For a professional photographer, to achieve his desired effect in photography he has to make use of the best monitor for photo editing that provides precise color reproduction. In fact while purchasing a photo editing monitor we have to be aware of its terms and specifications like color gamut, liquid crystal display, flexible screen positioning and true color. Likewise we have to prefer the monitor that has IPS panel because it is ideal for color reproduction and wide viewing angles whereas twisted nematic displays are recommended for watching movies and gaming not for editing images. Here we have listed the 5 best monitors for photo editing 2015 in the following section after analyzing the various key factors and top products available in the market.    .

List of 5 best monitors for photo editing 2015

5 # Dell U3014 UltraSharp monitor

monitor for photo editing1

The Dell UltraSharp monitor delivers outstanding performance to satisfy your needs of photo editing. It comes with height adjustable stand that enables you to adjust the monitor based on your requirement. It delivers outstanding clarity and colors for graphics intensive environment. It can be the finest choice for professionals and animators who are seeking for best photo editing monitors. You can edit your images with the wide range of colors and high color gamut offered by this monitor. This 30 inch monitor has multiple connectivity options to connect with several monitors and other card readers. The smart video enhance option improves the sharpness and colors automatically to facilitate your editing. You can be able to view multiple applications in windows at the same time using Easy Arrange option provided by this smart monitor. You need not to adjust your screen anymore because you can see the images or particulars in the screen clearly at any angle in this monitor.

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4 # ViewSonic VX2770 LED monitor

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The ViewSonic is packed with super clear IPS feature which enables you to get crystal clear image for photo editing. It eliminates color shifting and image distortion to deliver better quality of pictures. You can view consistent images from front, side, below or any other angle in this super wide viewing monitor. You need to have true color which is essential for any photo editing which you can get in this screen to achieve your desired quality of image. You will get the same accuracy of colors in print what you view on screen. This 27 inch monitor makes use of less power and saves energy when compared to other devices. It is featured with sensitive touch controls, frameless design, HD 1080p for image reproduction, picture depth and connectivity options to access various other devices. On the whole it is an affordable and one of the best monitors for photo editing in 2014.

3 # Samsung SB970 LED monitor

monitor for photo editing3

This LED monitor from Samsung ensures you to get high quality images every time when you edit picture in it. It has attractive sleek design and crystal clear display to provide exactly what user need. The accurate color technology from this screen offers you to work with high resolution images and the innovative cutting edge helps you in achieving the experience of full image. The superior plane to line switching technology helps to improve the picture quality and color of the screen when viewed from an acute angle. You can get high quality sound and richer multimedia experience through stereo speaker. The mobile high definition link feature enables you to connect the mobile device to monitor. This 27 inch monitor comes with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 along with both horizontal and vertical viewing angle. This can be the great one for desktop graphics and one among the best monitors for photo editing.

2 # Acer K272HUL monitors

monitor for photo editing4

The K series monitors from Acer delivers great options to work with high resolution pictures. It comes in 27 inches screen with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 to ensure perfect clarity. This IPL panel monitor is the best choice for color reproduction and offers excellent color depth. You can experience better image quality without any distortion in this LCD screen. Like other best photo editing monitors this one also enables you to see images at front view, side view and any other views. The backlight LED technology helps for brighter screen and also ensures amazing color reproduction. You can be able to view contents of the screen at any angle. This is also a good choice for gaming and watching movies as it has finest response time.

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1 # Asus PA248Q professional graphics monitor

monitor for photo editing5

This professional monitor from Asus is packed with plenty of features that most of the other monitors usually have. It delivers color accuracy like industry leading professional monitor and enables you to have a great photo editing experience. It is the first monitor in the world to offer four USB 3.0 ports for transferring your data from the system to other devices. You can easily connect your camera with the monitor using this port to transfer your pictures for editing. It is one of the best professional monitors for photo editing. You can receive the benefits and features for what you are paying for this screen. You can work comfortable with the help of height adjustment and it is an affordable monitor when compared to other ones.

We hope you enjoyed this article and let us know your favorite monitors for photo editing from the above list. Please also share your feedback in the following comments section.