When your phone or laptop is run out of power especially in the situation where you need to use it urgently then portable power banks can be the best solution. This can be connected with your phone and other gadgets to charge up anywhere without worrying about the power outlet. While choosing a power battery pack you have to check whether it is having the sufficient capacity and light enough to slip into the pocket. It is difficult to choose the finest one as there are plenty of products available in the market. Thus we have listed the top 7 best portable power packs 2018 in the following section.

List of 7 best portable power packs 2018

7 # Gembonics external battery charger

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The Gembonics power bank can be plug in to phone, laptop, camera and other gadgets to power up quickly. It has the large capacity of 5600mah that enable you to instantly charge your device. It is light in weight so that fit easily in your pocket which is suitable for several occasions and outdoor activities where you have the need to charge your devices. With the use of cable you can simultaneously charge 3 devices at top speed. It also comes with powerful LED flashlight for several purposes and on the whole it is one of the best portable power packs available in the market.

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6 # Mogix portable power bank

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The Mogix external power pack has the capacity of 10000mah that enables you to charge phones and other devices up to 4 times faster. The USB cable with two ports allows you to power 2 devices at a time and can support all kinds of gadgets like smartphone, laptop, camera, etc. With the help of smooth to surface button you can be able to avoid the accidental ON which happens when it is tossed in a bag or purse. This light weight power bank can be great for charging your devices during travel.

5 # Lumsing portable power bank

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The Lumsing external battery charger has the capacity of 10400mah which is comparatively higher capacity than the other products available in the market. It is certified with FCC, CE, ROHS to ensure 500 plus recharge cycles of the battery. It also has 4 LED indicators to reveal the remaining battery level of the charger so that you can charge it before you leave your place. For the easy handling it is designed with stylish harmonica design which is the mostly mentioned by users in the power pack reviews. You can avoid overcharge, short circuit, over current, over voltage, etc which made it as the best portable power bank.

4 # EasyAcc power bank

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The EasyAcc portable battery pack is having 4 USB cables that enable you to power up 4 devices at a time. The capacity of this power bank include 12000mah so that you need not to worry about the devices going flat when you use them for longer period of time. You can safely leave your device without losing the power to go around. The LED power status indicator helps you to know the remaining power of your external battery charger which is also designed for daily use as it easily fit in your pocket or backpack.

3 # Jackery premium portable charger

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The Jackery portable aluminum charge is featured with 12000mah capacity to power up your devices faster and to meet your needs of charging. The USB ports allow you to simultaneously charge your phone, iPad and other gadgets with added extra battery life. This is one of the world’s largest capacity battery packs which also easily fit in your pocket. To create the high quality portable charger it is made of premium microchips and polymer cell. The 3 LED indicators will show the discharging and charging status of the power bank which is mentioned by most of the users in the power pack reviews.

2 # RAVPower multi-voltage external battery charger   

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The RAVPower is quite different from other ones in the list as it is featured with multi-voltage like 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 20V, etc. You can use this charger to power up your android phones, iPhone, Tablets, Laptops, camera, camcorder and other devices anywhere when there is need for charging. It also supports to large capacity phones so that you need not to worry about the device. The 2 USB ports will enable you to connect with two devices at a time. It is made of aluminum body to ensure good heat dissipation and the LCD screen will display the power level, voltage selection and more. All these factors made it as the best portable power pack available in the market.

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1 # Anker Astro external battery charger

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The Anker Astro is the best portable battery pack for the people who are seeking for fastest charger. The huge capacity of this external charger allows you to power up all the devices at three times faster than the usual one. The USB cable enables you to connect with the devices without any issues and you can keep the charger in your pocket or backpack easily. It delivers amazing performance and the glossy exterior ensures reliability as well as safety. This can be a great companion for you to power your gadgets at the time travel or at any emergencies.

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