The Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the muscle development which has much complication than aorta and valves. It is named as Marfan syndrome by a French pediatrician, Antoine Marfan who has described it first in the year 1896. It is also known as arachnodactyly that affects bones, eyes, blood vessels and heart. The symptoms of this disease include longer arms, fingers and legs, sloppy joints, etc. Apart from this people who suffer from this dangerous syndrome will be talented and brilliant. In this article we have discussed and listed top 8 famous people with Marfan syndrome in the following section.


List of top 8 famous people with Marfan syndrome

8 # Robert Johnson


famous people with marfan syndrome8


Robert Johnson was one of the popular American musicians and he was born in the year 1911. This multi-talented personality influenced many younger generation and great musicians with his musical skills. As an Itinerant performer he played most of his music on street corners, at Saturday night dances, etc. He reached a wider audience only after the reissue of recordings on the King of the Delta Blue Singers and still he is recognized as the master of Blues. At the age of 27 he died due to severe heart complication which is the effect of this syndrome.

7 # Flo Hyman


famous people with marfan syndrome1


Flo Hyman was a volleyball player and Olympic silver medalist who belong to United States. At her young age she had rapid growth in several parts of her body as she was badly affected by this syndrome. But her mother was the biggest encouragement and motivated to use her growth as an advantage. After that she began to show interest in sports and became a great volleyball player. She died while she was playing in a game held at Japan in the year 1986 which was the incident that led to discover Flo died due to Marfan syndrome.

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6 # Vincent Schiavelli 


famous people with marfan syndrome2


Vincent Schiavelli has appeared in many movies like Man on the Moon, Taking Off, Tomorrow Never Dies, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and more. He was a famous personality in Hollywood who wrote several articles in newspapers, magazines and cookbook also. He was one of the tall men with the height of 6 feet. He has been diagnosed with this syndrome and he did much researches and studies in National Marfan Foundation to take treatment for this dangerous disease. He is one of many actors with marfan syndrome then sadly died batling it.

5 # Sergei Rachmaninov 


famous people with marfan syndrome3


Sergei is one of the popular personalities who were affected by this syndrome. He has succeeded in music industry as a composer. Other than that he was a good conductor and painter. He has long fingers and he makes use of it to play wonderful music with keyboard. He was a slender with narrow head, long and thin nose. His career was affected by various health issues like eye strain, back pain and arthritis. He has died because of this syndrome after much remarkable success in the music industry.

4 # Abraham Lincoln 


famous people with marfan syndrome4


He is the fourth person in the list of top 8 famous person with Marfan syndrome who was the President of United States. He had lean stature, sloping shoulders, long nose, small head and small eyes which were his various symptoms for this disease. Most of the doctors were refused to accept that he had this syndrome because there was not adequate evidence to prove it. One of the descendants of Lincoln had Marfan so it assumed he also had it. In the year 1960 a paper named Journal of the Year published the news about his syndrome.

3 # John Tavener 


famous people with marfan syndrome5


John Tavener spent his 46 years of life with struggling in Marfan syndrome. He was a famous British personality and a classical composer. Not only him many of his family members were suffered from his disease including his daughters and brother. He has spoken about this disease and his feel in public speeches. He had positive thoughts about his life and he created awareness among people about this dangerous disorder. He has spent most of his life time in struggling with this disease who was a talented person.

2 # Michael Phelps


famous people with marfan syndrome6


Michael Phelps is the best swimmer we have ever met and he is an Olympic medalist. He is tall, thin and flexible which help him to swim faster than other people in the water. He made almost 39 world records in swimming and has won 18 gold medals in Olympic. He took regular heart tests and he doesn’t get positive sign of Marfan syndrome when he tested. But many people are saying he was suffered from that disease.

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1 # Osama bin laden  


famous people with marfan syndrome7


Everyone in world is familiar of this person named Osama bin laden who was born among 16 children of their family. He had the symptoms of Marfan like long fingers, bony face, long arms, spinal problems, difficulty in walking and other common symptoms of this disorder. The way he look things is different from others. He is one among the famous people with this syndrome and debate is going on still now whether he is suffered from this disease or not.


The Marfan Research Foundation is still conducting researches to find out the prevention measures and treatment for this disease. We hope you find this article useful in knowing some important information and symptoms of this disease. Please share your feedback in the following comments section.