Mostly pet lovers are looking for hypoallergenic dog breeds because they don’t shed much. Pet owners suffer allot due to dog shedding and they don’t want to spend their time in housekeeping to clean them. Moreover if you have asthma or skin allergy then you should stay away from them. Thus for allergy sufferers we have listed top 10 dogs that don’t shed in the following section that will help you in picking the right one.

List of top 10 non-shedding dogs

10 # Bichon Frise

non shedder1

These types of dog breeds have thick wavy hair and do not shed much. You need to brush its fluffy coat daily and have to do regular grooming. As the grooming in professional salon involves much expense the pet owners prefer to clip closely to its body to reduce the cost or you can also make use of the grooming clippers to groom their fluffy hair. They are affectionate, friendly and do not be aggressive with other pets. It is one of the popular pets which were originated in Spain and these small dogs’ weights around 5 to 10 kgs.  The longest lived Bichon died at the age of 16.5 in the year 2004 based on a study conducted in UK.

9 # Whippet

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The Whippet is well known for racing and hunting which participate in dog sports like fly ball nowadays. They have many similarities with Greyhounds and it is one of the fastest dogs in the world that can run with the speed of 35 mph. They love to chase small animals like rabbit which has the ability to corner like a sports car to maintain its speed. They need to do lots of exercises every day to make it healthier and happy. They are quite, loyal and sensitive in nature which does not shed much like other breeds which made it as non shedding dog. They always like to stay closer with their owner and they can be a great companion for kids if properly trained.

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8 # Giant Schnauzer dog

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This breed of dogs can grow up to 25 inches and belongs to working group. It became popular after World War and they are serving as watch dogs, police dogs as they are loyal and obedient. If you are looking for a dog that can move closer and be affectionate with kids then Schnauzer can be the best choice. They are energetic, need plenty of place to play and can be the better companion for your family. It cannot be comfortable with apartment lifestyle and you have to do regular grooming for them even though it belongs to hypo-allergenic breed. It is one of the amazing dog breeds that don’t shed which also need plenty of exercise to keep it healthy.

7 # West Highland Terrier

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These little dogs are energetic and have amazing hunting skill. Their coat has two layers among them outer coat is hard and inner coat is soft. You need to brush its coat daily to prevent from tangles. These kind of non shedding dog breeds are popularly known as Westy or Westie which was originated in Scotland. They have the average life span of 16 years and weights between 15 to 20 pounds. They shed less when compared to other breeds and are friendly with children but cannot tolerate if kids handled it roughly. To protect it from unwanted health issues they have to spend at least 20 minutes in walking or exercise regularly.

6 # Shih Tzu

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This small toy dogs are one of the non shedders even though it has silky long coat. They need to be groomed well by brushing daily to evade tangles. This hypoallergenic breed was originated in china that has the personality of loyal, affectionate, intelligent and outgoing. You can also clip their hair like other breeds if you don’t have patience to brush it regularly. This dog breed is also called as toy dogs which are calm and friendly in nature.

5 # Portuguese water dog

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This breed of dogs were used in fishing and trained to deliver messages between fishermen in olden days. Now they take part in water sports which can be the best companion for your family members. It is one of the best dog breeds that don’t shed much because they have single layered coat but still they need proper grooming. A Portuguese water dog named Bo was gifted by president of United States, Obama to his daughter. There were many health problems recorded by this type of dogs so special care has to be taken to avoid such issues.

4 # Basenji

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Basenji has short and fine coat which does not need regular grooming like other breeds. It is popularly known as barkless dog that will create crowing sound instead of barking. Their characteristics may include calm, intelligent and speed which can hunt small animals. They used to clean themselves like cats so that you need not to spend much money in salon. They weights around 24 pounds and are best watchdogs for home.

3 # Airedale Terrier dog 

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It is the king of all terrier dogs because it is larger than all types of terriers. They were mainly used as hunting dogs but now they are working as police dogs, tracking dogs and watch dogs. They are responsible, highly intelligent, quite and need more exercise or walk to shed their excess energy. They can easily get closer with kids and be affectionate but little supervision is necessary while playing with children. They can tolerate rough handling by kids so it can be a best companion for them which is also one among the dogs that don’t shed.

2 # Maltese Terrier

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It is an Italian breed which looks like small ball with fluffy fur. It is easy to train them because they can learn the tricks quickly. Many people love this lap dog as it is non shedder and amazing pet. It is one of the dogs that don’t shed which will bark allot and possessive that may be the major issue you will face if you own this dog. This cute little dog does not prefer to stay indoors so that it cannot be a smart choice for apartment lifestyle. It needs regular grooming because their coats will grow faster.

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1 # Dachshund

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It is listed as first because this hypoallergenic dog breeds doesn’t shed more. They have big droopy ears, short legs, long body and attractive eyes which are highly intelligent. They come in wired hair, short hair and long hair all these will need professional grooming and daily brushing of coats. These types of breeds are good as watchdogs and they love to stay closer with their owner.   This can be the best household pet and better companion for children.

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