The martial arts have been in the world for more than hundreds of years and popularly used as self defense tool. It was originated in Asia and is practiced by millions of people all around the world as spectator sports. Moreover every style of martial arts has its own individual techniques among them you have to select the appropriate one that you want to adopt. Thus we have framed the list of top 10 best martial arts in the following section where you can gather detailed information about each style.

List of 10 best martial arts

10 # Kickboxing

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The kickboxing was developed from western boxing, karate and muay thai which is mainly practiced for general fitness, self defence and more. Kickboxing mainly concentrates on punches, kicks, knees, distracting, etc. The well trained kick boxers used to practice “combat qi” which involves in preventing the transfer of pain signals to the brain that bother a person.

9 # Aikido

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It is an interesting art that is recognized by most of the countries in the world which involves only few striking moves but based on some principle. The most popular Aikido practitioner is the Steven Seagal and his signature move is essential for self defense. You have to make your moves always against the attacker where you have to use your strength and energy. This is one of the best martial arts which were developed in the year 1900 in Japan. Mostly weapon training is given to the students against weapons like knives, swords, staffs and more.

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8 # Karate

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Karate is the commonly used martial art in the world and it means “Empty Hand” as thay do not make use of any weapons. It was originated in early 1300s which uses legs and hand as main forms of defense. It is a good self defense tool that also provides various health benefits for the people who are practicing it. It can be used as a good way to avoid fighting and the popular practitioners are Bruce Lee, Sean Connery, Dolph Lundgren, etc.

7 # Judo

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Judo was founded in Japan by Kano Jigoro as he was bullied during his childhood. It makes use of basic skills from various other martial arts to create this modern type of judo. The main rule of this self defense tool is that the people who are practicing this art should not overpower the strength of themselves. This is the soft method that uses the opponent’s strength against themselves instead of striking. It concentrates on locks, chokes, etc and the famous practitioners are Peter Sellers, Theodore Roosevelt, James Cagney and more.

6 # Wing Chun

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It is also known as Wing Tsun or ving Tsun which is a concept based Chinese martial art that mainly uses grappling and striking. The practitioner believes that the person with strong body structure will win and the Wing Chun stance is like rooted but yielding or piece of bamboo. The structure of this martial art is used to repel external forces and well balance thus the body can recovers quickly from the attack. It delivers the training of awareness of one’s body movement that is derived from articular, muscular and tendon sources.

5 # Jujutsu

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This art mainly focuses on rolls, throws, locks in fighting and grappling. It is quite different from other martial arts which make use of any type of tactics from Gouging to biting if necessary. The Jujutsu is also referred as “art of softness” because it came into existence when samurais found themselves disarmed. It is one of the popular forms of martial arts nowadays and the famous followers are Edward William, Barton Wright, etc.

4 # Kung Fu

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Kung fu is the most famous Chinese martial arts which have been used in most of the Hollywood movies by the popular stars like Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and more. This is the oldest form of martial art in the world and is traditionally taught by a personality named Shaolin monks who is well known for his moves. For those people who practice this art, trust, humility, patience and respect are most important virtues.

3 # Takewondo

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The Takewondo is well known for its integration of kicks which combines mental strength and physical skills while using it. They concentrate on stamina, balance, speed, flexibility and strength to perform this one. The practice of Takewondo has increased after the World War II and is the one art that is practiced in Olympics. It is considered as one among the popular martial arts in the world which have more than 30 million followers around 100 countries.

2 # Ninjutsu

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It is followed mostly by the teenage mutant ninja in North America and it was originated from the Japanese martial arts. This one makes use of stealth to defeat the opponents where feet and hands are widely used. The most commonly used weapons are swords, explosives, staffs, stars, spears and more. Some of the popular followers are Frank Dux and Ashida Kim.

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1 # Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Many people get confused that it was founded in Brazil because of the name but actually it is one of the Japanese forms of martial arts. It becomes the popular exercise when practiced by mixed martial artists. It was originated by a Japanese fighter who won around 2000 bouts and he is one of the toughest men ever lived in the world.

That’s it about the popular martial arts in the world. Please let us know your favorite art from the list and also your feedback in the comments section below.