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Top 6 best outdoor tanning lotion 2014-2015

If you are planning for sun bath or to play in the sun then you should use tanning lotion. Tanning lotion helps to achieve darker and deeper color and also protects your skin from dangerous rays. Indoor tanning lotion is used for tanning bed which sometimes causes damages to your skin. Thus outdoor tanning lotion is best option to get glowing skin. It gives your skin perfect tan naturally as it contains vitamins, oils and other skin nourishing ingredients. It is one of the traditional methods which are used to get bronzed glow.

You can get better result from tanning based on the type and condition of your skin. While talking about tanning lotion you may have this question in mind “what is the best outdoor tanning lotion” as there are many brands available in the market.  We have listed some of the great outdoor tanning lotion in this article based on user ratings and effective darkening qualities.

6 Best outdoor tanning lotion review 2015

6 # Swedish Beauty pink diamond outdoor tanning lotion

outdoor tanning lotion6

The Swedish Beauty tanning lotion provides ultimate sparkle tan within few days of usage. The T2 tingle used in this lotion helps to increase the oxygen level to promote faster and long lasting color for your skin. The carat complex feature offers dark tone and it will not make your skin dry like other cheap tanning lotion available in the market. This can be a great lotion for the people who will spend their day out in sun and it enables them to get the golden tan that they wanted to achieve. Moreover you will not get any side effects like irritation, rashes or allergy by using this lotion as it is made of natural and quality ingredients.

5 # Designer skin spellbound tanning lotion Quadruple extra dark tanning serum

outdoor tanning lotion1

The designer skin extra dark outdoor tanning lotion comes in 10 ounces bottle and the advanced blend of Tyrostan, melanin activating peptide, black walnut extract, DHA, etc helps you in achieving beautiful tan with bronze glow. It is the powerful lotion that promotes smooth, silky and also young looking skin which you are expecting. It has the tropical blossom fragrance which smells like you have not tanned. It is the wonderful outdoor tanning lotion from designer skin products available in the market.

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4 # Hawaiian tropic sun tanning sunscreen lotion

outdoor tanning lotion2

Hawaiian tropic tanning lotion will ensure great tanning experience than other lotions available in the market. It is furnished with exotic botanicals and extracts, skin nourishing antioxidants, aloe vera, etc. These essential ingredients will nourish your skin and gives quick result. It also has water resistant technology that stays for around 80 minutes.

In order to protect your skin from the sun this lotion is packed with SPF 4 sunscreen which also avoids burning issues. It is one of the great and cheap outdoor tanning lotions for all type of skin.

3 # Millenium tanning new paint it black auto-darkening dark tanning lotion

outdoor tanning lotion3

The Millenium tanning lotion has auto darkening technology to deliver fast and better result. You will get silky and smooth skin due to silicone emulsion blend in tanning lotion. Millenium dark tanning lotion ingredients may include water, fruit extract, omithine HCL, green tea extracts, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, calcium ascorbate, caffeine, seed oil, leaf extract and much more.

This lotion has cotton blossom fragrance that makes you feel fresh throughout the day. It is the perfect lotion to get dark tan without spending much time in saloon for tanning process.

2 # Maui Babe Browning Lotion

outdoor tanning lotion4

You can get quick tan and bronzing result in one hour by using Maui babe browning tan. The ingredients include oils, aloe and other natural Hawaiian raw materials. You can feel wonderful skin which is moisture and smooth. The Maui babe tanning lotion prevents your skin from damages, allergies, etc which can be used along with any sunscreen lotion.

There is no need to worry about the skin tone and its type because it suits from normal to sensitive skin without any kind of side effects. It is the best outdoor tanning lotion for beginners who can buy it after patch test which is recommended. You can feel the difference in first use which is considerably better than other brands.

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1 # what is the best outdoor tanning lotion in 2015 – Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion

outdoor tanning lotion5

Australian gold cheeky brown tanning lotion has native Australian oils, natural bronzer, vitamin, etc which transforms pale skin into bronzing glow skin. It has hydrating formula that let your skin moisture and helps in nourishing. You can get better tan for longer period of time without any issues. It gives out awesome cocoa flavor and suitable for sensitive skin also.

Some tanning lotion will give sticky effect but Australian gold will not make you feel like greasy and will not get orange or red color tan. It is the best outdoor tanning lotion for the people who want dark tan.

The interesting fact about outdoor tanning lotion is you can use it along with sunscreen lotion. Please let us know your favorite lotion from the above list and also give your feedback about this article in the following comments section.

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