Longboarding is an awesome sport which is also easier than skateboard. If you want to know what is the best longboard brand then you are at right place. In this article we are going to discuss about the various types of longboard along with pros and cons and also about their brands. While buying a longboard you have to concentrate on three factors such as wheels, bearings and trucks. The longboard manufacturers are also producing ramp, street, park skateboards and mountain boards. They are trying to expand their product lines to compete with other brands and attract their customers. Here we have listed some of the popular and best longboard brands 2018 in the following section which are well known for their quality.

List of top 6 best longboard brands 2018

6 # Madrid

The Madrid is one of the leading deck manufacturers in the world that offers huge variety of longboards for their customer. This can be the great choice for beginners as it provides mush balance and you will be attracted by the design as well as by performance of the Madrid longbords. You can get the boards with paper stripes, layers, WMD, tags, arrow black, leopard design, goatsucker, bigfoot and more. They are durable, strong, have smooth wheels and are available at affordable price. You can also get the best carving which allows you to control the speed while travelling downhill.

5 # Gold Coast

best longboard brands1

The Gold Coast is one of the best longboard brands available in the market which offers variety of longboards for their customer. It is a California based company that designs and manufactures cruises, fun on four wheels, apparel, components, two trucks and transition skateboards other than longboards. They make the products with high quality materials and innovative design. The wheels are made using proprietary formula to give consistent ride every time for their customers. On the whole it can be the great longboard for beginners who want to have fun with their ride.

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4 # Atom Longboards

best longboard brands2

The Atom longboards is another top longboard brands in the market that is perfect for doing tricks. It is producing quality boards at affordable price which makes customer satisfaction as their primary goal. This is ideal for downhill carving as it is featured with maximum stability and the ease of push enables you to have full control over the board. This good longboard brand has designed it with comfort, laminate deck, high rebound wheels to eliminate the wheel bite, etc. you can expect amazing performance and life expectancy from this longboard.

3 # Surf One

top longboard brands3

The Surf One is one of the brands of Skate one company which involved in producing quality products for their customer. When compared to other ones in the mark it offers only limited selection of products but is excellent in design and each one is unique from the other. This best longboard brand makes use of graphics treatment which was introduced in the year 1960 to deliver perfect longboard for their customer which has been the important factor for the success of this brand. They make use of the finest wood and other materials to create the products to maximize their life expectancy.

2# Yocaher Longboards

top longboard brands4

The Yocaher is one of the top longboard brands in the market which has been involved in manufacturing standard skateboards and longboards for the people all around the world. They have wide ranges of products to choose from and have plenty of attractive designs. This good longboard brand is also offering graphic decks, old school decks, longboard completes, and graphic completes, protectors, HD5 trucks and more. You can get high stability while using this board and can able to enjoy your ride without any issues. You can get more attractive and different varieties of colors from this brand when compared to other ones in the list.

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1 # Sector9 longboards

The Sector9 has placed first in the list as it is one of the leading manufacturers of longboards in the market. This brand can be the ideal one for skate, snowboarding and surf lifestyles as it offers high quality boards for the people all around the world. They are making the designs with the help of professional and foremost designers to deliver innovative outlook for the boards. You can get men’s apparel, hardware, decks, trucks, women’s apparel, wheels, accessories and other special items from this brand. You can have smooth and stable ride with the board as it is featured with ease of push.

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