There are more than thousands of jewelry designers around the world but only few are designing the fascinating and elegant pieces of jewelry that will make you mesmerize. These designers are providing most creative and dazzling jewels for us. In this article we are going to discuss about the top 10 famous jewelry designers in 2015 who are notable and prominent designers in the world.

List of top 10 famous jewelry designers in 2015

10 # Graff

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He is a London jewelry designer who used to work with high quality and rare diamonds. He is one among the best jewelry designers in the world and created most expensive jewels. He was born in a Jewish family in the year 1938 in Stepney. He started his work as apprentice at the age of 15 by creating small jewels and repairing rings. After that he started selling his own designs in England and in the year 1960 he founded Graff Diamonds. Now he is having more than 35 outlets all around the world. His unique design attracts many people and he is selling his jewels for millions of dollars.

9 # Mikimoto

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Mikimoto Kokichi was the founder of Mikimoto pearl company and he was the Japanese designer who created the first cultured pearl. He was fascinated by the pearl jewels in his childhood days and started his own business especially for high quality pearl jewelry. He was selected as one of the top 10 inventors of Japan in the year 1985 and it was ranked as most luxury brands of 20th century. They make use of technical skill and artistry at every phase including harvesting, sorting and matching to create unique jewel for their customer.

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8 # Autore

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The Autore was founded in the year 1991 by Rosario Autore which is one of the famous jewelry designers in the world. They are offering unique pearl jewelry to their customers for more than 22 years and they are sourcing the pearls directly from the south sea pearls producers to provide quality pearl jewels for their customer. They are selling their jewels majorly in countries like USA, South East Asia, Middle East India and Western Europe.

7 # Bulgari

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The Bulgari is one of the top jewelry designers in the world which is coming up with new and trendy collections every year. They started their journey in the year 1884 there of making inspired necklaces and large jewels around the world. Other than jewelry they are also offering watches, fragrances, bags, wallets and many more accessories. Their exclusive designs always stand unique from other designers in the market.

6 # Piaget


Piaget is one of the best jewelry designers in the world which has wide range of customers for their diamond watches. They are the Swiss jewelry maker who involved in designing prestigious jewels for their customer and was founded in the year 1874.  Their elegant designs attract every one and each piece of their jewelry is the master piece. They used to make designs from the inspirational strong historical legacy and modern themes to produce elegant jewelry for the special occasions.

5 # Chopard


Chopard is another Swiss jewelry maker which was founded in the year 1860 and they are having more than 100 stores all around the world. It is one of the top jewelry designers which offer luxury watches, traditional and modern jewelries and other accessories. Their popular creations may include Classic Racing, Imperiale, Classic, Happy Diamonds and more. You can discover joyful collections crafted in white or yellow gold to get precious pieces of necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, etc.

4 # Tiffany & Co

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The Tiffany & Co is an American multinational luxury jewelry which was established in the year 1837 and there of making most beautiful jewelry for their customer. They are selling watches, crystals, sterling silver and other accessories which are one of the best jewelry designers in the world. The diamond jewelry made by Tiffany is their style statement and gained much popularity among women.

3 # Buccellati 

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The Buccellati is an Italian brand that is well known for its platinum engraved and brushed gold jewelry designs which are made with rubies, high quality diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. It was started in the year 1919 by Mario Buccellati in Florence. In the year 2014 they launched bridal jewelry and high tech jewelry collections which inspired many young women.

2 # Van Cleef & Arpels


The Van Cleef & Arpels is well known for their luxury jewelry designs. They make use of secretive technique to create unique designs which are not offered by other jewelry designers. They became popular around the world for their page shaped brooch. Their technique is hidden below the gem in order to give maximum exposure to the diamonds without losing their sturdiness. The jewels that are designed by this French jewelry brand was worn by popular personalities like Grace Kelly, Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor and Empress Farah.

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1 # Harry Winston

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The Harry Winston is one of the finest and top jewelry designers in the world who made some of his luxurious jewelry by using valuable gems on earth and most of the famous diamonds in the world have been made by Harry Winston. His jewelry was worn by Queen Elizabeth II, Shah of Persia and other royal people. It is one of the luxury jewelry designers who offer elegant and unique designs for their customer.

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