If you are a small group of passionate young people looking forward to create your own music album you can make it possible by using the music production software available for free. You can record and edit as same as professionals do.

Without making much expense you can create your own innovative music at home to express your talent to the world. You can get a better and awesome music experience from this software. While talking about the music production software for windows you have to think about the recording, mixing, plugins and support. Here you go with the list in the following section.

10 Best Music Production Software for windows

1 # Reaper

music production1

This innovative music production software offers you unlimited audio tracking and you can create your own professional – sounding recordings. The size of the file is small so that it loads fast and can start the recording session immediately. It simplifies the work as you can edit various parts of your recording without changing the tool every time. If there is any correction in the pitch you need not to re-record. It allows you to change the pitch of incorrect note. The available plugins enables you to give additional sound, effects and musical texture which bring your music to next level.

2 # Ableton Live

music production2

This is very simple and pleasing one. There is digital audio workstation in which you can view the scroll while playing the track. You can add up any effects you want to make your music an innovative to the listeners. This best windows music production software makes you to deliver the music as perfect as the professional. The audio is displayed in the wave form and you can get the guidance for using this software when you install it. It offers 9 instruments to try including operator, analog, drum racks, sampler and more to create any kind of music.

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3 # Acoustica Mixcraft Pro

music production3

This is the greatest music production software for windows. This one has most complicated features than the other and also user interface. It comes with more than 6000 free music loops and variety of sound effects which will add up more quality to the music. It can support virtual instruments and used in conjunction with MIDI controllers. The most impressive fact about this software is you can edit the videos using the built – in video editor. This is the highly rated and equipped with many features that make you to add any type of effects to create it as you need.

4 # FL Studio Producer

With the available features of this software you can create the best music. The attractive feature is you can record the live audio and can edit it as you want. It has piano roll function through which you input notes into the project. After you installed the Fl studio producer then you can make use of your computer keyboard as the midi keyboard. This helps you to edit the beat and correct the misplacement using the drum sequence feature. You can create, edit and add up all the effects to make your music the best.

5 # Cubase Elements 7

music production5

This is the affordable and best windows music production software which has many creative features such as blank recording project, mastering suite, music scoring application and more. When you enter into a new recording project you will find your workspace with floating transport option. It enables you to toggle between mixer and arrangement window. It has high – pass filters and low – pass filters within the four – band equalizer that helps you to edit and clean up the audio recordings. Multiple channels are available to facilitate your recording where you can organize those channels by series or name.

6 # Reason Essentials

It is the entry level version and this software works better in your system. It has wide range of editing, mixing and recording tools. The special feature is the built – in guitar emulator which is made for the guitar lovers you can make that effect to find your music different from others. You can work efficiently by DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) program.

7 # Audacity

music production7

This is the best software for music production available in the market when compared to others. It works perfectly so that you can make your flawless music which is featured with noise removal and tempo adjustment where you can edit and mix sounds that satisfy your music need. This easy to use audio editor and recorder is also available for Mac, Linux and other operating systems which can be used to record live audio, change the pitch of recording, adding new effects, convert tapes into digital recordings, etc.

8 # Pro Tools

music production8

This audio creation software enables you to work with multiple tracks simultaneously in order to achieve your desired music. You can extract the audio from the video files. You can make changes with the pitch and time stretch if there is any correction needed. It supports to windows and works without error in your system. It enables you to maximize your creativity and to take on the most demanding sessions without holding anything back.

9 # Logic Pro

music production9

You can drag the audio to the workstation which you need to edit and add up the effects. You can find the features like piano roll editor, score editor, hyper editor, mixer and more on. This is one of the great music production software for windows. It supports to most of the latest versions so that you will not face any difficulty while installing process. You can access all the plugins and midi settings so that it will be easy for you to place the effects for the music.

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10 # ACID Music Studio

music production10

You can expect all your favorite music editing options here like looping, mixing, plug-in manager, playoff and more. It is easy to use and user friendly. There will be an interface available in the left side of the workstation that shows the audio tracks so that you can apply the effects and settings to bring out the music as you need. You can create new music with this software which allows you to record data from your favorite hardware controllers.

Let us know your favorite windows music production software from the list and also share your thoughts about this article in the comments section below which will be useful for other readers.