Even though some musicians are slowly switching to the digital setup but still many people are using their MIDI controller to perform various functions in their studio. These keyboard controllers are cost effective and help you to create eternal amount of sound effects. While selecting the midi controller you have to consider various elements like portability, midi pad, functions, software, type of key-make, brand and more. It is quite difficult to find the finest controller among the thousands of products to choose from. Thus we framed the list of top 7 best midi keyboard controllers 2015 in the following section after taking into consideration of all the above factors.

List of top 7 best MIDI keyboard controllers 2015

1 # Akai professional MPK49

best midi controller1

The Akai MPK49 is one of the best midi keyboard controllers in the market that delivers professional performance. This semi weighted keyboard combines 49 high quality keys and you can access 48 total pads. It is featured with soul of hip hop for producing creative music and you can carry out all the works in studio easily as well as quickly with this keyboard. There is no need to use the mouse in this controller to command the DAW as it can be done using the transport controls. You do not require any driver installation to connect it with your Mac or PC which can be done using the USB connection. This can be the perfect midi controller for Ableton, studio one, pro tools, digital performer, etc.

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2 # Alesis Q49 midi controller

midi controller for ableton2

The Alesis Q49 can be the ideal midi controller for performing music with the digital workstations and more. In order to deliver dynamic performance it is equipped with velocity sensitive keys. It is easy to access the deep level of the midi controller by just using single button, assignable slider and more. You can be able to produce crystal clear sounds and this can be the great choice for beginners also who want to make their own music. This is completely compact and ideal for the professionals as well as for beginners who are seeking for the controller to create amazing sound effects. It supports any of the music software so that you need not to concentrate on specified software.

3 # M-audio oxygen midi controller

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The M-audio oxygen is the mobile music production technology that delivers next generation functionality which will enable the users work with it in a smart way. It is featured with assignable sliders, 8 assignable knots, dedicated transport and track select button, plug-in parameters, control to common DAW function and more. There is no setup required for virtual instruments as it has built in factory presets. This can be the great midi controller for logic which has sleek design and are portable in nature. This is perfect choice for the performance as well as production.

4 # Akai professional LPK25

midi controller for logic4

The Akai LPK25 is the great and cheap midi controller for producers, musicians, music creators, etc. this is weightless so that can be perfect for portability which will fit in a laptop case easily. You can directly plug and work with your Pc or Mac as it does not require any software installation for operation. You can get the expressive performance with the computer based work stations, sequencers, etc. this best midi controller makes use of tap tempo controls, octave up and down, sustain button and more in order to translate your ideas to hardware. This can be the perfect midi controller for Ableton which will satisfy you with its performance.

5 # Ableton push controller

cheap midi controller5

The Ableton push is one of the top midi controllers that come with touch sensitive encoders. You can sequence and play the beats using the multi colored pressure sensitive pad that enables you to put your creativity in music at the core. It allows you to rearrange your ideas at any tempo and also to play with loops. You can play the harmony and melody in any button which is offered at affordable price than other controllers in the market. You can connect it with your PC or Mac using the USB without any issues. It enables you to put the fundamental elements of music making at your fingertips and the attractive feature of this controller is it fits easily in backpack. You can be able to accomplish many tasks at a time and you have multiple ways to make beats with the available 64 pads.

6 # Novation Launchkey

midi controller for ableton6

The Novation Launchkey midi keyboard controller is featured with the range of 25, 49, 61 note which comes with up to 50 physical controls. It has three color sensitive launch pads that will help to trigger and stop scenes as well as clips in Ableton Live which made it as the top midi controller for Ableton. For more creative possibilities you can get V-station synth plugins and Nova Bass Station. You can completely enjoy the music making with your fingers and this will help in enhancing the creativity.

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7 # Alesis Q25 midi keyboard controller

midi controller for logic7

The Alesis Q25 is a no hassle midi controller to meet your music hardware and software needs. This velocity sensitive keyboard has traditional MIDI ports and USB that enables you to connect it with the equipments like sound modules, software, etc. This cheap midi controller is also featured with modulation wheels, date entry slider, octave up and down buttons to add dynamics and range to your performance effortlessly. It is class complaint so that you can instantly play the music without waiting for programming. The portability and compact size of the controller made it as ideal for hitting the road and fitting into the existing rigs.

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