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Top 10 safest countries in the world 2014-2015

Every single person has a dream to live in a safest country. The government is also making strict laws to reduce crime rate, which is considered as main factor to determine whether a country is safe or not. Other than crime we should look into various elements like natural disaster, corruption, terrorism, economical crisis, culture and more.

Further the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is issuing Global Peace Index (GPI) each year since 2007 which is a measurement tool to measure nation’s peacefulness. Based on this index and above criteria, we framed a list of top 10 safest countries in the world 2015 in the following section.

List of top 10 safest countries in the world 2015 

10 # Singapore

safest countries1

Singapore is one of the cleanest places in the world which attracts millions of tourists. It has free market liberalism which leads to the success of capitalism. It is a strong welfare country that have great trading model and serves its citizens well. The crime and corruption rate is under tolerance which made it as one of the safest countries in the world and also has higher per capita income. It is one among the major commercial hubs that have biggest financial centre and busiest ports. Their economy mainly depends on trade and manufacturing.

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9 # Norway

safest countries2

This nation can be a best option to start peaceful life as it does not have the threat of terrorism. It is an excellent, safe and wealthy nation that respects personal freedom and human rights. The police officers do not carry guns which can be an evidence for the lowest crime rate. This country has recorded only 34 murders in the year 2008 and it has extensive reserves of natural gas, sea food, fresh water, lumber, petroleum, minerals, etc.

8 # Japan

safest countries3

Even though Japan has recorded many natural disasters, it is considered as eighth safest country in the world 2015 for rare criminal activity. This country is famous for strict laws, culture, discipline and more. There is low level of violent and non existence of robberies when compared to other industrial nations. Japan has the tenth largest population in the world with around 126 million people who are enjoying the highest life expectancy and lowest infant mortality rate.

7 # Canada

safest countries4

The multiculturalism policy is followed in Canada that encourages citizens to retain their own way of life and traditional value which is considered to be the high esteem freedom. It is an urban nation which respects has high score in human rights when compared to other countries in the list. The country sent its army to poke in the problem of other countries but even has the record of lowest violence.

6 # Georgia

safest countries5

Georgia can be considered as one of the safest countries in the world to live because people can have safe walk alone during night and day in its capital. This cannot be possible in most of other countries. It has the lowest rate of theft, terrorism, murder, etc which made it to take part in the index of safety. It can be the best place for tourism where you can visit Black sea Coastline, Caucasus mountain range, UNESCO heritage sites, national parks and more.

5 # New Zealand

safest countries6

According to a report, the crime rate has declined in this country than the previous year although the population has increased. This can be the reason why New Zealand ranked as one of the safest countries in the world 2015. It is built with stable economy, good political system, better environment and great foreign policies. All these factors enable the nation to provide satisfied and peaceful atmosphere to its people.

4 # Austria

safest countries7

Austria is located in central Europe which is covered with snow and maintains its place as one of the safest country in Europe as well as around world. There is not much violence prevailing in this country due to strict laws but you can see some petty thieves and pickpockets. It holds many beautiful places and historic cities that make you feel awesome.

3 # Denmark

safest countries8

Denmark is officially called as Kingdom of Denmark which joined in our list for its low rate of crime. There is no tolerance for violations to human rights and people are maintaining equality in gender which cannot be achieved by other countries. People belongs to this country are friendly and they concentrate on economic development instead of involving themselves in violence.  It is the best and exciting destination to enjoy a peaceful life.

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2 # Taiwan

taiwan safest country

Taiwan ranked second in the list of safest countries in the world with low exposure to robbery, crime and violence. People in this country are kind hearted, friendly and help you before you approach them. Tourists were never faced any violence or got worried in Taiwan. It is the perfect place with many beautiful spots to lead a safer life which is an advanced industrial economy that experience rapid economic growth and industrialization. This country ranked highly in terms of health care, economic freedom, education, human development, etc.

1 # which is the safest country in the world 2015 – Iceland

safest countries10

It is the beautiful place to settle down and well known for its glacier, hot spring, frosty climate and geothermal power. It placed first in the Global Peace Index for its low crime rate and maximum guaranteed security. It has higher per capita income that enables the people to lead a wealthy life. The important factor to be considered is it has no standing army, which most of the countries in the world fail to achieve and it made Iceland as safest country in the world.

We hope you enjoyed this article and please share your valuable thoughts about the safest countries in the following comments section which will be useful for other readers.

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  1. #2 picture is not anywhere in Taiwan.

  2. Taiwan is not a country, but still an amazing place

    • How on earth you think Taiwan is not a country ! They have their own currency, army,government …and many more . Jeffrey ,you must be from China ! And be realistic, Taiwan doesn’t belong to China!

      • exactly! and Chinese people can’t go there without a visa or vice versa. of course it’s a country in every sense of the word. the official name of the country is Republic of China, actually, and the country we commonly know as “China” is really the People’s Republic of China. when the communists overthrew the country 65 or so years ago, the existing government retreated to Taiwan and the communists never won that territory. in fact, Taiwan had claimed ownership of China for years afterwards as the PRC still baselessly claims ownership of Taiwan. Taiwan is what’s left of the old China and what the PRC refers to as “the mainland” is a new country occupying territory that used to belong to RoC. although the PRC is considered to be a “developing country,” it is nonetheless a world superpower and it uses it’s substantial power and influence in its ongoing political struggle to take over and rule Taiwan. that’s the only reason there are any other countries in the world that refuse to recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation, which it IS. someday, at some point in the future, the two countries might once again unify, but for now and for the past 65 years, they have been as separate as Ireland is from Northern Ireland, North Korea is from South Korea, and America is from Canada, and Taiwan is all the better country for its long-standing independence from its neighboring giant successor.

        • Bono,totally agree you.

        • I cannot believe how well you illustrated our history so eloquently and easily, I myself am a Taiwanese but raised in New Zealand, the way you described my country really brings me to tears and if everyone in the world would take your stance, this cross-strait relationship will never be a problem again.

      • Thank you, Catherine !^_^

      • I’m agree!i am taiwanese.xoxo

    • Hey man! Are you f__king bozo? You know? I think you are uneducated. Taiwan is a country!! totally different with f__king china

      • cant agree more bro

      • Taiwan is a country for sure, but i think u r uneducated when u say f__king china

      • Hongkong has all the above too, it still belongs to China. These things don’t mean shiit, when the region isn’t internationally recognized. US doesn’t recognize it as a country, UN doesn’t, EU doesn’t, even taiwan government don’t say taiwan is a country, thats when you know it’s definitely not a country lol.

      • F**k you the Taiwannes,tell you Taiwanese that chinese don’t like you Taiwanese!china doesn’t need you Taiwan.whatever you want to be. We won’t care.don’t put you Taiwan so important.You Will see that china without Taiwan also can be very nice.

      • Jajaja. Such a stupid idiot! Using all the products from a country which ever ur as*

    • Of course Taiwan is not the name of a country. The official name should be Republic of China.

    • Actually,Taiwan is the country that won WW2 and established UN.You should go back school and learn some dude!

      • Apparently you dont know history.

      • Lmfao! Plz read some book before u want comment some issues. N I don’t know why u persuade another guy comeback to school, oh , sry I forgot maybe u got F in ur history subj of high school

        • Ok if anything Amos you are the one who needs an education cause that is not how you talk autocorrect or not.

          • Actually I feel boring abt this argument now. Because it’s useless ,all of u can’t change the situation between TW n China U have to clear this fact that u r a menial person who can’t change anything in this world. No reply. Thx

          • 顶你,Amos!

    • Taiwan is a COUNTRY!!!

    • Taiwan is a country,respect please

    • Taiwan is an independent country it has nothing to do with China only those who are brain damaged think TAIWAN is not a country.

      • I’m sure everyone else is brain damaged. Taiwan isn’t recognized internationally foo. Not by UN not by US not by EU. live in the dream boy. live in the dream.

        • It is not a dream, but a reality. Why Taiwan has to be “recognized” by any other governmentality, but not by the people themselves..That is people’s will, not your narrow perspective, that can decided who they are. I really feel so sorry for you because you are too ignorant to respect a country and its people.

          • Our Chinese people don’t care whether Taiwan is a independent country or not.please respect the Chinese people.You want to call yourself Taiwanese also ok.but don’t say Chinese bring Taiwanese down,ok?

      • + 1 ……Taiwan is a COUNTRY!!!

    • I have been to Taiwan once 5 years ago. Truly a friendly and lovely place to visit. (I’m from CA)

    • Taiwan is a country everyone knows by the way are you Chinese ?

    • Of course taiwan is a country

    • Maybe you should visit before you write a wrong reply.

    • Taiwan is a independent country absolutely !!

    • Of course Taiwan is a country

    • Pathetic China people. Based on his rationale, United States is part of UK?

      • @Pathetic Jeffery. I can tell u ,coward, US is a independent country because she won the Revolutionary War in 1783. Ok , now ,let TW n China have a battle without anyone s help. If TW can win the war, chinese will never say unify again. U know what I mean coward?

        • Amos,I totally agree you.
          Coward ! I think china should work together with USA,then kick the guys’ass who always want to separate our china.

        • US won her independence with French help. The Statue of Liberty in New York is the outcome of it. And it is the 21st century already, so human being should have learned not to resolve territorial dispute by force.

    • Taiwan is definitely a country, doubtless.

    • Taiwan is a country, of course, that Taiwan had dependent government, dependent military force, dependent people believing in their own country

    • you get fucking problem ? Taiwan is a country and it’s different with china
      Come on Man respect please or you can go back to school

    • Taiwan is a country.
      I’m Taiwanese.

      • Taiwan is not a country. It is a province of China.
        I’m from Taiwan as well.

        • 台灣是一個獨立的國家, 是中國不要臉說台灣是屬於中國的.
          為什麼台灣護照去美國不用簽證而中國的需要呢 ?? 不只美國還有其他國家也是 !! 若台灣與中國是一個國家為何中國的需要呢 ??

        • Please let me know which city of Taiwan are you from. I am really curious because you sound not like a Taiwanese. The province system has been abolished for several years. You must have left Taiwan two decade ago, or you will know there is no province anymore.


    • To me, Taiwan is our country but not a nation.

    • Taiwan, of course, is a country and her name is Republic of China, R.O.C!

      • Local Girl Foreign Land

        That whole PROC/ROC thing is hellishly confusing and plain bad marketing.

      • Taiwan is a country. !!!! Consider the following news…
        哈佛模聯會將台灣列國家 中國團抗議被「請」出場

    • Taiwan is an independent country. We’re Taiwanese, not Chinese.
      Respect us or just shut up.;>

      • Ok for this question ,all of u plz stop dreaming. N I think all the guys know that why u can consider u r a independent country now.because some countries like US protect u Otherwise, u can not dreaming now! 台湾的各位朋友,如果毫无争议的台湾是个主权国家 为何都要在这里争论!大陆的兵力以及经济能力相信你们心里清楚 要不是美国的干预两岸老早就统一了 不用欺骗自己 不用过分强调 不觉得可笑么 两兄弟吵架你们跑到别人家求保护,所以话不要说绝对 安安静静本本分分的搞发展 现在的微妙关系也挺好 但愿有一天你们能强大到 让大家去争论大陆属不属于台湾的问题!好自为之 不谢

        • Amos,兄弟,支持你。有种台独狗该死。一直看不起这种台独狗。打不赢了,现在叫回来说独立。以前反攻大陆的勇气去哪里了。台独狗该死。

          • 其实他们真的挺可怜。像一群弱者在努力的寻找自己的存在感。 以上那些人拼命辩解台湾是国家 就是掩饰对大陆崛起的恐慌。欲盖弥彰

          • Amos,台独的某些政客可恶,竟然要去中国化。想想就可恨。懦弱,可耻,没有炎黄的脊梁。

          • 是有人先說臺灣不是一個國家的,臺灣有自己的文化,是個民主化的國家,我們擁有自己的國家,再者請不要漫罵

          • 台湾本来就不是一个国家,从来没有过。Never!

          • 版上的漫罵就區分妳我了

          • 你我本来就不一样。你是local,original,土居,我是汉,是华夏,是炎黄,你我本来就不一样, 我也不想跟你一样!!!

          • 這些無謂的謾罵就區別你我的不同了吧

          • 我以前认为我们是同胞,但看多了很多人总在网上说自己是台湾人,他们是一个国家,他们是跟大陆人是不一样的。。。我才去查资料,后来看太多的台湾那边相关内容都是宣称自己是不一样的。。。

          • 沒什麼好恐慌的,台灣有自由民主這就是年輕人最好的籌碼

        • beautiful country

          两兄弟吵架你们跑到别人家求保护??? We are not your bro. disgusting that u just said that.

    • I guess you make a serious mistake. Taiwan is really a country. No need doubt it.

    • Taiwan is absolutely a Country. We can vote our government.

  3. I’m proud to live in the country of Taiwan. The east coast is more beautiful than you thought.

  4. Formosa is friendly country for sure.

    • I have moved here for a year now and I love it here. when compare taiwan with other places, it is relatively cheap living here. The food, the scenery and the weather are fantastic ! If you enjoy a more quiet life, living up the mountain is definitely one of the best choices . cool enough in summer but not too cold in winter.

  5. Where is Switzerland? Here, has never been any war, plus very stable economicly and politicly!

  6. Azerbaijan is much more safer than Georgia!!!

  7. I’s a terrorist contry by the Blokes? :-) Hehe The English people are good people..

  8. Taiwan as number 2? Give me a break. The traffic there is insane, and sure, while there may not be outward violence, or thefts, lets not forget the murders on the Taipei MRT, the abuse of Filipino maids, and the huge amount of domestic violence. Listen, if your a tourist yes Taiwan is nice. However, live there for a while and open your eyes. There is a reason so many get green cards for the USA. and other western countries and study abroad.

  9. I am pround of my country Taiwan R.O.C.
    We welcome everyone to visit our formosa
    AND we absolutely a independent states!

  10. of course my friends . of cource . p.s. with love from Georgia

  11. GEORGIA-Tbilisi <3 is the BEST!

  12. No matter it’s named TAIWAN or Republic of China, I am proud of living in this beautiful land, and TAIWAN is absolutely independent country, not part of China.

  13. Hey people we shoud be talking about the winner right? Go Iceland ;)

  14. Who said that Taiwan is not country? :))) vary fanny. Respect from Georgia

  15. Iceland may well be the safest but it’s definitely not the nicest country in the world. Sure if you’re a tourist people welcome you and your money but if you move here it’s a whole different story… Oh and the part about “It has higher per capita income that enables the people to lead a wealthy life” is not correct!

    • Bjarni Benediktsson

      Jú, víst! :(

    • There are people that live well, and have lots of money but they are few and the people that are just living month by month hoping that there will be no doctor og car trouble during the month (because they cost so much) are so many but noone ever talks about them. I live in Iceland, I am an icelander and whis I could move away to better life where I could let my children have more than just the basic.

    • I am Icelander living In Brazil at the moment. When my Brazilian wife finnishes her studies we will not move back to Iceland. Like Karen Ösp just said, if you want a decent life for your children, other then just the basic, Iceland is not the country to live in. On another note; its a great country to visit during the summer but after a while it gets very boring, real not may option to do anything.

  16. Read Njal’s Saga! Iceland wasn’t always so safe. Murder, arson, vendetta…..

  17. This is a awesome list. I am canadian and have lived in both Norway and Taiwan. All three countries are wonderful and I always felt very safe in each location!

  18. Don’t know what criteria you use to determine your rankings. I live in both Taiwan & Japan and agree they should be within your top ten. However, Japan is much safer than Taiwan!

  19. Foreigners are safe and respected in Taiwan if and only if YOU ARE WHITE.

  20. I live in TAIWAN.
    She is my country!

  21. This is a fucking CIA outfit.

  22. It’s no way that Taiwan is # 2, because there’s threat from China.

  23. Norway: “This nation can be a best option to start peaceful life as it does not have the threat of terrorism”. Uh, Anders Breivik anyone? 77 people killed in an act of terrorism – that was 2011 in Oslo/on Utoya. That’s not to say Norway isn’t safe (it is), but its a embarrassing oversight by the author.
    PS. “can be a best option” should be “is a good option/could be the best option”, indefinite article (a) cannot go with a definite object (there is only ONE best option).

  24. Yes picture #2 is in Taipei Taiwan!!! I’ve been there many times.

  25. There is absolutely no doubt and no room for discussion that Taiwan is indeed an independent, sovereign nation. I myself call it ‘The democratic Republic of Taiwan’. And there is a reason for it; although Communist China claims Taiwan as part of their territory, Taiwan has however never ever belonged to the People’s Republic of China. Never. The last time Taiwan was part of China was when China was still an empire with an emperor – an era which ended in 1911, as we all know. But from 1895 and through to 1945 the island was a colony of Japan, who took over the island after a war with China. Then, in 1949, four years after the defeat of the Japanese in the Pacific and the handover of Taiwan to the Republic of China by the Allies, the Kuomintang dictator, Chiang Kai-shek, fled with all his troops to Taiwan, where he established a four-decade long terror regime, naming the island ‘The Republic of China’, without asking the original population for permission, mind you. He just invaded the island, following his own defeat to Mao’s communists.
    His dictatorship lasted until the late 1980s, more than a decade after his own death, when the period of martial law finally saw its close. And since the early 1990s Taiwan has gradually developed into a fully functional democracy, with free speech, free elections, a free press, and freedom of expression – all characteristics, so unlike the situation in authoritarian Communist China, as anything can ever be.
    At the same time, though, it is worth noticing that China opened up its economy to the world, only after observing how well Taiwan and Japan and South Korea did financially in their own markets, due to exchanges and trade internationally. China didn’t want to lag behind – or rather, the Communist Party suddenly started fearing how a looming financial crisis domestically might result in civil unrest within the Chinese population, thus leading to a threat to their dictatorial grip on power.
    China has indeed done well themselves since then. So, one might argue that while prosperity in a democratic society will inevitably benefit all its members, in the shape of social welfare, social equality, and strong currencies, the economic rising of China over the past couple of decades has benefited only the Party who stays in power, despite the fact their economy is now the 2nd biggest in the world.
    Nonetheless, this newly acquired might of Communist China has led them to believe they are in control of everything. They have long since bought the silence of the entire free world, through their endless investing in all other countries around the globe. We fear them, but for no reason: We are the ones, having given them this opportunity to thrive. The fault is ours to bear.
    The methods Communist China makes use of to have things their way, are threats, intimidation, and luring. They get downright hysterical and start shouting if facing just the slightest opposition. They simply do not understand the mechanics of pluralism and free debate and democracy. And when it comes to the issue of Taiwan they have sadly succeeded in fooling the world into believing it is part of their domain. Which it is not! No more than Norway is part of Denmark (which it actually was until 1814). Money and corruption and lobbying are their weapons; but it alters in no way the fact that Taiwan is a free country! It never has been a part of the People’s Republic, as China appears today. Nor shall it ever be …
    Full stop!

  26. Evvai……
    viva la Georgia♥

  27. Taiwan is a country.

  28. Agree.don’t get me wrong~ Im from taiwan.Taiwan is an island.not a country~cause we still got some other islands.for sure we are equal to the PRC(so called China) as a NATION! Not a part of them.

    • Loser will say Taiwan is a country. China can say Taiwan is a part of china.Taiwan never say main land is a part of china.hahaha…because Taiwan is a loser.he know he can’t win in the game.

  29. 2nd Taiwan ??? Uve got be kidding me !!!
    Did they follow any crime database to get this conclusion? Have you check taiwan tv news everyday ?
    Do you know how many black-heart bussinessman in taiwan? how much tainted food we have eaten already ?? and our goverment has no guts to finish this problem.

    Do u know what ‘s the precentage of car accident in taiwan?
    U see how many bike drivers r rough and drive so fast, car drivers r impolite, how many drunk driving n killed ppl ???

    People in this country are kind hearted, friendly and help you before you approach them, but, taiwanese ppl dunt usually help their own race, they r kind because they r thinking they wil be different when they talk to u in english

    Tourists were never faced any violence or got worried in Taiwan, because taiwanese ppl have no ball to bully you !!! but, they do this a lot to their own ppl !!! Otherwise, if you live in taiwan, u will know what i am talking abt.

    • please don’t embarrassed yourself by telling others that you’re the kind of person that you are talking about.

    • I lived in Taiwan, and I do don’t know what you are talking about. Are you sure we are talking about the same country? Can you tell me what makes you feel that they are kind because they are thinking they will be different when they talk to you in English? It doesn’t make any sense that English is so great to turn unkind people to become kind. I don’t believe you live there. If you don’t live there, I feel glad for you. If you still live there, you had better leave because it is not a right place for you. You need to find a right place for u. Good luck.

  30. I agree about Georgia is one of the safest countries. I lived in Russia for 20 years, the country where you afraid to be robed in bus or get violence from random person. That is why in Russia most people afraid to stop and help someone who asked, people afraid being faced in problems. In Georgia people are polite and frendly, they always help you in any case, there is no need to travel in bus hugging your handbag because of theft. Love this country and its people kindness.

    • I agree that Georgian people are friendly and I feel safe to walk in Tbilisi. Though driving culture is crazy and it makes Georgia less safe. Therefore I wrote an article of the high number of traffic incidents in Georgia.

  31. Don’t understand why Japan is on the list. It’s freaking a nanosec away from disaster. I think Japan is the most wasted and radioactive country in the world due to two atom bomb and Fukushima, one of only two level 7 nuclear disaster site in the world. Safe because low crime? Radiation will kill you before low crime and violence. Shouldn’t we consider safe environment in addition to low crime, strict laws, etc?

  32. Anyone who has studied history will know that Taiwan was never part of China nor will be , so indeed Taiwan is a country . I’m from China myself and I have to admit that Taiwan is a country.

  33. Who care whether Taiwan is a independent country or not. We just care whether Taiwan is a watchdog of USA. ——-a Chinese

    • Don’t embarrass yourself and other cultivated Chinese by insulting Taiwan. You don’t have to care,anything about Taiwan, but you have to care about how ashamed other civilized Chinese will feel for you. Only those who respect others will be respected. “Dog” is not a good word to refer to your species.

      • You should be clear about that ou Taiwanese insulted Chinese first.

        • I am not referring to you. I respect you because you can tell the differece of Chinese and Taiwanese. Good job.

          • Yes.Actually we are not same nation.We are zhong hua nation,you are han nation.

          • 用中文吧 相信你懂。 他没有丢中国人的脸 大部分中国人都觉得台湾是条看门…和谐么 守夜人好了 我真的觉得你们挺可怜的 成天看美国的脸色 还求着人家卖飞机卖导弹 宁愿舔菊都不愿当中国人 唉 一个字 *

          • 兄弟,我知道那个字,叫做”贱‘’。

    • Totally agree,buddy

  34. Hawaii should go on the list.

  35. Taiwan Is a safe country that people who live in there can’t feel. When I left there, I realized how safe it is!!

  36. Canada is #7 because of there location to the USA and they are like the little brother that are protected by the location of the USA.

  37. Taiwan has no drugs and terrible cocktails. Clearly unfair that they are allowed to compete.

  38. malkhaz Spanderashvili

    Viva Georgia_,, open air museum of landscapes” the motherland of Wine and the land of earliest Europeans
    please come and make discovery for your own:)

  39. I was in Norway and Georgia, they are really safesty countries, but People in Norway aren’t friendly … and in Georgia its different , they love foreign tourists

  40. Taiwan is not only a safe but a friendly country, good for living and traveling. :)

  41. Taiwan has many tourist from mainland make it unsafe, pretty sure it will out of 10 in the list few years later

  42. How proud of us. As a Taiwaness

  43. Neither Taiwan or China are countries, they both belong to Australia…

  44. Thanks, this us very usefull.

  45. 读了全部大家的漫骂争议,身为第三个国家的华人,我不会说自己是中国人,祖先来源地是重要的,但是后代身长地也是重要的。赞成某位朋友的说法,能自己选举自己的政府,不但是一个的而且确的独立国家,更是一个民主的国家,这正是目前地球上大多数国家的体制,反对的当然可以移民到其它拥有独裁或专执制度的星球,在我们这个以民主为主的星球,没人会阻止你或告诉你准不准许可不可以。

    • 给你一张选票你就民主了啊?你是以你的思维在强加给别人吧?

    • 民主的标志就是言论自由。

    • 最恶心那种民主学的‘’四不像‘’的人在一边指手划脚 告诉人们什么是民主!

    • 我認為你的回答最中立,他們為什麼要在這裡吵這些,真覺得丟臉.事實證明台灣在世界上是第二安全的,為什麼?????有自已的文化,有善良的人,台灣沒有華麗的外表,但它有它的內涵。就算半夜一個人走在路上,也是安全的,這些就是它的可愛之處。

  46. So proud of my sweat home country where live the earnest and enthusiastic people. By only 1.5-2 hours driving, we can reach either mountain or seashore, plenty of amazing nature resource. Clean, safe, convenient for tourists.

  47. noob at this comment system so imma repost this whole thing here again… sorry ppl : (

    Lol everytime any article has anything about Taiwan ppls from both sides of the strait rages like nuts lol lol lol lol

    I’m a Taiwanese Canadian who was born in Vancouver but raised in Taiwan and let me tell you something: Taiwan Is probably the safest place you’ve ever been. In Vancouver almost everyday you can smell someone smoking weed and hobos all around downtown Vancouver; In Taiwan? Almost no beggers even in the country sides, and Taiwan has zero tolerance on drugs (Theres a lot of betel nuts though, watch where ur walking) . Oh and also we’re the origin of Bubble Tea (go 台中!).

    Spoilers below read at ur own risk

    For those ppl who are from Mainland and commenting bout these one china policy crap, consider where and what you are posting before you actually post it. Personally I hate to see people arguing about these stuff but here’s one thing for people from both sides…
    ——–> STOP

    Seriously, no one besides politicians and activists cares about these thing, especially when article’s topic is about which 10 nations are the most safest to live, am I right?

    no offense guys in case I offend anyone~ and please, refrain from bitching about whether Taiwan is a nation or not~

  48. Interesting presentation.Love it…

  49. Georgia must be first )

  50. GEORGIA is not safe!!!

    I live in Georgia, here you can get killed by drunk drivers, by police, by construction workers who smoke next to propane tanks, or simply just eating unchecked food bought from supermarket… there is no such thing as safety regulations… most people prefer to take risks rather than be safe. nobody wears seat belts unless they see a police coming, nobody keeps extinguishers at home or in the car, no one wears a helmet on constructions… you can get eaten by stray dogs, or stabbed by recently released 13000 prisoners

  51. sometimes it takes up to 40 minutes until the police or ambulance responds to accident in Georgia

  52. Although the disaster happened in Japan, if you visit and stay in Japan, you can tell why Japan has been the No.1 safest country for a long time.

  53. Ramirez, Jhonny

    I wish some of the latín american countries would learn a little bit about this cultures and instead of focusing in violence to think about on how we can make this country or this world a better place to live.

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