When you enter in to some music sites and try to download, it will ask you to purchase or subscribe for accessing wide range of songs because of the copyright issue. But there are few websites that allows you to directly download music legally for paying nothing and without breaking any laws. In this article we have listed the top 6 free music download sites which offer plenty of audios to choose from and easy to use.

List of 6 best free music download sites

6 # Jamendo

[ www.jamendo.com ]

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This website has a huge collection of legal and free music tracks which offers more than 350,000 files. This was launched in the year 2005 that have millions of users around the world. By using the search option you can discover your desired audio from the gallery. In this site you can make donations to the artists and they support the participating artists with their revenue.  This site allows you to stream and download unlimited number of free music files. This is one of the largest royalty-free music catalog in the world. When you enter in to Jamendo you can see various categories on the left corner of the site like discover, my music, search and radio. You can also find some information related to playlist, album, artist and more which made it as one of the best website to download music for free.

5 # Soundcloud

[ soundcloud.com/explore ]

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Soundcloud is a good site to download free music where you can get wide range of latest audio files. You will see the green color dot on the profile of artist to make sure that they have posted the tracks. You can create your own account and password to become a member of this site. It let you to upload your own music in the site easily so that it will reach most of the people all around the world and enable you to move on with your career. You can see a big list of categories in the left side such as classical, dance, deep house, country, electro, folk, hip hop and more. You can search the tracks by artists, popularity, genres, and latest postings where you can also find tracks under creative commons license.

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4 # Beemp3

[ beemp3s.org ]

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This is one of the free music download sites where you can simplify the search using filter option. You can get the A to Z songs of all movies and albums in this website for free. Like other ones in this list you can do your search based on artist, genres, etc. When you enter in to the site you can see the list of top searches which will be helpful for you to get what you are looking for. It does not involve many steps in downloading also. All that you have to do is just click on the title, a new page will open. In that page you have to right click on the music and select save target as to start the download.

3 # Epitonic

[ www.epitonic.com ]

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The Epitonic allows you to download free mp3 songs with a single click on the down arrow. It provides various interesting information related to the artists, instrument, music, editors, etc. You can see My Epitonic Playlist in the right corner of the page where you can select any number of item from the list to add on the track and play it. This playlist is just like music streaming so that you can play the songs to make the downloading decision. You can also get the articles written by musical legends in this site. There are three tabs namely category, exclusive and features, under exclusive you can get various options like label releases, label roster, management roster and store to get unlimited audios. Likewise the features option let you to know about the reviews posted by other users, playlist, interviews, previews and more. The category option makes your search easy by offering music under specified groups like labels, genres, editors, etc.

2 # NoiseTrade

[ noisetrade.com ]

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This is a great website to download music for free where you can get ample collection of latest and popular audio tracks. You can register your e-mail address to get the latest updates of NoiseTrade instantly. Unlike other music download websites you can see the tracks that are downloading by other users in the right corner of the page. You can say your thoughts about the artist you like most and also share them to social networking sites. The categories may include classic, alternative, comedy, children, instrumental, pop and more that enables you to get your desired track on a single click. You can also create your own username and password to login whenever you enter in to this website.

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1 # Free Music Archive

[ freemusicarchive.org ]

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It is another best website to download free music which was developed in the year 2009 by an independent radio station named WFMU as a result of the project. It becomes a treasure for free music which recommend a huge list of audio tracks to their user. They are posting music in this site using two techniques that is they index the free music posted by themselves and other one is they allow the users to post their own audios. This enables them to make a huge gallery of music. By clicking on the plus symbol near title you can add that particular song to the playlist and clicking on the down arrow allows you to download the audio directly without taking you to additional page. You can also get information related to artists, albums and recent topics related to music.

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