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Top 6 Best Tabletop Radios 2014-2015

The most popular entertainment source next to television can be the radio. If you want to listen to music from your office or home then prefer a tabletop radio. You might have thought why this specific product when different types are there to choose from. Since this shelf system can be easily placed anywhere, equipped with built-in options, sound quality, high-performance and offers listening pleasure. In fact it is difficult to find the best one as there are many available in the market. Among them we have listed the top 6 best tabletop radios 2015 in the following section after considering the pros and cons of each one.

List of top 6 best tabletop radios 2015

6 # Bose Wave music system 3

best tabletop radio1

This is the high-end tabletop radio from Bose which works differently from other usual radios. You will be amazed with the sound quality of this system that provides accurate sound effects. It comes with CD player, FM, streaming and MP3 player that enables you to share the audio from signal sources. It is equipped with waveguide speaker technology in order to convey the better performance with crystal clear highs beyond its size. You can even get the dual independent alarms which come with lovely snoozing and you can stop it by just a tap on the top of radio. It displays the information related to song title, artist and more which was most mentioned in this tabletop radio reviews.

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5 # Sangean WR-5 Tabletop radio

best tabletop radio2

This system is one of the best tabletop radios available in the market which has many build-in features that enables you to get the pleasure of listening. It comes with iPod control from which you can move the sliding dock to fit any size perfectly and it avoids the need of additional iPod adapter. It is equipped with stereo speakers for the bass tone control and high quality audio. You can have the full control of this tabletop radio with the help of remote. If you are bored of hearing the same list of music you have in your iPod then you can switch to FM to hear something new in this radio.

4 # Crosley CR3003A radio  

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The crosley solo is packed with all the features of a tabletop radio which allows you to enjoy the music in home as well in office. It looks different from other ones and has the ability to produce most consistent, cleanest and magical sound effects. It is portable in nature so that you can take it to any place you want in order to enjoy the music. This exclusive design will not occupy much space as it fit in your table. You can connect any portable audio devices with this system including hardware and you can tune with the precise FM/AM for unique listening experience.

3 # Tivoli tabletop radio

tabletop radio reviews4

This can be the best sounding table radio ever made by this company which offers room filling sound. You can get clarity to even the weakest stations which is most mentioned in tabletop radio reviews. In order to automatically adjust the bass response and tonal balance, a heavy magnet is mated to a frequency contouring circuit. This system is compatible with iPod and supports to other players. Many colors are available like cherry/cobalt blue, white/silver, black/silver and more. It is also featured with superior sound production, furniture grade, inert housing, attractive design and tuner technology.

2 # Grace digital music player

best tabletop radio5

This is the latest model from Grace Digital which is designed with Wi-Fi music player that uses the wireless connection to access radio stations. It can be connected with your PC or MAC to stream digital music library. You can get incredible crystal clear sound effects from this system and is featured with LCD color display which enables you to navigate the stations that you are listening to. It also offers programmable snooze bars, adjustable alarms, connect with iPod, mp3 player, etc. This high-end tabletop radio performs better than other usual music systems.

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1 # Sangean WR-11 radio

best tabletop radio6

This can the best tabletop radio in 2014-2015 which was mostly liked by the users as it is compatible and easy to operate. It is made with cabinet material that provides elegant outlook for the radio. It has the dynamic bass compensation that ensures high quality and rich sound. It is equipped with tuning LED indicator to get the possible reception from the antenna and to achieve the strong signal. It allows you to connect with portable media players and other devices without any issue. If you want to listen to music privately then you can make use of the headphone jack offered by this system.

That’s it about the tabletop radios, please let us know your favorite one from the list and also your feedback about this article in the following comments section which will be useful for other users.

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