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Top 10 low maintenance dogs that don’t shed

Many people deny owning a dog because they don’t have enough time to take care of them. But there are some dog breeds which does not require much continuation and perfect for apartment or city life. These breeds are easy to train and need only little exercise, grooming, affection to keep them healthy. Moreover these dogs will not shred much like other breeds. Here we have listed top 10 low maintenance dogs in the following section which can be a best companion for you.

List of top 10 low maintenance dogs

10 # Japanese Chin

low maintenance dogs1

This dog breed was originated in China and a Chinese emperor brought it to Japan as a gift. It is also popularly known as Japanese Spaniel that needs low training and exercise. It is a small dog that weights nearly 11 pounds which does not require much grooming in salon. They may get breathing problem if you make them to do much exercises. You have to comb their hair regularly which can be the only spruce they need. These dogs will move friendly with neighbors and other pets thus will be a great companion for your kids. It is one of the amazing low maintenance dogs that are perfect for your city life and they always love to stay closer with their owners.

9 # Greyhound

low maintenance dogs2

The Greyhound is well known for racing which is one of the fastest dogs in the world that can run with a speed of 45 mph. These breeds were used for hunting in the history and are popularly called as couch potatoes for its amazing speed. These active dogs will be quite, gentle and friendly with kids thus can be a great choice for apartments than other small ones. It weights up to 70 pounds which does not require regular exercise as it loves running. Moreover they will not easily end up with any kind of diseases because they used to be active always. They can easily get along with children and strangers but need a little care near other pet animals. You have to take them for around 20 to 30 minutes of walking to make it fell happy.

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8 # Shih Tzu

low maintenance dogs3

If you are looking for the toy dogs then this can be a finest option which do not need much exercise and can get along with your family soon. They are lazy dogs that are made for lap. It is good companion for people who do not have adequate time to groom their dogs regularly. Even though you don’t want to spend money in maintenance, it needs brushing often to avoid tangles. This type of dog usually look like bears thus can also be called as teddy bear dogs. You can also make use of clippers or can clip their hair closely to skin to reduce the time of grooming. They want only minimal space so that will be fit for apartment life.

7 # Bichon Frise  

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It is a medium sized dog with thick and fluffy hair which will protect them for the harsh climatic conditions. It needs regular brushing but you can clip the fur closely to its body if you don’t have time for grooming and to avoid shedding. This household pet requires only minimal exercise and walking so that you will not miss any of your usual work to take care of them. It is called as non sporting dog breed in United States which can be gentle, affectionate, playful, and sensitive that has an average life span of 13 years. It will not bark mostly thus suitable for apartment lifestyle.

6 # Pug

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Pug is the lazy dog breed that is very silly and go lucky pet animal. You should take special care on them because of their flat nose they may get affected by diseases soon. They just need 15 minutes of walk per day and they love food. There are chances for getting infections if you didn’t wipe around their folds so it has to be taken care daily. They are playful, adventures, affectionate, loyal and low maintenance dog breeds that can adopt any environment so that perfect for all lifestyle. They like to stay closer with kids as well as with other pets and they follow their owners everywhere they go.

5 # Great Dane

low maintenance dogs6

Great Dane is one of the oldest breeds of dog which are popular for its great speed. It is also one of the fastest dogs in the world like greyhounds but are much affectionate than other pet animals. It weights around 100 to 130 pounds and their head can easily reach dining table because it is taller than other ones. Even though their appearance makes you afraid at first sight they are quite lovable and loyal for their owners. It is also a largest dog breed which can behave friendly with kids and most of the time it stay quite which made it as perfect dog for apartment. Most of the people get afraid and think they are dangerous because of their outlook but can be the great companion for their beloved one.

4 # English bulldog

low maintenance dogs7

English bulldogs are lazy dog breeds that require only low maintenance. They like to have only five minutes of walk per day but you have to take them for about 20 minutes of walk to keep them healthy. They usually do not shred much thus there is no need to worry about the allergies or cleaning. They need little attention while get along with kids and other pet animals as they are short tempered. This medium sized pet requires regular cleaning around their folds and weekly rubs to avoid shedding. It will snore which can be the big irritation you will face with this dog otherwise it is the best companion for your family which does not require much grooming like other dog breeds.

3 # Puggle

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Puggle is popularly known as designer dog which is the mix of pug and Beagle. They are low maintenance dog breeds that are fit for apartment or city life. This type of dog have only less and short fur close to their body so there is only less chance for shredding. They are playful, affectionate and mostly prefer to stay in lap. These smaller dogs require little walking once in a day to make it stay healthy and try to avoid workouts for them because it will create breathing issues. They have the ability to suit all type of lifestyles and the only thing you have to consider is to clean them often. It is loyal and amazing household pet which always need care and affection from their owner.

2 # Yorkshire terrier

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It is the perfect dog to live in apartment as it is tiny and requires only small space. It will easily get along with kids, neighbors and other pet animals. It has high intelligence so that you will not find difficulty in training them. They like to bark which can be the only problem you face with this little guy. There is no need of regular brushing of hair instead you can clip it close to its body to avoid regular grooming. It can be one of the best low maintenance dogs in the world when compared to other dogs.

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1 # Chihuahua

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These are small and lazy dog breeds in the world that requires little grooming even though it has short hair. It is also called as toy dog because of their size and behaviors. They have big ears and can grow up to 9 inches so that will fit easily in your purse. These dogs were discovered in the year 1850 which does not require much training as it is one among the low maintenance dogs. It is like toy dog that are loyal to their owners and it will get serious health issues if it become over weight.

We hope you find this article useful in knowing about the various types of low maintenance dogs. Please let us know your favorite dog from the above list and also share your valuable thoughts in the following comments section.

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