The use of a laptop occasionally calls for a larger screen to use during meetings or presentations, but they can also be useful for different kinds of entertainment. A portable monitor provides you with an option for easy viewing without purchasing a larger laptop size, and it also makes for excellent presentations and other professional uses.

an open laptop on a desk

Artists, gamers, developers and security specialists can all benefit from using multiple monitors for viewing, and that is possible with a portable monitor for your laptop. Here are the best ones for your money.

The Best Portable Laptop Monitors to Consider

The best monitors are ranked based on their brand reputation, specifications, and versatility as well as the cost of what you are getting. Special notes are made if they are better for specific purposes.

#1. ASUS MB168B 15.6″ WXGA 1366×768 USB Portable Monitor

an Asus HD portable monitor

This portable monitor comes in a standard and an HD variant. It is a super-lightweight monitor that weighs just under two pounds, and it is incredibly fast once you plug it into a USB 3.0 port. It is also backward compatible with older USB ports, but it will work best with faster machines.

ASUS is well known for having a high-quality technology, and this portable monitor pairs well with a laptop of similar size. It’s ideal for dual-monitor displays and presentations, and it comes with a durable and protective case. At just under $200, it is cost effective from a number of retailers both online and in physical outlets.

#2. Lenovo ThinkVision T2364t – 23″ IPS LED Monitor – FullHD

Lenovo portable monitor on a white surface

This EnergyStar certified monitor boasts the best in HD imaging as well as rapid usability with a USB 3.0 port. This screen is borderless, and it allows images and presentations to flow between screens with ease. There are dozens of input options to customize your experience.

This monitor is ideal for professional use where a larger monitor is required, but it would make an excellent gaming screen for those inclined to game on a laptop but need more screen space. It is a portable monitor that can also connect to a desktop. It is LED backlit and has a state-of-the-art touchscreen experience making it a more elegant choice for your needs.

#3. HP EliteDisplay S140u 14-inch USB Portable Monitor

a HP elite display monitor

The HP EliteDisplay is an ultra-thin design that weighs just over three pounds. It is a little on the heavier side compared to a portable monitor from another brand of the same size, but it also packs a punch with its high-tech display options.

It comes with a cover, and it is easy to store and set-up without creating a hassle. The 14-inch size makes it friendlier for travel as well. It can be connected to tablets and laptops. This is ideal for students and professionals who are traveling. It is also extremely affordable with prices at about $140 suggested retail.

#5. Acer UT220HQL – 21.5″ Touchscreen LED Monitor – 16:9 – Black

an Acer black laptop monitor

This Acer LED monitor features touchscreen capabilities as well as widescreen and vertical viewing. A unique aspect of this portable monitor is that it can be used while lying flat, and it can be used in upright positions. The flexibility of its position greatly enhances the possibilities that a user can explore.

Artists and gamers might find this portable monitor style particularly useful for their work and play. The high-speed response time also allows for viewing gaming and video without lag. This portable monitor makes the ideal entertainment piece.

#6. AOC 16-Inch Ultra Slim 1366×768 Res 200 cd/m2 Brightness USB 3.0-Powered Portable LED Monitor

an AOC 16-inch full HD laptop monitor

If you are looking for a cheap option that is lightweight and durable, the AOC ultra-slim portable LED monitor is a great choice. It’s ideal for on-the-go professionals as well as students. The size is a bit bigger than standard, but it is smaller than the larger sizes. It can be used in a landscape and upright position.

It is also possible to mount this monitor on the wall for a sleek additional monitor that easily plugs into most devices. It boasts an 8ms response time just like the Acer LED monitor above, but it is a bit cheaper, and it doesn’t have as much flexibility. It’s still going to be a solid option for business or school use, but probably not what gamers or developers are going to need for those high processing demands.

#7. Sharp LL-S201A – 20″ LED-backlit LCD monitor w/ Stereo Speakers

a sharp LL portable monitor

This monitor is for the most demanding needs of all professions. Musicians, doctors, business women and men, marketers, artists and more can all utilize the extreme power and definition provided by this screen. The stereo speakers are an important quality that amplifies sound. This is a feature not many portable monitors provide, and laptops are often lacking in sound quality.

The touchscreen features rapid responses for gestures and movements. It is a 10-point multi-touch screen, and it uses touch pens. It can also be used in a flat position or upright. It is more costly than other models on this list, but if you need a heavy-duty portable monitor with high-tech specifications, this is the best for your buck.

Putting It All Together

What portable monitor you choose to buy depends entirely on your needs. You may only occasionally need an extra monitor. A cheaper choice would work for you. You may need a travel monitor or one that can be used for major presentations.

Regardless of what your need is, portable monitors can enhance your user experience. If you are presenting from a business perspective with multiple monitors, then it increases professional appearance and efficiency. The possibilities are endless with the right technology.

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