Each and every country trains their special forces to safeguard their human-kind and to protect the country. These Special Forces are military units that take insecure missions for political, military or economical purpose. The Special Forces was first set up during the World War II by German Brandenburgers in the twentieth century. The impossible tasks are accomplished by these forces and they are trained within the military. It is hard to list the force as top but somehow we framed the list of top 10 best Special Forces in the world in the following section.

List of 10 best Special Forces in the world

10 # Special Service Group, Pakistan

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The Special Service Group (SSG), Pakistan is also known as “Black Storks”. They are trained to take various missions like Special Operation, Unconventional Warfare, Direction Action, Personnel Recovery, Counter-Terrorist and more. The force is divided into ten battalions and headed by Major General which is headquartered at Tarbela. This is similar to SAS British Army and U.S Army’s Special Force. They often contain mission with other countries and is one of the best Special Forces in the world.

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9 # MARCOS, India

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The MARCOS was previously called as Marine Commando Force which is an Indian Navy’s special operations unit. This force was created to conduct operations like Unconventional Welfare, Amphibious Welfare, Special reconnaissance, Hostage rescue, Asymmetric warfare, Personnel recovery, Counter-Terrorism, Counter proliferation and Direct Action. They are trained to undertake operations in all types of terrain but specialized in maritime operations. Some of its personnel are attached with the Army Special Forces to conduct counter terrorism operations in certain areas.

8 # GIS, Italy

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The GIS was created in the year 1978 by Italian State Police which is a special operations counter-terrorism unit. More than one hundred soldiers of GIS are assigned with security services, anti-terrorism operations and more. They are well known for their sharp marksmanship around the world and they focus on high risky operations. It responds directly to the Ministry of Interior which has three operational sections and each is divided into a group of four men.

7 # Austria EKO Cobra

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The EKO Cobra is the primary counter terrorism operations unit of Austria which was formed due to the attack on Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics. The focus of this force is mainly on counter-terrorism and they involved in important hostage rescue in Karlau Prison in the year 1996. They are one of the best trained Special Forces in the world which was under the control of Austrian Federal Ministry for the Interior. The headquarters of the unit is located in Lower Austria which performs all the training and administrative activities. Their structure allows them to deployed anywhere in less than 70 minutes in Austria.

6 # Polish GROM

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The Polish GROM is one of the special Ops units in Poland which was started in the year 1980. The soldiers are trained to unconventional welfare and other variety of threats. This force has transformed as special military formation in conformity with the standards of NATO and revealed as best commando unit. The GROM stands for “Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno Manewrowego”. A Polish intelligence officer was chosen as first commander of the force and he gathered other soldiers who would be fit to carry out special operations.

5 # GIGN, France

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It is the special operation unit of French Armed Force which was formed to perform various hostage rescue and other counter terrorist missions around the world. Their basic goal was to face the violent attacks and to protect the countries from those kinds of attacks. It was created in the year 1971 and in 1973 it became the permanent force to face those kinds of threats. The National Gendarmerie Invention Group has achieved great recognition in the year 2007 and planned to expand the GIGN which consists of three distinct parts such as Intervention force, Security and protection force, Observation and search force which made it as one of the Best Special Forces in the world.

4 # US Delta Force

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The Delta Force is the first Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta which was formed and officially approved in the year 1997 after terrorist incidents happened in USA. The soldiers are trained to take missions like direct action, counter terrorism, national invention operation and more initially when it was formed. The force is started under the US Army Special Operations Command and is controlled by Joint Special Operations Command.

3 # German GSG 9

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The GSG 9 is the special operations and counter terrorism unit of German Federal Police which was started in the year 1973 after the kidnap of Israeli athletes during Summer Olympic Games due to the mismanagement of German Police. The force is trained to secure hostage taking, terrorism, kidnapping, track down fugitives, neutralize targets and more. The team has completed more than 1500 missions around 1972 to 2003. It is one of the best counter terrorism groups in the world.

2 # US Navy SEAL

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The Navy SEAL of US is also known as United States Navy’s Sea which is one of the Warfare Combatants. It was created in the year 1980 and it consists of four line squadrons. The men in the team are trained on land, air and sea to make them as highly trained group. Their duty is to conduct various small unit maritime military operations.

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1 # United Kingdom’s SAS

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It is one of the best Special Forces in United Kingdom which is known as Special Air Service and was originated in the year 1941 during the World War II. It has made many operations and gained worldwide fame which made this as a model for Special Forces all around the world. They got huge recognition after the rescuing of hostages 1980 and after attacking the Iranian Embassy. It is trained to carry out special operations during wartime and counter-terrorism.

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