Unblocked movies streaming websites have practically replaced the old outing of going to the movie theater because they have become so wildly successful in recent years. If you don’t believe this, try going to a reasonably popular new movie release at your local theater this weekend to see how eerily empty the theater is.

It’s not really that people don’t enjoy the movies anymore, they just refuse to pay to see them any longer with all of the unblocked movies streaming sites now available.

In this piece, we’ll go through the top ten unblocked movies streaming websites that have given life to this accelerating trend which has quite literally stolen the thunder of the old movie theater arena.

1. Wolowtube

unblocked movies streaming websites

Wolotube is fascinating as it is a search engine exclusively designed for online movie streams. Simply click the icons for movies, and the engine goes to work performing an exhaustive search on your behalf. You might also perform a manual search for a specific title by using the search box. The results displayed will permit you to watch any unblocked movies found on the Internet.

Practically every online movie streamer is available via the site. The movie page lists out all of the new movies and a brief description of the film. For those who are serious about watching free full-length movies online, this could be the most useful one-stop site ever.

2. Yify

a screenshot of the Yify movie streaming site homepage

Yify is interesting precisely because it is better known as a torrent uploader. Yet it also streams unblocked movies from its site. They earned their claim to fame through delivering movie torrents in full HD.

What makes the site so incredibly impressive is that its designers actually upload every new release on the site personally themselves, and all of them in HD. The streaming site is identical in this respect.

The dashboard for the site provides a sorting feature by country of production, year, genre, and even language. For every movie you select, it displays full details including actors, length, director, genre, and even its IMDb ratings along with the Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings.

3. Fmovies

the screenshot of Fmovies unblocked movies streaming site homepage

One of the newer upstarts in the unblocked movies streaming sites is Fmovies. It is thanks to the user-friendly design that the website has rapidly become so successful and beloved. It features a highly advanced UI that lays out everything on the site well. Besides this, the website itself is both responsive and fast.

The homepage features a banner that reveals the hot trending and latest movie releases. Below there are four links sections including Suggestions (for popular content), Latest Movies, Latest TV-series, and requested movies.

With a fully updated movie database, it is clear this team works really hard. The only downside is that there are both click and pop-up ads on the individual movie pages and throughout the entire website.

4. Moviewatcher

the screen caption of the Moviewatcher online cinema site homepage

This is another terrific site for viewing high-quality English movies. With a tremendous interface, you can see the film’s release date, genre, length, and other interesting details alongside the title. There are different players and versions offered in every film, with the quality ratings listed alongside each offering.

5. Putlocker

the screen caption of the Putlocker streaming site homepage

Putlocker provides an enormous quantity of free movies to stream. Their collection is unique and impressive. Besides an exhaustive back film collection, it also offers the newest releases in decent quality. The systems for sorting are helpful and functional. All films are sorted out according to years which range from 1995 through 2015, as well as by genre.

6. GOmovies

the screen caption of the GoMovies platform homepage

Gomovies has a special interface that provides a lot of great detail on the unblocked movies it showcases. The quality of their movies is truly impressive. The homepage is cutting-edge, displaying thumbnails for all featured films, the latest movies, and most requested movies as well.

As you move your pointer over a thumbnail, you get a description of the movie, genre, length, and the IMDb movie rating. Movies are sorted by genre, country, and IMDb rating on the dashboard as well, making it highly functional and helpful. The latest films are also available in high quality on this unblocked movies streaming site.

7. Watchmovies-online

the screenshot of the watchmovies online streaming site homepage

Boasting all of the most current unblocked movies on its streaming site, Watchmovies delivers on its name sake by providing a unique viewing experience. Their dashboard is world-class.

Movies are all well-indexed, there is a spot for requesting movies, and also a section for those movies which will be coming soon. A nice assortment of high-quality movies is featured on the movie streaming site, including literally hundreds of hit titles.

8. Tube+

the screen caption of the Tube+ online movies streaming site homepage

This site‘s claim to fame lies in its blazing fast speed. It delivers content quickly and efficiently at the same time. Their search bar at the top of the dashboard makes it handy to locate the unblocked movies that you want without hassle.

Search results may be filtered out according to release year and genre. Every movie page delivers a handy trailer along with a range of streaming links from which you can enjoy the film for free.

9. Snagfilms

the screenshot of the SnagFilms streaming website homepage

Unique to all the competitors in this list, Snagfilms boasts more than 10,000 individual movies and files. The downside is the majority of these unblocked movies are classics, documentaries, older comedy films, history movies, philanthropic films, and related content.

This means that you will not find the latest releases here. They do offer a special Android and iOS compatible app which allows you to view the content from smart phones.

10. My Download Tube

the screen caption of the MyDownloadTube movie site homepage

While the name of this final unblocked movies site proves to be confusing to many users, it is not only a download content site but also a movie streaming site. Every movie page offers the plot, details on the file, links to see the trailer, the IMDb rating, choice to stream or download the movie, etc.

They also provide movie screenshots so that you can check out the quality of the film before you commit to it. The only downside to this site is its infinite pop up ads that you will have to endure and close before you get to watch a streaming movie here.

Summing It Up

Thanks to these ten high-quality unblocked movies streaming movie sites, there really is no point in paying to go see movies on the silver screen any longer. As they are all free, there is no good reason not to try each and every one of them out for yourself. See which one you like best and let us know.

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