Sometimes it’s bit boring to play games against the computer. It is always fun and realistic to play multiplayer games against real player than the computer and it is competitive too. The gaming consoles were well known for its great graphics. But now the smart phones can beat those gaming consoles and delivers better and quality gaming experience. Most of us are addicted to smartphones because of the features it holds in it especially for playing games.

The developers are constantly developing high end games for android platform. The multiplayer game is one among them with realistic graphics. While talking about the multiplayer games you may confused on which is the best one?  Don’t worry we’ve listed some best multiplayer android games 2015 in the following section.

1 # Fun Run

multiplayer game1

The fun run gives you real time fun with your friends. It is the online real time multiplayer game for android. There is no matter where ever you are in the world you can play it with four players. You need to compete with the furriest creatures in the forest to remain as cool critter and have to finish the race before your friend. This game is awesome and you can have more excitement when you start playing it which helps you to get matched with random players all around the world.

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2 # Clash of Clans

multiplayer game2

It is the multiplayer online game that let you to build your own village, rise your army of  hog riders, dragons, archers, barbarians and other mighty fighters. After formed all these start your battle with the players and attack foes. The “foes” in this game is the other people. You can join clans to help each other and always being attacked by or attack other people. The game will exist almost solely of multiplayer. It has won the Best Multiplayer Award of 2013. This game enables you to discover your favorite attacking army for countless combination of troops.

3 # Mini Motor Racing

multiplayer game3

You can play the mini motor racing game against 4 persons through Wi-Fi. It is the remote controlled car racing game featured with campaign and competitions. The game graphics are great. You can play in 20 different types of track with varying weather condition and day and night which is one of the best multiplayer games for android.

4 # Real Racing 3

multiplayer game4

The Real Racing game is available for free of cost. The Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM) let you play with your friends very much easily, that is the other player. You can have race with anyone, anytime and anywhere. You need to have the space of 1.2GB to install this on your smart phone. It offers wide range of tracks for race and more than 50 types of cars. This android multiplayer game was developed by EA Swiss Sarl.

5 # Modern Combat 4: zero hour

multiplayer game5

This game is especially for the user who loves to play action games. It is the shooter game which was developed by Gameloft. It needs 1.9 GB of space for storage. It is the best android multiplayer game which comes with different modes and featured with zone control, battle, capture the flag and more. There are around 20,000 weapon arrangements. You can download it from the play store. The game move on with a story that in the wake of nuclear warfare, the few elite soldiers have to avoid global devastation by track down and rescuing the world leaders from the familiar terrorist group.

6 # Dungeon Hunter 4

multiplayer game6

It is more fun and adventure game where you can battle as four different characters. It let you to fight more and improve your skills and strength. This is one among awesome and best multiplayer games for android allows you to fight with your friends or against the warriors. You can also upgrade the weapons as it has in app purchases. The thrilling and death match mode makes the fight more interesting.

7 # Space Team

It is quite different from other multiplayer android games. You can play it with the help of Wi-Fi and which does not work other than android and ios platform. It has won many awards and recognition. You can play it with 2 or 4 players. All that you need to do in this game is you shoot your enemy’s ship until it gets explode. You need to follow the instructions and also to share with your team members. There should be a team work with coordination to win the game.

8 # Warlings

multiplayer game8

This the ultimate multiplayer game available on the play store. Make use of the gun and shoot the opponents. You need to use tactics and tricks to win the game. You will be provided with six battlefields, crack team of warlings and bunch of weapons to execute your combat manoeuvres. With of bunch of weapons and team of warlings you have to defeat the enemy in three different battlefields. Play with your friends through Bluetooth. You will have lots of fun while playing this game with your friends and other players all over the world.

9 # Minecraft Pocket Edition

multiplayer game9

The Minecraft is all about build things and adventure. There are two modes such as survival and creative modes. You can play it as a multiplayer using the Wi-Fi network. In survival mode monster and zombies comes at night while build a thing where as in creative mode you can shape the world which made it as one of the best multiplayer android games.

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10 # Muffin Knight

multiplayer game10

This android multiplayer game has the stunning visuals. It consists of fairy tale characters with unique features and ability in each character. This is the story based game with a total of 18 different characters and a little boy who has to return the old fairy’s magical muffins. The strange curse was set on him and with every muffin touch he turns in to a different creature. Finally the old muffin turns him back to normal after he gets all the muffins back. The controller works better and it is fun to play with friends.

Let us know your favorite multiplayer android games which you like to play with your friends in android phone and also share your feedback about this article in the comments section below.