Sometimes you may face trouble without getting good sleep at night, which may happen if the mattress you are using is not right for your body or you have to buy a new one. While purchasing a new mattress you have to consider many things like size, comfort, quality, warranty and also the type of mattress. There are many types of mattresses available in the market like Memory Foam, Latex, Waterbeds, Airbeds and Innersprings.

Likewise, there are many brands offering quality mattresses to their customers. From that it’s hard to find what is the best mattress brand?  In the following section we have listed the top six mattress brands 2018.

6 Best Mattress Brands in 2015

6 # Top rated mattress brand 2015 – Zinus 

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The Zinus comfort innovations has marked their place in the market in short period of time which offers various types of mattresses like airbeds, latex, memory foam, etc. In order to provide more comfort for their customer it makes use of compression technology. You will not get any interruptions while sleeping and you will not also get body pain or back pain  because of the materials used in the mattress. They are producing the mattress which allows you to change the positions with the remote control and you can get massage inside mattress which is made of massage molecules from Zinus.

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5# Best rated Mattress Brand 2015 – Tempur -Pedic

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Tempur-Pedic is the famous brand for more than 20 years and it is the highly recommended mattress in America. They involved in production and distribution of mattresses and pillows that are made of viscoelastic foam. It is designed with TEMPUR material so that it automatically supports the entire body of sleeper.

It gives you great comfort in any position of your body and you can avoid back pain in this mattress. You will get pressure points when the areas of body press against the mattress. Those pressure points will make you fell discomfort so you will shift your body and turn to make you comfortable which will disturb your sleep. This mattress reduces the pressure points to avoid such disturbance. It helps to maintain deep and longer period of sleep.

4# Best mattress brand 2015 – Sleep Innovations

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The sleep innovations produce premium pillows and mattresses which are designed to provide comfort, balance, support and optimal sleep. By using innovative technology and design they offer high quality pillows, mattresses, toppers and other sleep products for your home. It also manufactures furniture, utility mats, bathroom mats and kitchen mats.

It is one among the best mattress brands in the world. The mattresses are filled with exclusive memory foam which provides deep and comfort sleep. Like Tempur-Pedic it also reduces pressure points, turning, tossing and avoids motion transfer. The memory foam gives maximum therapeutic support to your body.

3# Good mattress brand 2015 – Comfortaire

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For more than 30 years this brand is offering high quality mattresses to their customer. It makes use of air to provide support to your body and it is flexible so that it changes according to the changes in your body. It is unique and fit your needs while sleeping. You will not face any difficulties like back pain, turning, etc. You can relax and get deep sleep with this mattress. The best mattress brand manufactures mattress and other accessories like pillows, sheet, protectors, bases, foundation and frames.

You can gain much comfort and feel like heaven while sleeping. You can get 25 years limited warranty for their product which is attractive feature than other brands in the market.

2 # Top mattress brand 2015 – Serta

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Serta is an American company which was founded in the year 1931 by 13 mattress manufacturers. It was owned like a cooperative company because it had eight individual licensees when it was found. After that it was controlled by National Bedding Company under the name Serta International. Now it is the subsidiary of American company Serta Simmons Holdings LLC.

It is one of the best mattress brand and largest manufacturer of mattress in United States and offers different varieties like natural latex, inner spring and gel infused memory foam. You can purchase the products of this brand in shopping channel named ShopNBC.

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1 # what is the best mattress brand 2015 – Sealy

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Sealy is the well known brand for mattress which is located in North Carolina. It was founded in Sealy, Texas that is the reason behind the name Sealy. In 1881, Haynes who is the founder of Sealy was making mattress by filling cotton for his friends and neighbors. Later he invented mattress with compressed cotton which made him popular.

Now the headquarters of Sealy Corporation is located in Trinity. It is the largest manufacturer and seller of mattress in the world which holds 17.8 percent of mattress sales. It offers their products for customers in the name of Sealy, Stearns & Foster and Bassett. You can gain the pleasure of sleeping from this mattress and it gives you great support. Innovation, variety, design and quality made it as the perfect mattress and also popular one in the world.

That’s all about the list of best mattress in 2015. Please let us know your feedback in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.