Maintenance of documents and receipt is always a big task in every business concern. Even though we have the system of filing hard copies, it’s necessary to store all the receipts and other data in your computer. That’s why we make use of receipt scanner to transfer all kinds of data to the computer. These scanners help in transferring different types of documents and unlimited number of pages.

You have to get the best receipt scanner to accomplish all these tasks. There are many scanners available in the market so it’s hard to find the best one among them. Thus in this article we have listed some best receipt scanners 2015 in the following section.

6 Best receipt scanner reviews 2015

6 # Doxie Go mobile document scanner

The Doxie Go rechargeable receipt scanner is perfect for scanning any kind of documents. The scanning process is really quick at your desk or on the go where you have to just insert the paper that has to be scanned. It has the built-in recharge battery so that you can carry it anywhere to scan your receipts. There is no need for computer if you have this scanner because it has the ability to store 600 pages and you can insert USB flash drive or SD card for additional storage. This award winning scanner creates multi-page PDFs and recognizes the text in your document which also provides the facility to send them directly to your favorite apps.

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5 # NeatReceipts mobile scanner

best receipt scanner

The Neat Receipts is a small portable scanner that enables you to export information to Excel, PDF and more. It is slim, light in weight and run on USB option in your computer. It scans receipts, documents, business cards and also extracts the information. It performs well without any issues and suits for the people who are in need of a device for maintaining their stuffs. The software hangs up when you exit the program which is the only problem faced by users. This is the best scanner for receipts that satisfy both business and personal needs for maintaining records. It takes around 10 seconds to scan a long receipt which is really fast and most of the scanners available in the market does not provide this option.

4 # Brother DS – 620 mobile scanner

best receipt scanner2

Brother mobile scanner has scan speed of 8ppm which can scan in both color and black/white. It is light in weight and portable in nature so that it can be a perfect one for the people who are in need of receipt scanners that fit in their business bag or briefcase. It has a resolution of 1200 x 1200 for better clarity and this ideal device can capture receipts, business documents, identity cards, business cards, invoices and more. You can export your scanned items to a file, image, shared folder, FTP, email, etc. This is good and fast in performance which can scan up to 5 pages per minute with a speed of 600 dpi. This is the best receipt scanner that can be connected through USB cable with the system.

3 # Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i instant mobile document scanner

best receipt scanner3

Fujitsu scansnap can perform faster than Brother which can scan double sided up to 12 papers per minute. For the convenience of users it comes with AC adapter to connect with computer but also can be connected through computer’s USB port to transfer all the information from scanner. After completion of scanning, a quick menu appears that allow users to switch between different scanning intensions. This receipt scanner has automatic document feeder up to 10 pages and can automatically detect paper size, color, blank page, automatic cropping, etc so that you need not to waste you time in feeding the documents or changing the paper size settings.

2 # Epson work force DS – 40 portable wireless document scanner

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Epson workforce wireless scanner can scan critical documents with better resolution that can deliver clear image. It can automatically detect document size and type of image so that you need not to waste your time to change settings. This scanner let you scan directly to cloud services like Share point, one note, Google drive, Dropbox and more. Not only the documents, it can scan all types of receipts, business cards, employee ID cards and statements to your tablet or smartphone or pc. It is light in weight, portable and travel friendly so that it can be a best option for professionals. This has ability to meet the needs of business people who want a smart receipt scanner to transfer and maintain all their stuffs without any issue.

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1 # Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 receipt scanner

best receipt scanner5

The Fujitsu iX500 scanner can be connected through USB or Wi-Fi with your computer which guides you in every step of the scanning process so that you can access it anywhere and anytime. You can scan the document containing carrier sheets like magazine, photographs, newspaper clippings and more which most of the devices does not offer. Even though it supports iPad, iPhone and android devices this scanner remains compatible with Mac and PC. If you are looking for best receipt scanner then Fujitsu can be a recommended device to meet your needs for scanning the documents.

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