It is hard to pick the finest studio headphones from the plenty of models and brands available in the market. In fact the choice differs based on the needs and preferences of an individual. While selecting the studio headphones you have to consider various fundamental factors like cost, type of headphone, sound isolation and more. Moreover open or semi-open designs of studio headphones can be great for mixing as it provides more flat and accurate sound. On the other hand headphones with closed back designs are better for recording. Likewise the type and nature of headphone may differ from one person to another. Thus we have framed the list of top 7 best studio headphones 2015 in the following section which has the ability to meet all these essential needs of a studio headphone.

List of 7 best studio headphones 2015

1 # Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphone

best studio headphones1

The Audio-Technica is one of the best studio headphones for mixing which enables you to achieve quality sound. This is designed for professional mixing and monitoring which is also featured with portability. It delivers efficient performance with the long wearing listening comfort and accurate response. For the maximum isolation it is equipped with padded ear cushions and for comfortable long mixing sessions it has adjustable headband. You can maintain clarity of sound, high frequency extension, accurate bass and more with the sophisticated driver technology. The headphone is available in attractive three colors such as while, black and silver. This can be the great one for professionals as well as for home users to enjoy their favorite music.

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2 # Sony MDRV6 studio headphone

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The Sony MDRV6 professional studio headphone is suitable for people who are seeking for a wide frequency headphone. It has outstanding noise reduction ability which avoids the unnecessary noise from external environment. It is featured with 40 mm drivers to deliver detailed and powerful sound. To facilitate you with the improved power handling the headphone has copper clad aluminum coil which is not found in most of the other brands. It has oval ear pads for maximum isolation and it delivers excellent comfort for you while working on it. You can choose the fixed mini plug for the portable use and can change to detachable phone plug if you want it for home hi-fi use. On the whole it is one of the finest studio headphones in the market when compared to other ones.

3 # Sennheiser HD 280 PRO

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The Sennheiser PRO studio headphone was designed to meet the demands of a professional headphone user. It is featured with robust construction, modular design, sound quality, noise isolation, maximum flexibility, compatibility, swiveling ear cups and more. This can be a great and dynamic stereo headphone which offers linear sound reproduction. For the maximum SPL you can get Neodymium magnets and it has the noise attenuation of around 32 dB. You can get rotating ear cups with this headphone which can be easily fit in your space and are portable in nature. You can use it for longer period of time with the same comfort that you got initially. This is one of the best recording studio headphones available in the market.

4 # Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone

The Sony MDR7506 can be one of the great recording studio headphones from this popular company which is ideal for sound monitoring in video, film production, electronic news gathering or any of the application where high quality sound is required. For the excellent comfort it offers maximum isolation and you can also avoid the unnecessary voice from the external environment which could not be achieved by most of the other brands available in the market. The closed ear design is popular in this headphone which is featured with oxygen free copper cord,, gold connectors, convenient folding construction and more. This can be reliable for the toughest situations because of its portability.

5 # AKG K240 Headphone

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The AKG K240 is one of the great studio headphones for mixing that offers better sound quality and enables you to enjoy the professional work. This semi opened headphone is used on stages and studios all around the world which made it as most widely used headphone. You can be able to enjoy your music at any place without worrying about the external sounds as it protects from those issues. It delivers crystal clear high, accurate mids and solid low end. It is designed to facilitate the airiness of headphone with powerful bass response. To ensure the accurate response at any level of listening, detailed highs, and to create thinner diaphragm it is equipped with XXL transducers.

6 # Behringer HPS3000 Headphones

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The Behringer provides exceptional sound reproduction and enables you to have comfortable listening. It is featured with oval shaped ear cups in order to deliver every nuance of your sound which also contains high resolution cobalt capsules. For the maximum durability and tangling the headphone is connected with one sided finest oxygen copper wire. You can get a TRS adopter to make it compatible with the MP3 player or mixing console or any other device. This ultra wide dynamic range headphone is perfect for mixing as well for recording.

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7 # Beats Executive headphone

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The Beats over ear noise cancelling studio headphone is featured with light weight design which can be easily folded to carry for your sound needs everywhere. The active noise cancellation will helps in delivering the pure audio without external disruption. This can be great for deep bass, true mids and more. You can get maximum compatibility, comfort and high accuracy of what you hear from this headphone. It enables you to have intimate and real listening experience which is mostly expected from a studio headphone.

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