you to connect your smart phone or tablet with the television to share your stuffs easily. The Backlight Blinking technology provides high quality pictures without any blur and fine control of the backlight result in images that are free from flicker and after images. This television in lesser in weight and the cutting edge design will attract you. The highly efficient low power consumption is the main advantage of this product.

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4 # Toshiba Cloud     

The Cloud LED TV from Toshiba is enhanced with various options like streaming news, family calendar, photo album, media guide, personal messaging and more to deliver personalized TV experience. It is designed to meet the modern connection needs and to offer brilliant picture quality for the users. You can be able to play games with your friends and family members and it enables you to connect with the internet. You can control the video and audio devices using the remote in this convenient television. It comes with USB ports, HDMI connections, Video input, Wi-Fi, PC port, etc to facilitate the multiple inputs. To deliver sharp and brighter content it is equipped with LED backlight. You can get the wider screen size of 65 inches which is bigger than other brands available in the market.

3 # Samsung F7500 LED TV

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The Samsung F7500 is the ultra slim television with highest refresh rate to make it as perfect television for playing video games, watching movies and many more. This 46 inches smart TV comes with the voice command recognition system and motion sensing for effortless entertainment experience. This best large screen TV allows you to watch two channels at a time and also to record all of your favorite programs so that you can watch it later without missing them. On the whole it delivers excellent performance when compared to other televisions.

2 # Sony W802A smart TV


The Sony W802A is the high definition television that comes with dynamic edge LED backlight to deliver crystal clear pictures. You can get dynamic sound from this television that will fill the entire room which is amazing for the action movies thus you can get theater like experience from this one. You can view the movies, apps, music and other things on your smart phone in big screen by connecting the device to add value to your entertainment. This can be the best television for gaming as it offers brighter as well as clear picture without any blur. It has built-in Wi-Fi thus you can connect to the existing internet connection to enjoy your various social networking sites in bigger screen. You can also record your most wanted shows or desired videos to watch it later using the recording option offered by this smart TV.

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1 # Samsung F8000 big screen TV

This is another great widescreen television that delivers amazing performance to meet all your need for the LED television. The Samsung F8000 is equipped with sleek design which also comes with the metal stand thus you can place it anywhere in your home without any issues. It comes with smart evolution technology that keeps your TV up to date with the latest technology advancement. With the voice and gesture control feature you can control the settings of the television as well as the volume, sound effects, etc. It will make recommendations based on what you watch so you can enjoy your channels instead of searching the list. On the whole is offer high quality pictures in large screen thus you can have excellent entertainment in your home.

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