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Top 9 Poorest Countries in the World in 2017

In general terms, the wealth of a country can be assessed by reviewing their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This metric is best defined as a country’s total market value of goods produced during a specified period of time. But can this be an indicator of the poorest country in the world?

This number is divided by the country’s population to provide the overall Gross Domestic Product. Of course, there are other things that contribute to a country’s wealth, but this has been a universally accepted standard in economics.

Unfortunately, this metric varies greatly from country to country. There is a ton of disparity between rich and poor, and this challenge spans the globe. While there is no clear winner when it comes to the poorest country in the world, here are a few that top the list.

The Poorest Country in the World – 9 Examples

#1. Madagascar

some poor houses in Madagascar

This African island has received some publicity for their unique biosphere and attention to tourism. However, most of the country is drowning in poverty. The country has experienced political turmoil and unrest for many years. These constant challenges have left the country with little economic leadership or direction.

Also, most of the natives are trained in agriculture and make a living through this type of work. Unfortunately, the country is severely affected by climate change, and the weather can be unpredictable. This creates hardship for the locals who rely on agriculture to survive.

#2. Malawi

some people hauling water in Malawi

Malawi is another African state that tops the list when it comes to the poorest country in the world. It has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world with over half the country living below the accepted poverty line. Unfortunately, the country has experienced loss of aid due to corruption within their local government.

Without aid, the country has experienced turmoil and has not had the funding to contribute development. This change has led to even further poverty and destruction. Similar to other African countries, the Malawi people rely heavily on agriculture and farming for survival. Massive flooding in late 2015 devastated the country and their economy, and they’re still working to recoup the losses.

#3. Guinea

a poor family in Guinea

This country has experienced wealth in the past due to their massive local mineral mining. However, recent events have contributed to the slip. The country has not enjoyed economic freedom since the 1990s, and the country’s government has engaged in a series of sociopolitical conflicts which have rapidly delayed the country’s return to independence.

In addition, the country’s laborers rely on outdated equipment and processes for farming which has proved a massive handicap.

#4. Niger

several men with cattle in Niger

Niger is swallowed by the Sahara Desert, with 80 percent of its land mass lying in the stretches of this sandy oasis. Niger has often been touted as the poorest country in the world due to its large population and limited room for expansion and growth.

The country’s rapidly growing population and reliance on small-scale agriculture place it at risk for desertion. In addition, the country has a rough past of slavery, illiteracy, and disease. Mortality rates are extremely high, and while the country anticipates some relief due to ongoing oil projects, it continues to rack up debt to complete these projects.

#5. Liberia

a destroyed school site in Liberia

Liberia earns a look as the poorest country in the world. The African nation experienced a major hit to their economy with the Ebola crisis. Ebola caused many investors to withhold their investments until the disease was better contained.

In addition, the overall economy relies on exports like rubber, iron ore, and palm oil. This means the country is at the mercy of the global commodity markets. Overall, a whopping 85 percent of Liberians live below the poverty line definitely putting it in the running for the poorest country in the world.

#6. Afghanistan

some cute children in Afghanistan

This Middle Eastern country needs no introduction. After almost two decades of war and terror, the country definitely lacks structure and lands recognition on the list as the poorest country in the world. Unemployment in Afghanistan sits around 35 percent, and almost half the population survives on less than one dollar per day. In addition, the country lacks the support of foreign investment due to the constant turmoil and instability.

#7. Ethiopia

some children outdoors in Ethiopia

This African country is extremely underdeveloped and impoverished. Over 55 percent of the country’s population lives in city slums, and the GDP per capita is one of the lowest in the world. Ethiopia is another culture where agriculture is the foundation of the country’s economy. Unfortunately, the country regularly experiences drought making progress a challenge.

#8. Burundi

several Burundi children on a field outdoors

This community has experienced the brunt of the infamous Hutu-Tutsi ethnic conflict. The conflict has created chaos and destruction throughout the country, and the European Union has cut funding to this impoverished country because of political corruption.

Also, the crisis has driven a recession and a ban on trade with neighboring countries. This experience has contributed to inflation making it difficult for the locals to find ways to put food on the table. All of these factors have landed Burundi in the mix as one of the poorest country examples in the world.

#9. Haiti

a crowded Haiti street

This country is still recovering from the devastating effects of recent earthquake damage. While the country enjoys the advantages of a free market economy and a good relationship with the United States, there are many factors contributing to the lack of economic growth.

Over 80 percent of the country lives below the poverty line, and seven out of ten people report living on under two dollars per day. Government corruption and lack of educational resources have really hindered the country’s ability to recover.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many areas of the world that lack the resources and economic conditions to truly thrive and prosper. Each of these countries has been labeled as the poorest country in the world at one point or another. Moreover, all of them still land on the list due to their low gross domestic product rating and high poverty levels. It’s important to acknowledge this disparity and understand the struggles that exist all over the globe.

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  1. This is nonsense

  2. Liars and where is malawi don’t lie to people zambia is not the poorest country

    • Why are you pointing fingers at Malawi? This is the problem with Africa. Instead of figuring out what’s wrong at home, you want to accuse others. Log off.

      • True.. I am zambian and i dont approve of this bulls**t. Matter of fact is i suspect that malawi is actually better than us , looking at its size and location… zambia is f**king landlocked, our foreign income is limited by that, while malawi has its ports.

    • So you would feel better about being a poor country if Malawi was ranked the poorest country? We really need to eradicate this attitude of viewing ourselves in light of someone else. That is holding you and Zambia back. It’s true, misery loves company!

    • Yes its nonsense. Gaza is not a country but a territory occupied by terrorist muslims.

  3. The report about Zambia is not accurate. I agree Zambia is a poor country, but disagree with the ranking.

    • So what is your ranking of Zambia. Africans?

    • Wow just wow!! So it’s ok to be a on a list of poor countries, but it’s not ok to be number 1 on the list? The very fact that we are disputing the ranking of Zambia on the ‘poor country list’ is a testament to the mentality that has Zambia on the list. The aim should be to not be classified as a poor country. What difference would it have made if Zambia was 7th on the list? I guess it would have given you satisfaction that there are six other countries worse off than Zambia. That very attitude is rife in Zambia.

  4. And is there no picture of poor people in Moldova that you have to use a picture of African women grinding something? Or is that what a typical Moldovan village looks like?

  5. I don`t understand, how can Zambia be among the leading copper producers and be the poorest Nation worldwide. what is hindering its growth economically?

    • Yes thats the ‘Big Question’ or the paradox of poverty in wealth! Its only leadership that we hv lacked in Zambia. We elect Leaders becoz they’re humble, loud, sweet-talkers etc. I know we can do better but perhaps we can rectify this soon enough….

    • The people in Zambia are the cause of their country ranking the poorest. The rich does not try to help the growth of the country nor does the government. Zambia is a country of greed. Money that is made in Zambia goes to the people of power and that money is then used to live a fancy lifestyle. Leaving the villages and poor people without nothing. I have lived and volunteered in the country for 8 years and I have saw it first hand. It’s a proven fact “the richer get richer; and the poor stay poor.

  6. Congratulations Zambia!!!!!! You’re Number 1!!!

    • Rich…or poor whatever your names are…I will inform you that zambia has one of the fastest growing economies..and we pride ourselves in carrying a torch of democracy in the world…equitable resource distribution ..and the fact that our balance of trade is almost as competitive makes us to be in the ladder of progressive economic stability..Therefore this stupid and unfounded reports about zambia in the quest of discouraging economic potential investors is a report of doom..get your facts right and stop turnishing African countries….Zambian’s even in the diaspora have the most respected jobs…..

  7. So in your minds Zambia is worse off than Gaza strip. Lets find something else to report about; closer to what we know and leave such statistics on countries to the UN. Your racist articles will not stop us from developing.

  8. It is not true. Zambia can’t be the poorest country in the world. There are countries like South Soudan, Malawi, most of Eastern European countries. So this article is full of malice.

    • Why are you comparing yourself to Malawi? Malawi has fought so hard without mines and heavy industries. Malawi has developed within their ability while Zambia has depreciated down as compared to how it was in the 70′s and in 15 years time Malawi will be ahead of Zambia because she is more focused than Zambia.

  9. Your statistics about Zambia are false, and whoever is circulating this information is jealousy of the development Zambia has attained so far with almost everyone in towns n cities and periurban areas owns more than one car. The middle class communities in Zambia continues to rise and improved standards of living as can be seen by inflax of foreigners seeking to better their lives in Zambia.
    Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mouritenia, Madagascar, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, DRC, Burundi, Central african republic, south sudan, Uganda, Eritrea etc all these are very poor countries which cannot be compared to Zambia.

    • Jealousy? Hehehehehehe
      Benson, the fact that you see people entering Zambia to make a coin or two does not negate the assertion however erroneous it might be. Zambia may very well be poor because foreigners see what you don’t see. Consequently they are flocking in in ceaseless waves!
      Languluken tata.

      • Let us remind you poverty is just in your mind. When you come to Zambia yes we don’t have sky scrappers but we are a happy people and our food is so cheap the only country in the world that can live, not survive, on a dollar per day. Our food are traditional and healthy not those junks you eat. The fact that Zambia does not look like London or New York does not make it poorest nation. You did your half baked research on internet, take a closer look you might see better

    • Please get a life and live up to reality brother. Just accept and improve

    • You’re lying. DRC,Mozambique and Zimbabwe are better than Zambia in terms level of poverty. You’re talking tosh

  10. Idiot! !!!!!!! Think before you write Zambia isn’t poor!!!!

  11. I suggest that your primary data is wrong. I live and work in Zambia and have travelled extensively in Zambia and other countries liste i have also worked to analyse national statistics in Zambia (for thr UN). We basically had to rule out using CSO data as it is so inconsistent and flawed. Relying on this data for analysis is lazy and leads to false conclusions.

  12. This is a fake report

  13. The statistics you have provided are is not true that Zambia is the poorest about the middle east countries which are at war,what are there ranking? Liars. Please give us a comprensive analysis of how they arrive at such statistics.liars

  14. Zambia is one of the most urbanised country in Africa. This is as a result of the copper mines which with mining needs manpower to work the copper out of the mines and hence keeps expanding community services to its employees. Copper production went down as a result of the falling demand on the international market. Poverty in towns is as a result of retrenchments and restructuring every time the demand for copper falls. Innovation is hard as all industries and economic activity depend solely on copper revenues with which life and the bustling of towns depends. Depending on how you set your criteria; Zambia may be defined as poor, but Zambians are very happy people. The happiness index is much higher than Angola and Zimbabwe.

  15. Not correct. We are not poor as u say. Just pay us a visit and prove that we are not poor as you say. Your conclusion is based on hate. Our prople are poor but no to limit you have put in this article. We have all food we need and that’s why you will not see zambians going to beg in other countries in large numbers

  16. I live in Zambia but this makes sad reading.Zambia is not poor,it just has leaders who make poor decisions.hope this trend will turn around soon

  17. You are idiot can you campare zambia with somalia malawi useless asian countries

  18. This is not true. This is not factual. Zambia cannot and is not the poorest country on the planet. This survey is a mistake. It cannot be true.

  19. This is sad the leading producers of copper in the world but, the poorest country

  20. This is not true.

  21. Its undeniable though still surprising. You don’t hv any agenda with Zambia therefore l can accept it at face value, equally its important to know just where we are in relation to other countries. Perhaps we can start the turn around!

  22. I totally disagree with this report. It’s not portraying the true picture on the ground. I ve travelled both within Africa and outside the continent. I ve seen real under development and we can not be compared to contries like Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Malawi and not even Haiti.

  23. II don’t think so,kuwayawaya fye! U

  24. Zambia is indeed poor. 7/10 under $2 a day is very believable. And what is worse is poor people don’t know they are poor. It breaks my heart that most Zambians live in conditions that the few Zambians will not allow their pets to exist in. No running water, no electricity, and even when we produce surplus food the masses cant afford it and most of it is exported. Zed is the end of the world.

  25. Being patriotic does not mean ignoring shortcomings. The reason behind Zambia’s poverty can be seen in the comments. It is because of shortsighted people who think that just because they and there neighbor are not poor, then Zambia is not poor. If you don’t realize that there is a problem, how can you solve it? The fact is that there’s a high percentage of people in Zambia leaving on less than $2 a day. I remember when I was in Zambia, my garden boy would get about K100 – K150 (rebased) per month. Teachers at government schools probably made $7 per day. In addition, parents would struggle to pay K250 (about $40) in annual tuition fees at overpopulated government schools. If that’s not poverty, then you folks are clearly deluded. Zambia is a poor country. Failure to recognize that will only continue the underdevelopment that has largely engulfed our nation.

    • Very well said ! I do mission work in Zambia and truly love the country and beautiful people that live there . I think the data used in the article could also be based on the percentage of export /industry versus the national average income ($2 a day ) There are tons of opportunity for zambians to make a good living if they could harvest the natural resources of the land themselves. But unfortunately, Zambia doesn’t have the money for the equipment it takes to mine it . So the Chinese government has come in, paid off the Zambian government and it’s corrupt officials, and are mining it themselves. ITS ABSOLUTELY SICKENING! The Chinese government is taking advantage of this nation and its precious people! Though they provide a few jobs for the Zambian people (and ridiculously underpay them ) the Chinese government brings in mostly its own workers to run and work at these industries. There are a ton of children living on the streets. Poverty is everywhere. There is a little wealth there . But what little wealth there is there is only with government officials or foreigners who r there to make money off of the zambian peoples unfortunate situations. A light needs to be shown on this horrible darkness ! And the only way the entire nation of Zambia and the rest Africa will come out from the shackles of poverty, is to admit the problems, discuss them,and hold the corrupt government accountable for its actions of taking advantage of these precious people!

      • Very true. There is a lack of funding for equipment so that Zambians can explore and make use of the highly profitable natural resources available. We all know minerals is where it is at, but the average Zambian has been cornered into the less lucrative agricultural section. Due to the lack of machinery as you stated, the government is constantly looking for investors. However, these investors take advantage of the fact that people are desperate, labor is cheap, and there is no proper system to dictate minimum wage. So many of these Chinese investors mistreat the Zambians who work for them. In addition, as you stated, the wealth is mainly with the government officials, foreigners, and also some Zambians who have genuinely worked hard for themselves, and some who compromise the inadequacies of the system by making money dubiously. Instead of pretending that everything is fine, we as Zambians need to be humble and courageous enough to accept that we have gone wrong as a country. We cannot rest as the majority of the population don’t have enough money to give their children an education. We cannot rest when the people at the bottom of the ladder only have enough money for one meal a day. We cannot rest when government officials keep pocketing tax payer’s money. I will not even touch on the healthcare system, because it is ridiculous at best. So many misdiagnoses, a lack of 21st century equipment, and somehow some people want to believe that all is well. I applaud the missionary work you’re doing, and also the light you have shed on the problems Zambians are facing.

  26. Alfred Kambikambi

    I don’t care if Zambia is rich or poor, but as for myself, i will prosper right here in my beloved Zambia.

  27. People who write this are not retards or haters,they did their research and Stats don’t lie. Am afraid we have to accept that we poor. #ILoveZambia #IPROMISE

  28. in my opinion, zambia is doing much better than almost all those labelled countries! am in zambia, am one of the poorest but i dont go hungry! i get almost a thousand dollars every month yet am considered poor! that data is far way wrong!

    • Brian, How can you be one of the poorest if you get $1000 dollars a month??????, the fact that you can read this article online and respond puts you in the 14%. ask the beggars in the streets what they can do with that $1000

  29. Zambian watch dog i beg you to be objective in your reporting,you have gone too far to an extent of being bias towards your own country just because of PF government being in power,its a big lie, Zambia is not the poorest country,try to check your facts well

  30. Go to the Comboni and deep rural and see then you think twice criticizing the report. Do not go to Manda Hill and Levy Junction.

    • You are mad and dull!!!

    • The prob is that we disagree but no substance. What gets measured gets done and talked about. Surely if you have internet you are among the 0.3% – 2% of the population. Also remember to consider the population size, family size ( the per capita income). I do not like the idea of an African Country being talked about poor all the time but we Africans need to grasb the fact : we are poor because we mismanage our wealth and we lie to ourselves rather than being true to ourselves. Can we change that? Also remember to give accurate data when we are asked too— no good you ignore when they ask and cry fool when data is missing – that is the new World We live in

  31. The biggest problem we have as Zambians is that we like to live in a fools paradise and pretend all is well.Most of our people cannot afford decent education,have no access to clean water and our health system is pathetic while our political leaders fly around with fat pockets and get treated abroad.It is high time we looked at the man in the mirror and held our leaders accountable so that they can create an enabling environment for our economy to thrive.Personally I don’t care about the ranking all I need is a hardworking leadership which can allow the people to have three square meals a day.No wonder the bible says that in the abundance of water the fool is thirsty!Wake up Zambia.We have what it takes to be an economic giant.

    • Very true! We need to get off the kool-aid and realize that it is not simply only about how well the people at Arcades or Manda Hill are doing. It’s also the young girl in Solwezi who has a dream of being a doctor, but just got chased from school because her hardworking parents don’t earn enough money to support her. It’s also about the young man who’s been laying in hospital for months with a curable disease, but doctors keep misdiagnosing. Zambians should wake up.

    • @Johnny sounds a lot like South Africa,no accountability and a giggling court jester for a President,African leaders mostly are corrupt they oppress their own people,blaming everything and everybody else is not going to solve our problems,this Continent is rich in minerals why do we have so many poor people?

  32. Dont dream and generalize your dream to purport the fact.The truth of the matter is Zambia is a middle income class and not the poorest in the world.Learn to get the fact and get them right.

    • What difference does it make? Tonight millions of Zambians will go to bed having only eaten one meal. As we speak, a family in some small town has no access to clean water. Zambia is poor, you need some exposure because you’re living in your own fabricated little world. There are no statistics that will show that Zambia is a middle class country. The people working as maids, plumbers, guards and cashiers, far outnumber those working as engineers, accountants and doctors.

  33. Honestly lashing at each other will not solve this…..if Zambia has been rated as the poorest let’s find the reason as to why because arguing about this will not change the stats provided…..personally I totally agree with the stats cause everything in Zambia for starters is imported we have the resources but we are not able to come up with something constructive….health services are pathetic, corruption governs everything in Zambia hence ware not able to develop…….yes we are getting there but at the rate we are moving it will take forever……I love Zambia and I plan on being successful in zambia….its my mother country…..

  34. Congratulations Zambia!!! You my dear friends are No.1! Ha ha ha ha ha ha

  35. Oh and think of this… Germany, France, UK are not on the top 10 either… Now you know what they mean right. We do have rich people in Zed and we have masses of poor people.

    • Let us not point fingers here people. Talk is cheap. What is the way forward. And plz let us not politicise this. Let us put our heads together and forge ahead. Zambia has a lot of people who r capable of moving this county forward.

  36. Clyde Kaunga M III

    Being a person who has had a preverllage of travelling within and outside Zambia…The facts of this artical may be correct but the tital of your atical is wrong…Zambia is not the poorest..We may not have the gold nor the oil but we have other resources…We are a middle income country derinately not a low income…What a contrast

  37. Brothers from Zambia, comparing with other countries will just frustrate you. Zambia is Zambia and will remain Zambia. You need to look at this positively and see how collaboratively you will improve the quality of lives of all peoples, both socially and economically. This should be your encouragement to do much better as a country!

  38. where on earth is Suriname?

  39. Viva Zambia! We are at it again. The attitude of us Zambians has made us No.1.

  40. Poor leadership and jealousy,not wanting one to be richer than them,crookedness,poor education not wanting citizens to have access to information that would make them better do you expect the citizens to develop?

  41. TRUE about liberia because most of our wealth has been taken away by our leaders to America for their own use.

  42. I have not much to say except that 2012 demographic data shows that Zimbabwe had a life expectancy that was higher than Zambia. This is based on a world bank study which set the figures at 58.05 and 57.02 respectively. While I cannot speak for Zambians, I am a Zimbabwean and I admit that the situation in Zimbabwe is indeed a cause for concern.

  43. They said Haiti is the first of the LATIN countries to become independent!!??!?! This whole article is BULLS**T! And if the entire continent of Africa unites we are the richest! (Unfortunately i live in America where Africans are innocently shot by the police everyday) money ain’t everything family! Uhuru

  44. all countries are superb bt their every thing or setup is depend upon their present government

  45. This is pure bulls**t Suriname is way better

  46. Out of 196 countries in the world . What difference it makes if your country is 196 or 195 , people are suffering.
    I saw comments regarding stop bashing African countries. I have been to Africa several times and when you land there you don’t feel you are coming out of airplane ,it feels you are coming out TIME MACHINE it takes you back to 1960′s.
    Zambian commented that he proud of his country who represent democracy. Everyone should be proud of their heritage but democracy means S**T. If your politicians are downright incompetent ,selfish and corrupt . I will rather have kingdom or dictatorship who take care of their citizens.
    Crux of this comment is “Shut the F*** Up, go to your country ,help them any which way you can. Just help your family and relatives, things will start changing for your country. This happened in India , all Indians living outside India start contributing little by little and now India after 68 years of independence we all are proud to some extend, we have lot of turf to cover yet .but we have achieved a lot also.
    Everything starts from you. Next time you go back just feed one poor person , that will be bigger contribution from you to your country and humanity then disputing this report.

  47. Nonsense! Where is Burundi? Malawi? Afghanistan? Madagascar? Im from Suriname and we may not be the richest but we are DEFINITELY not even close to being in this top 10. Not even top 100.

  48. As a proud citizen of Suriname I here by disagree with your findings , yes we are a country in progress & yes our resources are being plundered & is some what not regulated .
    But to classify us as the 10 poorest country is not but rediculous .
    Take into consideration that our country
    Has started working the Oil , there is Gold mining , bauxite is no longer the only large export , we now produce our own oil for own use & soon we will export .
    Suriname currency is $1 dollar for 3.75 Suriname dollars .
    Yes we need more improvements but we are on our way to educate the population as to how to use their resources .
    Do not compare us to America or other wealthy country with 200 plus million inhabitants we are less then 700.000 people .

  49. Suriname poor??? Whahahahah…
    Dont trust the figures….

  50. jv styles chisenga

    The very reason why we should up our stockings and work hard instead of arguing with statistics. Refering to Malawi wont help.

  51. In all the country that you listed as the poorest the only one with out the faces of people is Gaza. I wonder why is that.

  52. Lmao! Gosh this is not accurate… expectancy of 51yrs? My great grandmother died at 102 yrs, her kids died in their 80′s , some still living both my parents are early 60′s and late 50′s

    What a waste of space ” get your story straight ” zambia’s economy has grown over 23% in the last decade as its proven to be have a stable economy …..the kwacha stand strong against the $ compared to most African countries….not only does it produce copper, but emeralds too…. Again get your story straight!!!!

  53. Suriname among the poorest? You must be joking. I have been to many countries. But, I would definitely rate suriname as one of the best countries to live in. The population is only 500,000 and has lot of natural resources. Also, avg salary is much higher than most of the countries. Living standards are much higher. Every household has atleast one car. There are poor people. But they choose to remain like that. Lot of opportunities are there But, most of africans are lazy and wants to become rich without putting any effort. Country is home to tons of casinos and lot of jobs. Definitely not poor at all.

  54. Better to hear from the the Zambians or people that travelled than rely on articles like this.Thank you Zambians for your info.

  55. Ey, no one wants to be poor, someone was asking why Zambia is on number 1 yet it is the leading world copper producer, its because the West come to buy your unprocessed copper and pay you cents, then they will go and refine it and get billions out of it, the whites use you to sweat in their farms that you gave them when they were chased away from Zimbabwe because they are parasites, then they pay you peanuts.

  56. Lamin S. Conateh

    These top 10 poorest countries of the world may remain to be the world’s poorest countries for longer period of time, if they don’t have more and continue supports or helps from the International Organisations, like the IMF, WHO, the EU, the UN and others!

  57. I would like to say that I’ve been researching the life expectancy for several countries… Here, you say that in Zambia, the life expectancy is 51 years old, and you have ranked that country highest country that is impoverished. However, according to my research, regarding life expectancies, Sierra Leone has a very low life expectancy, lower than 51. Males have the life expectancy of 45, females have the life expectancy of 46 and overall, the life expectancy for those in Sierra Leone is 46.

  58. Why all african coutries are poor even they have good natural resources…..I am an entreprenuer give me a chance , I will increase the economy by investing money on you………….:)

  59. In this day an age a continent as rich as Africa has eight of the top ten poorest countries in the world why is that, corruption of all kind on all levels for one you don’t have to be rich to be corrupt you just have to be a worthless human being and it doesn’t take much, these countries need help from there neighboring countries or from the USA if not from the rest of the world it’s not an African problem it’s a world problem don’t argue or debate who’s worst or even of its true but realize that your on the list it’s time to get off the list.

  60. Go to hell idiots don’t mention our country! Can Zambia be poorer than niger, mali, mauritania, yemen, malawi, ivory coast etc?

  61. Copper resources are a curse in Zambia.

  62. This is news to me…. I knew we were poor… But WHATTT???? NUMBER ONE??????

    Well… Atleast we rock at something!!!

  63. What do u expect from a country that depends on copper and whose copper prices are decided in London. whose profits are never plowed back into the economy but in foreign lands.
    Why Zambia should not be ranked 1st? THe immerse mineral worth at our disposal have never trickled down to the very least in society. I wish this report could have highlighted why it is so.

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