The mobile phones are used much more than a communication device and gaining much popularity as many apps are coming out daily. Whether you own a higher end model or low end model, you need to install useful android apps to make it as smarter one. Nowadays the android phone provides various options to stay in touch with your desired one and to make your life easier.

We make use of usual apps like facebook, twitter to chat with our friends and some more like Google map, Gmail, etc. How long you will use these same apps, there are many other useful android apps available at free of cost to improve the capability of your phone. If you are new to android platform and don’t know what are the best android apps then you’re in the right place. Here we’ve listed some of the most useful android apps 2015 in the following section.

List of top 10 most useful android apps 2015

1 # Circa News

useful android app1

This great app helps you in updating yourself with latest news and happenings of the world. While using this app you feel like you are informed quickly as it let you see latest update first. It is good looking and quite interesting app which gives you breaking news alert. This is the useful android app for your phone which enables you to stay in contact with the happenings of the world.

2 # Duolingo

useful android app2

Duolingo is the best android app available for free which makes you to learn new languages. If you have the interest to learn new languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc., you can learn in fun and competitive way. This app will give you scores and ratings to find out your progress of learning that language. You can also add your friends to the profile to compare your ability and you need internet connection to access this one. This compatible app allows you to track your progress and achievement in that specific language.

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3 # Citymapper

useful android app3

The Citymapper makes it easy to find your desired location in the city which is advanced than Google map. You can be able to find any location in the city including the cycle hire docking location. If you once entered your popular locations like home or workplace, you can quickly decide your travel option from unknown location. It also gives you details regarding public transport services like bus, train, etc. You can download this useful android app for free from Google play store.

4 # Money Tracker

useful android app4

Money Tracker is the useful app for android that is available for free to handle your income and expenses. You can make use of the push notifications in order to make any new transaction in your account. It allows you to create folders to categorize your expense so that it will be easy for you to find out the details easily. You can be able to track how much you spend for each month and also can plan for savings.

5 # Evernote

useful android app5

Evernote is free android app for business people who are busy and want to organize their daily events. This app can be the solution to keep all the business events in one place and enables you to access your files in phone through desktop. You can also manage your expenses and book tickets for your business trip using this app. You can be able to write lengthy articles, short notes, collect web articles and access them on any device using this android app. This also allows you to organize your bills, invoices and receipts to keep a track on your day to day expenses.

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6 # Endless TV

useful android app6

You can download the Endless TV app for free from Google play store which is the best android app for entertainment. You can access your favorite videos, music, sports and more on your phone by using this app. With the single swipe you can change the shows in same channel and also skip to another channel. This streaming app is useful in knowing latest happenings with the live news channels and you can watch unlimited number of videos, shows, etc. With the fast buffering offered by this app you can get the videos instantly without having to wait.

7 # National Rail Enquiries

useful android app7

The National Rail Enquiry is the useful app for android which is suitable for the people who used to spend much time in travel. With the help of this app you can make your enquiries related to train like arrival time of train, notification for delays, etc. While using it for the first time you have to select “Get me home” option after entering into the work train station. This app is available for free which enables you to plan your vacations and journeys without any trouble.

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8 # Share price

useful android app8

If you are an investor of share market then this is the most useful android app for you which provide details related to shares. You can keep track on the day to day movement of the share price and their fluctuations in the market. Now you can easily buy or sell shares by opening the trading account using your android phone. You can be able to know the opening price and the closing price of each company’s share as well as the details regarding the companies offering shares for the first time with the help of this app.

9 # Google Docs and Sheets

useful android app9

No need to depend on laptop and desktop computers anymore to work with word and excel. You can edit, create and share word documents as well as spreadsheets using Google Docs and sheets app in your android phone. Do not worry even if you closed the file because it has the auto save option which save all your stuffs. This is the most useful android app for the students who can accomplish their task easily.

10 # Lumosity

useful android app10

Lumosity is the excellent app for brain workout which is fun and competitive to play. This app provides mini games which you can play daily to built specific skills. It offers wider features and exercise for the users who are willing to improve their mental ability. This can be a great choice for the people who want to improve their memory, attention, etc. You can install this app in your android phone for free and you can also check your performance by scores that you are attaining daily.

We hope you find this article useful in identifying the most useful android apps. Please let us know your feedback in the following comments section and also share it with your friends.